SEPTEMBER 24, 1998



The meeting began at 7:05 p.m. as Chairman, Rob Pease called the quorum to order. Those present were Rob Pease, Joe Rositano, Larry Felts, Tommy Dugger, Orville Norton, Frank Wilson, Mayor Charles Knapper, Jim Finley, Alderman Henry, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Mike Delvizis, and Terrance Demerest.


Discussion about what needs to be done or placed on the next Planning Commission agenda was brought forth and included 1.) Proposal of services to the proposed annexed areas, 2.) Preliminary Plat, 3.) By-Laws changes, 4.) Copy of Sub Regs to each new Planning Commission member.


Mayor Charles Knapper mentioned that he had met with Clint Callicott on the proposed annexation and Clint felt that it would not be an offense to the surrounding cities for Nolensville to go ahead and acquire the land in a friendly manner.


Jim Finley made suggestions on changes that need to be made to the Zoning Ordinance. They are as follows:


11.1.2 the date needs to appear where is says “dated”.

11.2.1 B Strike the second sentence. Strike the word “minor” in the third sentence.

11.3.2 Should be BZA not Planning Commission in the last sentence.

12.4.2 change two (2) to four (4).


Alderman Henry made the following suggestions:


2.2.5 Strike “is limited to the historic…,and it” from the first sentence

2.3.2 last sentence of B is missing as well as C and D.

3.2.5 All references to street should be road.

3.2.6 A should now read: “Minimum campus size shall be based on State/County Standards or on the total enrollment capacity of the following table, whichever is the more restrictive.”

3.3.7 B. adjust spacing. After much discussion, no other changes were made.

4.2.4 I In the first sentence change “material” to “screening”.

4.5.1 In first sentence, add front-loaded after area, and before garages. Also, add front before facade.

6.2.2 discussion of how close street trees should be to the road resulted in Mr. Henry withdrawing his suggestion to make any change.

6.6.1 Remove cottonwood tree from the list of recommended canopy trees.

9.2.1 N change “bronze” to “permanent metallic or masonry”

9.3.1 F Discussion about whether a time and temperature sign on a bank is a sign or not and whether or not it should be allowed went on for several minutes. The decision from that discussion resulted in making no change.

9.4.4 A Alderman Henry did not believe that “compatible” was the best word to use in this sentence. Mayor Knapper suggested “homogeneous” but there was too much controversy over the word. The Commission decided to just strike letter A and re-number the rest.

9.4.5 B shall read “Signs shall not have mirrored backgrounds.”

9.5.1 A remove “and information” in first sentence. In third sentence stirke “the right-of-way” and add “a recorded sign easement”. Strike sentence five.

9.5.2 strike “large” in first sentence.

9.5.3 First sentence strike “by more than 100 percent” and add “area of ” before “sign face”.

9.7.2 number one. Strike banners and add those.

9.7.3 number 4. Second sentence change and to are. Add “from” between “premises and Friday”.

9.7.4 E In the first sentence, strike “when 90 percent or….building is”

9.7.4 F Change growing to marketing.

9.7.5 C change 30 days to 45 days.

10.2.5 D First sentence: area should be areas. Second sentence: attaches should be attached. Last sentence areas should be uses

10.4.1 Strike

10.4.2 Add “visible emission” should be added to the title.


Frank Wilson made these suggestions:


1.4.2 number 7 under Road. Leave as it is.


At 9:20 p.m. a break was called.


The meeting was re-called to order at 9:32 p.m.


Counsel Bob Notestine’s written comments were reviewed. The changes are:


3.4.3 Strike the first two sentences.

4.1.7 In the first sentence, add “and ER base zone” after industrial zones.

5.1.2 Strike “by altering…..features”. Add “through the acquisition of additional lands.”

11.4.4 Change bases to basis.


Meeting adjourned at 9:52 p.m.