2018-07 BOMA Minutes

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Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: July 5th, 2018 Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road

Mayor Jimmy Alexander opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present:  Mayor Alexander, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Alderman Jason Patrick, and Brian Snyder.  Staff present: Administrator Ken McLawhon, Town Planner Sarah Sitterle, and Recorder Kali Mogul.  There were 43 citizens present.

Alderman Felts said the prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Alexander stated that candidates for elected office will be invited to speak at the September BOMA meeting. 

Ms. Joyce Powers of 1023 Bitticks Creek encouraged the Board to institute a fireworks ordinance.

Mayor Alexander then moved to approve the minutes from the Board meeting of June 7th, 2018, seconded by Alderman Dugger.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report through May, 2018, seconded by Alderman Snyder.  Upon a vote, the approval passed unanimously.


Town Planner Sarah Sitterle reported on behalf of the Planning Department and Planning Commission. 
At the June 12, 2018 Planning Commission meeting, action was taken on the following:
* Final plats for Burkitt Commons Buildings A and F, deferred
* Final plat for Burkitt Village Addition Phase 1, approved
* Revision to preliminary plat Benington II Section 2B, approved
* Final plat for Summerlyn Section 6, approved
* Site plan for Wheeler’s Raid Distillery, approved
* Site plan for 37135 Car Wash, approved

The zoning ordinance update is a work in progress with a planned introduction in September.  There was a discussion about the McCord Nolen site plan.  Revised architectural elevations have been submitted for a July 26th Historic Zoning Commission meeting.  A meeting was recently held with the developer Mr. McCanless and his attorney on development progress and remediation of problems.  Alderman Snyder asked for a written update on the project.

There was no official Engineering report, but Alderman Patrick read an e-mail update from Don Swartz on the Sunset Road improvement project.  Mayor Alexander mentioned that he met with TDOT on June 26th along with Administrator McLawhon and Engineer Swartz.  They discussed the alternate route for Nolensville Road around the Historic District.  The TDOT officials indicated further opportunity to move up on the TDOT priority list would be available after the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Fire Chief Brian Moat offered a briefing on fire hydrant maintenance.  He is working with the Nolensville College Grove Utility District to come up with a long-term plan, as State law does not require water utility boards to maintain hydrants.  Moat delivered his monthly report for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department and gave a status on volunteer recruitment.  The NVFD will renew the administrative captain position for the new fiscal year.  There are also mutual aid agreements in place with neighboring fire departments to cover outlying areas.  Alderman Snyder voiced appreciation to the fire department for their assistance with the Star Spangled Celebration.

Police Chief Roddy Parker presented his monthly report, including criminal activity, stop data and crash totals.  Chief Parker thanked the Williamson County Sherriff’s Office for support on various missing person incidents and noted a recent incident involving an individual who had cloned credit cards in his possession.  Alderman Snyder expressed his appreciation to the police department and Public Works department for their help with the Star Spangled Celebration.

There was no official report for the Public Works Department. 

On behalf of the Town Events Committee, Alderman Snyder reported that one of the partners for the Star Spangled Celebration, MTSU, has led the charge on event production safety classes following the Las Vegas event shooting.  The entire MTSU production team received full college credit in the field for the Town’s Star Spangled event. 

Ms. Kelley Crummitt reported for the Trees and Trails Committee.  The committee is looking for a map for the trail head kiosk.  They are still interested in holding a workshop and are still looking for volunteers. 

Next, Mayor Alexander introduced the consent agenda, which included Resolution 18-17, a resolution to declare certain property of the Town of Nolensville surplus and provide the authority to the Mayor to dispose of said surplus inventory.  Alderman Dugger moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Alderman Felts.  The motion passed unanimously.

At 7:44 p.m. Mayor Alexander opened a public hearing on Ordinance 18-08, an ordinance to approve a master concept P.U.D. plan and rezone the Parman Henry property between Rocky Fork Road and York Road from estate residential (ER) to suburban residential with a planned unit development (SR/P.U.D.) overlay.  Mr. Bill Highsmith of 2604 York Road listed his concerns over the buffer, drainage, and surveying of the property, which is adjacent to his. 

Mr. TJ Angeleno of Silver Stream commented about the connection and traffic to the proposed development through Silver Stream.  He asked about speed bumps and lighting.

Ms. Christa Tidwell of 1505 Halsey Drive commented that the intersection of York Road and Nolensville Road is already dangerous and asked whether there were any plans for traffic signal or realignment.

Mr. Chris Nagy of 2517 Benington noted he did not see any road improvements on Rocky Fork Road indicated on the plans. 

Mr. John Gordon of 2540 Carmine Street asked for the 20-foot buffer to be clearly labeled.  He wants to make sure the buffer is well-delineated on the plan.

With no other comments, the Mayor closed the public hearing at 7:54 p.m.

Mayor Alexander moved to approve on second reading of Ordinance 18-06, an ordinance to rezone a portion of 7150 Nolensville Road from commercial services with a commercial corridor overlay (CS/CCO) to office industrial (OI).  Alderman Felts seconded the motion.  Alderman Dugger stated he would like to know the exact depth of the rezoning.  After a short debate, the Mayor called for a vote.  The approval passed unanimously.

Then, the mayor made a motion to approve Resolution 18-18, a resolution awarding a contract to NSITE, Incorporated for construction of the Safe Routes to School Creekside Drive project.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

There were 25 residential dwelling permits pulled in June.  The Historic Zoning Commission meeting will be July 26, 2018.

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