Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

April 10, 2012, 7:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:  Jimmy Alexander, Andy Grosson, Larry Felts, Robert Haines, Rick Owens, Charissa Mishu, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reaves

Board Member Absent:    None

Staff Present:    Henry Laird, Don Swartz, Attorney Bob Notestine, Kali Mogul, Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:       16


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Rick Owens.


The pledge of allegiance was led Chairman Owens.


Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 13, 2012 Planning Commission meeting.  Commissioner Doug Radley seconded the motion for approval, and the motion passed unanimously.  




Ms. Jana Truman of 3232 Locust Hollow in Bent Creek stated her home would be directly affected by the construction of the townhome project under consideration tonight.  She asked the commission to look out for the existing home owners.  She asked the Planning Commission to require fully bricked buildings with screening and adequate sidewalks that tie into others in the subdivision.


A.    Benington Section 5 Final Plat

Eric McNeely represented the developer, Barlow Builders.

Town Attorney Bob Notestine mentioned that when the initial plan for Benington was submitted, he had spoken with Ms. Taube, the owner of the adjacent property, who had some concerns that she expressed to Mayor Napper and to him.  Ms. Taube was not present at tonight’s meeting, and neither Henry Laird nor Eric McNeely was aware of any current issues relating to the Taube property.

With no other discussion, Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the final plat for Benington Section 5 with the following conditions:

• Performance bonding and surety to be set at $354,621.00

• Address corrections to be made as noted by Town staff on final plat, including Lot 1514, which should show address for front facing Benington Place

• Note #10 referring to Williamson County specifications to be omitted on final plat

• Required street lights should be shown at intersections on final plat

Commissioner Radley seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

B. Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1 Final PUD Plan Revisions

Glenn McGehee represented the developer SouthStar, LLC.  The builder will be Patterson Homes.  Eric McNeely also contributed to the discussion on behalf of CK Development.

After an extensive discussion about the length and grading of driveways, sizes of the lots, homes and garages, walking trail materials, and the pocket park shown on the plan, Chairman Owens made a motion to approve Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1 Final PUD Plan Revisions.  Commissioner Haines seconded the motion.  The final vote was 7 – 1 in favor of approval, and the motion passed.

C.  Winterset Woods Phase 6 Reforestation Plan

Masoud Fathi represented the developer for Winterset Woods.  Some discussion took place about the grade and fill for the disturbed area in Phase 6 that was erroneously cleared.  Some concern was expressed by Commissioners Jimmy Reaves and Bob Haines about the potential survival rate of the trees and lack of irrigation on their plan.  Henry Laird confirmed that the area would be covered by a bond and surety provided by the developer.

Chairman Owens made a motion for approval of the Winterset Woods Phase 6 Reforestation Plan with performance bonding set at $30,000.  Mayor Alexander seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

D.  Winterset Woods Phase 5B Final Plat

Chairman Owens made a motion for approval of the Winterset Woods Phase 5B Final Plat with the following conditions:

• Addressing of the lots to be assigned according to the Town’s recommendations

• Performance bonding and surety for roads and drainage to be set at $72,009.00.

Commissioner Larry Felts seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Henry Laird stated that the final plat for Winterset Woods Phase 5B should also have a landscaping performance bond of $4,180.00.  Chairman Owens made a motion for approval with the addition of the landscape bond.  Mayor Alexander seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

E.  Bent Creek Townhomes Section I – IV PUD Plan

Bill Kottas, principal of CK Development, Eric McNeely and Jason Phillips of Phillips Builders represented the project.  Mr. Kottas showed a PowerPoint presentation illustrating examples of two different layouts proposed:  inward facing with driveways and garages located in the front; and outward facing, with driveways and garages in the backs of the units.  He stated the newer plan for the townhouse project would reorient the buildings so that the backs of the townhomes face Sam Donald Road.  This reorientation would relieve the existing homeowners from having to look into a parking lot and would allow the townhome owners to use their back yards as living space instead of parking space.

Jason Phillips stated that examples of their townhome products are available as built in the Providence area of Mt. Juliet, which have been very successful there.  Chairman Owens asked Carla Ediger, chair of the Town Design Review Committee to give comments on the design of the townhomes.  Ms. Ediger stated that the Committee was most concerned about the rear elevations of the townhome buildings.  She said the Committee did not receive much cooperation from the builder in response to its requests and suggestions, and that the options offered by Phillips Builders are not the best or only way to build the townhomes.

Mr. Phillips stated that some of the comments made by the Committee were economically infeasible but would be willing to meet face to face to see what could be accomplished to better meet the criteria of the Town. 

Chairman Owens asked for consensus among Planning Commissioners about the reorientation of the townhomes prior to moving forward.  Commissioners Felts, Radley and Reaves all agreed with the reorientation but expressed the need for revisions to the design to address the rear of the units.  Chairman Owens said that he preferred the original outward orientation of the townhomes.

Mr. Kottas then asked to defer a decision on the project until the builder, Jason Phillips, and his architect could meet with the Design Review Committee.

By acclimation, a deferral on the Bent Creek Townhomes Sections I- IV to the May 8, 2012 Planning Commission meeting was granted.


A. Report from last BOMA meeting

Mayor Alexander reported that a second reading was held on proposed Ordinance 12-01 to rezone Yazdian and Green properties along Rocky Fork Road and Nolensville Road and that it was approved by BOMA. 

8.  BONDS 

A.  Bond Action:

1.  Burkitt Place Phase 2F requests transition to maintenance bond.

Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the transition of to maintenance bond.  Commissioner Felts seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

B.  Bond Report

Chairman Owens asked about the bond on Haley Industrial Park Phase 4, which expires soon.  Henry Laird stated that Pinnacle Bank, which currently owns the property, is working with TDOT to make repairs to Nolensville Road.  These repairs are required before the Town Engineer will inspect and approve the construction on this phase.  Chairman Owens then made a motion to accept the Bond Report as amended by the prior action.  Commissioner Reaves seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.


Mayor Alexander announced that tonight would be Commissioner Mishu’s last meeting.  He thanked Ms. Mishu for her service on the Planning Commission.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.