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Special Census FAQs & Update 

The Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC) has verified the Town of Nolensville's Census numbers and has recommended the approval of our count.  The next step is for our number of 11,097 residents be certified by the Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development.


Thank you Nolensville residents for participating in the 2017 - 2018 Special Census!  Here are some answers to questions posed on the Town of Nolensville's official Facebook page and others:

Q: How many residents were counted in the current special census?

A: The current special census unofficial results show Nolensville has a population of 11,097.  This reflects those who completed the census online or via mail-in response form no later than February 28, 2018.  The results of the census will now move to the certification process, which will take several weeks, and then be delivered to the State of Tennessee.

Q: When was the last special census conducted?

A: The last special census was conducted between the fall of 2014 and the winter of 2015.  The results were certified in June 2015.

Q: How many residents were counted in the last special census?

A: The certified number of residents in June 2015 was 7,936.

Q: I missed the deadline.  Can I still register for the special census?

A: The special census is now closed.  However, we are still accepting paper returns.  If you are interested, we encourage you to download a special census form here and drop it off at Town Hall--7218 Nolensville Rd.  Or, mail it to: Town of Nolensville P.O. Box 547 Nolensvile, TN 37135.  Any census forms received now will fortify the number we have submitted to the State of Tennessee, although you will not be included in the official count.  Your response will also help us with future special census efforts!

Q: Why do we have a special census?

A: The Town receives a portion of shared tax revenue from the State of Tennessee based on the population.  This revenue helps us maintain a low property tax rate while providing road improvements, police and fire protection.





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