OCTOBER 13, 1998 7 P.M.




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Pease at 7 :07 p.m. with the following people present: Orville Norton, Paula Auerbach, Larry Felts, Evelyn Bennett, Frank Wilson, Rick Owens, Mike Wood, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis. Orville Norton was standing in for Yvonne McCurley in taking the minutes until a family issue could be resolved.


Prayer was led by Frank Wilson


Pledge of Allegiance was said.


Minutes from September meetings were reviewed. A motion was made by Frank Wilson and seconded by Evelyn Bennett to adopt the minutes for September 10, 1998. Motion passed unanimously.


Changes to the September 15, 1998 meeting were made to correct typos. Motion by Larry Felts was made to adopt the minutes for September 15th with the changes. Seconded by Evelyn Bennett. Motion passed unanimously.


Minutes from September 24, 1998 public hearing were adopted with a motion made by Frank Wilson and a second by Larry Felts. Passed unanimously.


There were no announcements.


Review of the Preliminary Plat by McFarlin Woods Section 4, 5, and 6 was postponed until later in the meeting due to lack of representation by the applicant and lack of corrected plans being submitted to the town engineer by the date of this meeting. The thinking at this time is that the applicant may arrive later on in the meeting. However, a motion was made by Orville Norton to require from now on that the applicant be present at the planning commission meeting in order for any action other than a deferral to be taken on any preliminary plat or final plat. Second was made by Paula Auerbach. The motion passed unanimously.


By-laws were changed to read that the number of planning commission members would now be 7 rather than 9 and that a quorum will now be four in stead of five. Motion was made by Orville Norton to approve the changes. Second by Frank Wilson. Passed unanimously.


Joe Rositano and Yvonne McCurley joined the meeting at 7:20 p.m.


A review of Subdivision Regulations was made on Sections 1-4. Each person made the changes in their personal copy of the Sub Regs. The changes will be made all at once and presented as an entire document at a later date.


Yvonne McCurley will contact town counsel Bob Notestine to ask questions about deferring an action. (Section III-4, 8 and 9f.) and bonding requirements in III-9i and Section IV as it relates to securing performance bonds.


Mike Delvizis will check on road surfaces and time limits concerning when top surface must be laid. We want to limit the town’s liability to maintain the roads until 80% build out is reached.


We will start with Section V at the next planning commission meeting to revise the sub regs.


A motion was made by Frank Wilson to defer any action on the preliminary plat submitted by McFarlin Woods at this meeting due to lack of representation by the applicant and the Town not having in hand the revisions to the preliminary plans as were requested by fax on Sept 25, 1998. Paula Auerbach seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Mike Delvizis asked Yvonne McCurley to contact the applicant to tell them to get the changes on the preliminary plat to town hall before the next meeting.


Motion to adjourn was made by Paula Auerbach. Second by Larry Felts. Meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.


Meeting reconvened at 9:42 p.m. with the following people present: Joe Rositano, Paula Auerbach, Orville Norton, Rob Pease, Larry Felts, Rick Owens and Evelyn Bennett,

Resolution 98- ? a Resolution adopting a plan of service for the annexation of certain areas by the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee was discussed. A motion was made by Larry Felts to favorably recommend to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, the plan of service of this resolution with the addition of the following sentence under G. Street Lighting: “Street lighting to be provided in accordance with the street lighting policies of the town.” The motion was seconded by Paula Auerbach. The motion passed unanimously. Paula Auerbach made a motion to adjourn. Larry Felts seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 9:56 p.m.


Submitted by Yvonne McCurley with assistance from Orville Norton and a tape recording of the meeting.



Signed ______________________________ Date ______________________

Franklin D. Wilson, secretary