Town of Nolensville

Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting

Date: August 5, 2010, Time 7:00 p.m.

Nolensville Recreation Center


Vice-Mayor Tommy Dugger opened the meeting at 7:03 p.m.  Members present were Vice-Mayor Dugger, Aldermen Jimmy Alexander, Larry Felts, and Brian Snyder.  Mayor Beth Lothers was absent.  Staff present: Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Planner Henry Laird, Engineer Don Swartz, and Recorder Cindy Lancaster.  There were 13 citizens present.

Alderman Brian Snyder led the prayer and Pledge.

Citizens Input:

There was no public comment.

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of July 1, 2010, Alderman Snyder seconded.  With no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously. 

Alderman Snyder made a motion to approve the special meeting minutes of July 8, 2010, Alderman Alexander seconded.  With no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously. 

Alderman Alexander made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report for June 2010, Alderman Felts seconded the motion.  Vice-Mayor Dugger stated that this was the Treasurer’s Report for year-end.  He noted that the year had ended in the black.  The vote was taken and this report was approved unanimously.

Planner Henry Laird reported for the Planning Commission 

 Mr. Don Swartz, Town Engineer, reported for the Engineering Department 

Chief Chris Bastin reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department 

Chief Paul Rigsby reported for the Police Department 

Historic Commission Member Bob Crigger reported for the Historic Commission. 

Alderman Snyder reported for the Town Events Committee 

Mayor’s Report:


Vice-Mayor Dugger stated that Mayor Lothers had submitted Mrs. Charissa Mishu resume and biography to the board so that she could be considered for the recent vacancy on the Planning Commission.  The Board voted and approved Mrs. Mishu’s position by acclamation. 

Notification of Banking Request for Proposals

Vice-Mayor Dugger announced that the Town is initiating a Request for Proposals for banking services for the Town.  He noted that due to fees increasing, the Town is in hopes of reducing these cost in addition to increasing the interest rates.


There were no further updates.

 First reading of Ordinance #10-10, an ordinance to amend the Zoning Ordinance #04-09, as it pertains to sign regulations, Alderman Snyder made a motion to approve this ordinance, and Alderman Alexander seconded.

Vice-Mayor Dugger noted that the Planning Commission has put extensive time into this document.  Town Planner Henry Laird addressed the Board with several sign demonstrations on a PowerPoint presentation.  There was clarification and interpretation discussion.  Counsel Notestine stated that defining the words “site” and “property”, in the definition section of the ordinance, might clear up clarification to the concerns.  He further added that this could be done prior to final reading of this ordinance.

 Planner Laird advised the Board on the ordinance further noting the current zoning ordinance does not address awning signs.

Alderman Felts was concerned with Page 6, item “e”.  He was not in favor of advertising one item per hour.  Vice-Mayor Dugger noted that a meeting was attended in Murfreesboro addressing this issue, and this ordinance is implementing that suggestion.  

 Counsel Notestine suggested moving forward, listen to pubic input next month and official amendments could be made prior to final reading.

 The vote was taken and passed unanimously on first reading.

Reading of Resolution #10-11, a resolution to retain the Municipal Technical Advisory Service to revise the Nolensville Municipal Code.  Counsel Notestine noted that this is a housekeeping resolution, with the initial Municipal Code being prepared by MTAS in 2002, and updated in 2006.  Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Snyder seconded, and this passed unanimously. 

 Reading of Resolution #10-12, a resolution to authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract with Hoover, Incorporated to repair various roads within the Town of Nolensville.  Alderman Snyder made a motion to approve this resolution, and Alderman Alexander seconded.  Engineer Don Swartz advised the Board that due to the County having an interlocal agreement with the Town to perform roadwork, they reviewed the roads described within this resolution.  After the review, the county advised the town that due to their workload with the road damage created by the recent flood, they would not be able to perform the repairs in a timely manner.  Advertisements were placed for road repair bids.  Hoover, Incorporated was the lowest bidder.  Engineer Swartz stated that he is recommending that the town enter into an agreement with Hoover, Incorporated, to perform the road repairs.  The vote was taken and the resolution was approved unanimously.

Reading of Resolution #10-13, a resolution supporting Williamson County for a prorated property assessment on properties affected by the recent flood.  Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Snyder seconded.  Counsel Notestine addressed this resolution noting that due to the flood damage in May the Governor devised a pro-rated tax relief for property.  Local governments must vote to participate in this relief, with the property owners having until September 1st, to apply with Williamson County for this relief.  This resolution was approved unanimously.


 Alderman Alexander announced that there would be a Nashville Metro Planning Commission Meeting on August 12th, at 4:00 p.m.  He stated that this was for the rezoning request for large commercial retail.  Alderman Alexander noted that this could be instrumental in jump-starting commercial in that area.  He and Mayor Lothers plan to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                          Approved,


Cindy Lancaster                                                                      Beth Lothers

Town Recorder                                                                       Mayor