2018-06 BOMA Minutes

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Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: June 7th, 2018 Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Town Hall, 7218 Nolensville Road

Mayor Jimmy Alexander opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present:  Mayor Alexander, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Alderman Jason Patrick, and Brian Snyder.  Staff present: Administrator Ken McLawhon, Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Engineer Don Swartz, Town Planner Sarah Sitterle, and Recorder Kali Mogul.  There were 36 citizens present.

Alderman Patrick said the prayer and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr. Ronald Reed of 2271 Rocky Springs Road inquired about the proposed P.U.D. plan located on the Parman Henry property.  He wanted to know what the road plans would be surrounding the neighborhood and indicated he is opposed to so much development.  Mr. Reed suggested putting more green space at the front of developments so there would be room to widen the roads.

Mayor Alexander then moved to approve the minutes from the Board meeting of May 3rd, 2018, seconded by Alderman Snyder.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report through April, 2018, seconded by Alderman Felts.  Upon a vote, the approval passed unanimously.


Town Planner Sarah Sitterle reported on behalf of the Planning Department and Planning Commission. 
At the May 8th Planning Commission meeting, action was taken on the following:
* McCord Nolen Site Plan amendment, deferred
* Ace Hardware Site Plan, approved with conditions

There was a brief discussion about the landscaping at FNB Bank.  There are some missing shrubs.  There was also a question about the progress on the Market Square plan.  Counsel Notestine indicated that with the vested rights law, the developer has between three and ten years to move forward.

Town Engineer Don Swartz reported on the following items:
* Item #14 on the agenda, concerning a contract with a low bidder for the Creekside Safe Routes to School project, has been struck from the agenda.  The apparent low bidder was rejected by TDOT.
* The Stonebrook Safe Routes to School has not yet been released by TDOT.

Fire Chief Brian Moat offered his monthly report for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.  He discussed the house fire on Stonebrook Boulevard, which affected multiple houses.  He pointed out the difference between dollars lost and dollars saved: while the middle house was a total loss, the two adjacent houses were saved and sustained minor damage.  Following the operational report, Chief Moat and the NVFD donated fire extinguishers and defibrillators to Chief Parker and the Police Department for patrol cars.  Photos were taken with Chief Parker and the Board.  Finally, it was revealed that one of the fire hydrants malfunctioned at the scene of the house fire.

Police Chief Roddy Parker presented his monthly report, including criminal activity, stop data and crash totals.  He explained that the newly installed MDTs log the location of patrol cars by GPS as they enter the subdivision.  The Police Department also now has a partnership with the schools to be able to connect directly with them via the MDTs in the event of a crisis. This functionality will be up and running in the Fall. 

Mr. Kyle Billingsley represented the Public Works Department and detailed the monthly written report.  He noted 1500 pounds of blacktop were laid in May.  The major project in the department currently is sidewalk removal and repair in Ballenger Farms.  35 sections are under repair.  Public Works noted inconsistencies in sidewalk construction.  

Alderman Tommy Dugger reported for the Historic Zoning Commission.  Two certificates of appropriateness were issued. The Tanner House received approval for the roof and exterior changes.  Glitz by Rae received approval for removal of trees and repainting the front of the building. 

Alderman Brian Snyder provided a brief report for the Town Events Committee.  The Star Spangled Celebration will be June 30th.  There is also a meeting on Monday regarding new features for the North Pole Experience.  Thanks to the Police Department and Fire Department for pitching in on the fireworks and activities at the Star Spangled Celebration. 

Ms. Kelley Crummitt reported for the Trees and Trails Committee.  The bridges connecting the Sherwood Green Subdivision to the Summerlyn Subdivision and the Nolen Meade Subdivision to the Nolensville High School campus have been installed.  When the trail connections are complete, students will be able to walk to school from Sherwood Green and Silver Stream/Nolen Meade.  The Committee does not have the manpower to complete a tree grant application at this time but will consider it again next year and may come forward with a request to do so.  Committee members Joyce Powers and Charles Barnett met with an Urban Forester recently.  The printed report was distributed to the Board.  One of the findings was that the trees identified to have caused root issues under sidewalks are not on the current tree list.  Some of the sidewalk issues have occurred where there are no trees planted.  Ms. Crummitt recommended that the Town set a policy to deal with tree roots that have been cut, since those roots will grow back and could create hazards in the future.  Mayor Alexander commented on the new kiosk at the trail head.  Finally, Crummitt said they learned that there may be poisonous snakes in the creek.  There was a brief discussion about having an on-call landscape architect to assist the Committee and Planning Department.

Next, Mayor Alexander introduced Resolution 18-11, a resolution awarding a contract, as amended, to Jarrett Builders, Incorporated for construction of a portion of the Sunset Road improvement project.  Scott Niesen with Ragan-Smith Associates offered clarification on the bid form and savings achieved through value engineering with Jarrett Builders, which are reflected in the contract amendment.  Niesen explained that the bridge and accompanying piece parts have been temporarily removed from the project while negotiations continue with Jarrett.  This will allow the remainder of the project to move forward with construction.  The items pulled out would preclude the contractor from building the bridge until an agreement is reached.  There was discussion of the details on the amendment and the construction costs, which were 35% higher than the original engineer’s estimates for the project in its totality.  Niesen said contractors are booked up, and most projects around the state are coming in around 30% higher than engineer estimates.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve Resolution 18-11, as amended, seconded by Alderman Patrick. 

Debate continued about the cost of Phases 1 and 2 of Sunset Road.  There was a question about widening the bridge.  Engineer Swartz clarified that the project does not assume extra traffic will travel across the bridge.  Niesen concurred that the improvements have always been designed for two lanes over the bridge.  Additional vehicular storage will be accommodated beyond the bridge.  After continued debate, the Mayor called for a vote, and the approval passed unanimously.

The mayor made a motion to approve Resolution 18-12, a resolution to authorize the use of funds and enter into an agreement with Ragan-Smith Associates, Incorporated for construction engineering, inspection, and pre-bid tasks for the Sunset Road improvement project.  The motion was seconded by Alderman Felts.  There was considerable discussion about the amount proposed for construction engineering and inspection.  Niesen stated that they had narrowed the contract time frame and reduced the employee hours, bringing the cost down as much as possible.  The motion passed unanimously, but there was confusion about the cost noted in the resolution, which is different than the cost in the contract.  Counsel Notestine indicated that the resolution would have to be reconsidered since it had just been approved.  Mayor Alexander moved to reconsider and correct Resolution 18-12 by amending the dollar amount.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion to reconsider, which passed unanimously.  Alderman Patrick then moved to approve Resolution 18-12, as amended, seconded by Alderman Felts.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Next, the Mayor opened a public hearing at 8:44 p.m. on Ordinance 18-06, an ordinance to rezone a portion of 7150 Nolensville Road from commercial services with a commercial corridor overlay (CS/CCO) to office industrial (OI).  With no citizens coming forward to comment, Mayor Alexander closed the public hearing at 8:45 p.m.

The Mayor moved to approve on second reading Ordinance 18-05, an ordinance of the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee adopting a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion.  The Mayor pointed out that the BOMA has not increased the tax rate since 2009 – 2010.  Alderman Dugger replied that the Town cannot continue the trend of increasing expenditures faster than revenues.  The Mayor commented that a substantial amount of commercial activity is coming out of the ground or in the pipeline.  The special census also increases our revenue by about $300,000 per year.  Alderman Patrick stated the major problem currently is the condition of the roads, and although other revenue streams have been tapped, solving the problem may require a property tax increase in the future. There was additional discussion about the police department take-home car program in the budget.  Alderman Dugger requested information on how the maintenance and mileage would be tracked.  Chief Parker indicated he does not have precise details because the program has not yet been implemented.  Parker stated he would provide monthly or quarterly reports on the take-home cars to account for variances on mileage.  There were additional questions about the auditing process and the possibility of an “agreed upon procedures” audit.  Finance director Julie Wilson clarified a budget amendment would be needed to hire an outside firm to perform a separate audit.  At the conclusion of the discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

The mayor then moved to approve on second reading second reading Ordinance 18-07, an ordinance to amend budget ordinance 17-06 for fiscal year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  Alderman Patrick seconded the motion.  When the vote was taken, the approval passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander moved to approve on second reading Ordinance 18-09, an ordinance to amend Title 15 Chapter 6 of the Nolensville Municipal Code pertaining to parking.  Alderman Snyder seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Alderman Snyder gave a short synopsis of Resolution 18-13, a resolution to authorize the use of funds and enter into an agreement with WAKM Radio/Heritage Broadcast Associates, LLC for a fireworks display and radio promotion of Nolensville’s Star Spangled Celebration.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve the resolution, seconded by Alderman Snyder.  When the vote was called, the approval passed unanimously.

Agenda item #14, Resolution 18-14, a resolution awarding a contract to Brindley and Sons Construction, Incorporated for construction of the Safe Routes to School Creekside Drive project, was withdrawn from consideration.

Next, Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve Resolution 18-15, a resolution to enter into an agreement with Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation for the relocation of electric equipment outside the right-of-way along a portion of Sunset Road, seconded by Alderman Snyder.  Engineer Don Swartz explained that a contractor would perform the work on behalf of Middle Tennessee Electric.  After a brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Alexander moved to approve Resolution 18-16, a resolution to release CK Development, LLC from maintenance bonding for roads and public improvements within Bent Creek Phase 6 Section 2C.  Alderman Felts seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

Mayor Alexander reminded the audience about the Star Spangled Celebration on June 30th.  The TML Conference starts Saturday in Knoxville.  There were 31 residential permits issued in May.    With no other business or comments, he adjourned the meeting at 9:27 p.m.

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