Plan of Services

Special Meeting

September 22, 2003

6:00 p.m.


Members in attendance – Frank Wilson, Bob Haines, Larry Gardner, Willis Wells, Rick Fisher and Jeff Dobson.


Members absent - Charles Knapper, Joe Rossi, and Rob Pease.



 Frank Wilson opened the meeting explaining that this meeting was to consider the annexation plan.


 Jeff Dobson passed out copies of Plan of Services with comments from Frank Wilson and Willis Wells.

 He has concerns about the police protection in Nolensville. The City will be doubling in size and is a

concern about enough police coverage. He is very apprehensive to approve the 2200 acres without

adequate police protection. Police protection will need to increase.



The Brentwood buffer zone does not allow commercial development . In section 4002 commercial retail and commercial office in allowed in Williamson County. The plans for both phases are about the same except for the acreage.

The Plan of Service proposes that there will be 455 people added to our population. Jeff had several questions as to when a special census would be conducted, and what zoning classification will be assigned. We will have these questioned answered when we send them back to the Mayor.

Larry Gardner has concerns about the roads and keeping up with maintenance and where the money will come from to cover the maintenance. Frank Wilson stated that he has spoken to the developer. There would be a feasibility study and whatever major impact on a road, it would financially be absorbed by the developer.

Bob Haines is concerned about the equipment for Public Works and the personnel that will be needed.

Willis Wells wanted to know what the county is planning on doing about the asphalt on Brittain Lane. Newt McCord stated that the county plans on leaving it as is. Larry Gardner wanted to know what the cost would be to do a mile&3/10. Mr. McCord thought it would be about $30,000.00 per mile.

Rick Fisher stated the growth plan required a time limit as to when the City would have these services provided. Jeff hasn’t read Chapter 1101 recently but thinks it does not specify.

The Planning Commission would like a time frame of how long the City has to get the services in place and that will give the Planning Commission an idea of much money it will take to implement all these services.

Bob Haines has talked with the Chief of the Fire Department and they are maxed out. Volunteers are a concern if they will have enough to meet the need of the City. The Fire Department is also in need of a new pumper and outfitting new volunteers.

Willis Wells stated that the Plan of Services addresses the concern of the fire department issues and adequate service is provided.

Jeff Dobson still has concerns about the police protection and the equipment that is needed. He will write up recommendations and give to the Mayor.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.