Town of Nolensville
Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting
Date: June 3, 2010, Time 7:00 p.m.
Nolensville Recreation Center


Mayor Beth Lothers opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m.  Members present were Mayor Lothers, Aldermen Jimmy Alexander, Larry Felts, Tommy Dugger, and Brian Snyder.  Staff present: Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Planner Henry Laird, Engineer Don Swartz, and Recorder Cindy Lancaster.  There were 28 citizens present. 

First United Methodist Church Pastor Sandy Shawhan led the prayer and Pledge. 

Citizens Input: 

Mr. Charles Lawson, 2531 York Road, spoke in opposition of Ordinance #10-04.  He stated that he was opposed to this ordinance.  He added that the Town is becoming too strict on guidelines and that is how Hitler started. 

Mr. Bill Kottas stated that he owned property in Bent Creek and Benington subdivisions in Nolensville.  He noted that the Town Hall Committee would be reporting to the Board tonight and he wanted to emphasize his property, which was previously submitted to the Committee.  This property is located off of Sam Donald Road. 

Mr. Richard Stewart, with Turner and Associates, stated that his company had presented an option to the Town Hall Committee also.  Mr. Stewart shared with the Board the benefits for this property. 

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of May 6, 2010, Alderman Snyder seconded.   With no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously.  

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve the beer board minutes of May 11, 2010, Alderman Snyder seconded.   With no additions or corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously 

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report for April 2010, Alderman Alexander seconded the motion.  The vote was taken and this report was approved unanimously. 


Chair Rick Owens reported for the Planning Commission 

Mr. Don Swartz, Town Engineer, reported for the Engineering Department 

Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department 

Mayor Lothers clarified that Chief Hughes was retiring as Chief, but not from the Department. 

Chief Paul Rigsby reported for the Police Department 

Alderman Dugger inquired to the number of Officers that will be trained on the tasers.  Chief Rigsby stated that it is about half of the Department. 

Historic Commission Member Betty Friedlander reported for the Historic Commission. 

Chair Suzie Lindsey reported for the Town Events Committee 

Town Hall Site Committee 

Town Attorney Bob Notestine updated the board noting that in March the board voted to terminate the contract if financing was not received by June 1st.  There was no evidence of financing and the Town sent notice that the contract was being terminated.  He noted that the Site Committee has been reviewing sites in case the financing did not occur. 

Alderman Alexander, Chairman of the Committee, introduced Members Mr. Douglas Radley, and Ms. Carla Ediger. He noted that Member Mr. Jeff Hepler was unable to attend.  Mr. Radley and Ms. Ediger reported to the Board. 

Ms. Ediger addressed the Board noting the criteria and objectives that were used in reviewing the sites.  A few of the items taken into consideration was the Land Use Policy, Comprehensive Plan, was the site large enough and does it have characteristics, visibility, accessibility and not in the flood plain. 

Mr. Radley stated all properties that were brought to the Town or Committee was considered.  After extensive discussion and the review of twelve different properties the Committee recommended property located at 7218 Nolensville Road, known as the Radio Network International property. 

Alderman Snyder inquired to the property that was presented by Mr. Stewart tonight in the Citizens Comments portion.  Alderman Alexander stated that the Committee had no knowledge of the property behind Dollar General until tonight.  It was clarified that the lot would share the acreage with Dollar General that is less that two acres. 

Alderman Dugger inquired to Mr. Kottas’ property and questioned the Committee on this property versus the property that was selected. 

Mayor Lothers noted that further deliberation could be done during the reading of the resolution. 

Mayor’s Report:

  1. Appointments 

Mayor Lothers noted that appointments would be made at this time. 

  1.  Emergency Planning Committee 

Mayor Lothers asked Alderman Snyder to Chair the Emergency Planning Committee.  Alderman Felts said that if he needed any help he would be willing to assist.  

  1.  Safe Routes to School Grant Update 

Mayor Lothers noted that Town Engineer Swartz addressed this within his report earlier 

  1.  Other 

Mayor Lothers noted that there would be a FEMA meeting tomorrow.  The Town has been notified that it will be reimbursed 75% by FEMA and 12.5% by the State from the flood destruction.  The Town must provide the remaining 12.5% of the cost.  Mrs. Julia Buckley is chairing the Humanitarian Committee to address those in need from the flood. 

Mayor Lothers noted that the relocation of Town Hall to the Recreation Center is forthcoming. 

Mayor Lothers addressed the new official Town Web-Site, stating that it would be live tonight. 

Mayor Lothers updated the Board that Mr. Ray Crouch, Fire Consultant with MTAS, would be in Nolensville on June 22nd and 23rd to initiate Nolensville’s Fire review.

Second reading of Ordinance 10-03, an ordinance to adopt a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011. 

There was brief discussion, and Alderman Dugger made a motion to amend the budget to include the purchase of three tasers to come out of the Drug Fund budget at a total cost of  $2,400, Alderman Felts seconded.   After discussion of the cost of each taser, Alderman Dugger withdrew his motion and Alderman Felts withdrew his second.  Alderman Dugger then restated his motion to amend the budget to include the purchase of three tasers at $2,600 to be expensed in the Drug Fund, Alderman Felts seconded and the amendment passed unanimously. 

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve the budget as amended, Alderman Alexander seconded and the budget ordinance passed unanimously on second reading. 

Second reading of Ordinance 10-04, an ordinance to amend Title 15, Chapter 6, of the Municipal Code in regards to parking. 

After much discussion on this ordinance, Alderman Felts made a motion to defer this ordinance for further study, Alderman Alexander seconded and the deferral of this ordinance was unanimous. 

Reading of Resolution #10-08, a resolution to grant the Mayor the authority to temporarily waive building permit fees for flood disaster victims.  Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Snyder seconded. 

Mayor Lothers made a motion to amend this resolution to read “the Mayor, or her designee”, and add “the flood of May 1st and 2nd, 2010,” Alderman Felts seconded.  This amendment passed unanimously.  The vote was taken and Resolution #10-08 was approved unanimously as amended. 

Reading of Resolution #10-09, a resolution to review the Site Selection Committee’s recommendation for an alternate Town Hall site. 

After discussion and deliberation, Mayor Lothers made a motion to approve this resolution with the Site Selection Committee’s recommendation, Alderman Alexander seconded. 

Alderman Dugger wanted to remind the Board that Dollar General had not completed their transaction and the Town may incur utility cost.  Additionally, he added that he liked the site rendering, but we may consider putting the drive on the other side in order to capture as much green space as possible.  The vote was taken and the resolution was approved unanimously. 


The meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                                          Approved, 

Cindy Lancaster                                                                      Beth Lothers

Town Recorder                                                                       Mayor