Nolensville Planning Commission

Public Hearing

December 11, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:  Jimmy Alexander, Larry Felts, Andy Grosson, Robert Haines, Rick Owens, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reaves

Board Members Absent:   Chris Kelly

Staff Present:    Henry Laird, Don Swartz, Attorney Bob Notestine, Kali Mogul, Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:       29


The public hearing was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Rick Owens.

Mr. Bill Kottas of CK Development and Mr. Jack Luddington of Goodall Homes represented the project.  Mr. Kottas showed a map of the area in question and gave a presentation on the history of the parcel, originally designated as “commercial overlay” on the Bent Creek PUD master concept plan and the reasons for wanting to amend the concept plan to develop the parcel as residential housing.  Kottas indicated that, in the past eight years, he has not been able to generate interest in this parcel as commercial simply due to the volume of traffic on Sam Donald Rd.

He detailed the reasons CK Development had begun to investigate using the parcel for other types of development that would not compete with Bent Creek builders, including what was described as “pent up demand” for active adult housing.  The style, features and benefits of this type of residential area were described and images of active adult residential areas in other subdivisions were presented.


Chairman Owens opened the hearing to citizen comments and questions.

Jana Zbinden of 6041 Christmas Drive in Bent Creek asked if there would be a limit on the age of a buyer in this area, who would enforce it and whether children would be allowed to live in this section.  Mr. Kottas responded that builders are not allowed to discriminate against buyers, and Homeowner’s Associations do maintain the area and enforce covenants.  He further mentioned that the floor plan of these homes does not lend to a family with children.

Commissioner Jimmy Reaves interjected that he lives in Bent Creek and is on the Board of Directors with the Homeowner’s Association in the subdivision.  He said that he will not recuse himself from the discussion because the Planning Commission would not be voting during the public hearing.

Julie Beals of 328 Dobson Branch Trail in Bent Creek asked for an explanation of the Bypass shown on the map.  Mr. Kottas explained that the Bypass has been proposed to protect the Historic District in Nolensville in the future widening of Nolensville Road.  Mayor Alexander mentioned that the Bypass is a State of Tennessee project planned in the future, perhaps in 10 – 15 years.  Don Swartz, Town Engineer, explained that what is shown on the map within the PowerPoint presentation is a very general idea of what the Bypass may look like, which is part of a state project to widen Nolensville Road.  This widening will initially take place from Old Hickory Boulevard to Burkitt Road to a five-lane cross-section in the next few years.  At some point, Nolensville Road would need to be widened through the Historic District.  If that happened, several historic buildings would have to be removed to accommodate the expansion of the road.  To avoid demolishing historic buildings, the state plans to build a Historic District Bypass.  Swartz explained there is no set alignment for the bypass.  If the current plan is followed, five homes on Dobson Branch would have to be purchased and removed.  Realistically, this project is 10 – 20 years away.

Lynn Hollaway, a resident at 3304 Redmond Hill pointed out that if the proposed Historic Area bypass is placed in the area as shown on the map in the PowerPoint, then the parcel in question for the Active Adult community would indeed be better used for commercial or businesses, rather than residential.  Mr. Kottas agreed with Ms. Hollaway.  However, he is not certain the Bypass will ever be constructed, and he does not want to lose the opportunity to develop the space.

Mr. Joe Tiratto of 3320 Redmond Hill stated his objection to the amendment to the Master PUD plan and said that he prefers the space in question to be developed for commercial or retail use.

Mimi Shimp of 5043 Falling Water Rd asked the difference between the proposed townhouse area in Bent Creek and the Active Adult residential area, especially if there is no age restriction.  Mr. Kottas responded that the floor plan of the Active Adult area is completely different and not conducive to families with children.  The townhouses are two-story homes with three bedrooms.  The Active Adult homes are one-story homes with one master bedroom and a very small second bedroom.  Ms. Shimp said she disagrees with the use of the area for residential.  She prefers commercial.

Jana Zbinden of 6041 Christmas Drive asked to clarify the pricing of the Active Adult homes.  Jack Luddington of Goodall Homes said that the square footage of these homes is about $130.00 per square foot.  They are designed with many upgrades like hardwood flooring, granite countertops and “bells and whistles” that are typically sought by baby boomers that are downsizing.  Mr. Luddington invited citizens to visit their other Active Adult residential area in Goodlettsville to see an example of the styles.

Manuel Lopez of 4875 Powder Springs Rd. asked for historical data on the impact of home values in other areas where Active Adult residential have been developed.  Mr. Luddington explained that this housing product is a very positive impact on home values within other communities where there is an integrated plan with other size homes.  In many cases, parents live in the same neighborhood as their children and grandchildren, which is very positive.

Mr. Lopez also asked how often the traffic studies are conducted and why the 2004 traffic study was used.  Don Swartz answered that traffic studies for Nolensville Road are conducted annually, and the results are on the Tennessee Department of Transportation website.  Mr. Lopez asked why a more recent traffic study was not used. 

Conrad Johnson of 4853 Powder Springs Rd. explained that he is from Mississippi and saw Active Adult residential areas pop up frequently there.  He said the floor plans are not desirable for families with young children.  Mr. Johnson said he is a proponent of the Active Adult residential housing.

Sharon Lasseter of 2228 Osburn Rd. in Arrington said she and her husband are very interested in this type of housing, which is why they attended the meeting. 

Mayuri Patel of 4787 Jobe Trail asked if an Active Adult residential area would impact her HOA fee. Mr. Kottas replied no.  These areas have a separate HOA.

Ryan Nance of 4717 Jobe Trail asked what the typical occupancy rate is for Active Adult residential housing.  Mr. Luddington replied that these are selling very well in other areas.  Mr. Kottas explained that in discussing Active Adult residential housing with the president of Jones Company, who has a similar product in McKay’s Mill, he said that this was the best selling home product he has ever seen and it is the best re-sale product he has ever seen.  Mr. Kottas said there were 38 units planned for this particular parcel.

There were no further citizen comments.  Chairman Owens closed the public hearing at 6:43 p.m.