AUGUST 13, 1998




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Pease at 7:03 p.m. with the following staff in attendance: Mayor Charles F. Knapper, Mr. Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Mike Delvizis. All Planning Commission members were present except for Rick Owens. One citizen, Rick Fisher was present..


The first item on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from July 9th meeting. A motion was made by Joe Rositano, seconded by Larry Felts that the minutes be approved with the following changes:


 “ Second sentence should read “are allowed off premises Friday 4:00 p.m. - Monday 9:00 a.m. 9.7.1 Change all references of section to article where applicable.

9.7.5. D Eliminate paragraph D.”


Minutes from the July 23rd meeting were approved with no changes. Motion made by Orville Norton, seconded by Evelyn Bennett.


The Zoning Ordinance was reviewed and the following changes were recommended:


Article 11, Sections 11.1.0 thru 11.2.5 will be deleted from the Zoning Ordinance and will be addressed in the By-Laws.


D delete “site or structure, or any site or structure” and add “site, structure or sign, or any site, structure or sign”


There was some discussion on the preparation of a draft document with the recommended changes to the Zoning Ordinance. A draft copy will be given to the Planning Commission members before the next Planning Commission meeting to look over. Members will be ready to discuss any final changes at the next regular Planning Commission meeting in September. Then a public hearing will be held to recommend the changes to the Board. An ad must be placed 10 days prior to the public hearing.


The Zoning Map needs to be made official. Mike Wood will take care of getting the signature blanks on the map.


There was discussion on Open Space Overlay. Mike Wood will make changes to recommend requirements for overlay. Yvonne McCurley will see to obtaining aerial photos from Bob Martin at Franklin Planning Department.


There was discussion about underground utilities.. Some members raised a question about whether or not the Town would be required to eventually put in underground utilities on existing properties if the Zoning Ordinance required all new construction to have underground utilities. Mike Wood warned that legal counsel should be sought before any decision is made on this and agreed to confer with Counsel Notestine about the matter. A formal vote was then taken in which five (5) were in favor, Frank Wilson opposed, Paula Auerbach abstained. Joe Rositano vehemently refused to vote and objected to there having been a vote taken without first hearing from Legal Counsel.


Commercial Zone Overlay for the new Town Center Concept was discussed. The practical agreement is to wait on adopting this plan and have this be a separate issue. We agreed not to include this in the draft of revision recommendations to the Zoning Ordinance. It was deferred until October.


Joe Rositano made comments about the annexation meeting he had attended with Williamson County.


Larry Felts made comment about Two-Way’s lighting being in violation of the Zoning Ordinance due to the fact that it does not comply with the foot candle regulations.


Joe Rositano moved to adjourn. Larry Felts seconded and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting ended at 9:22 p.m.


These minutes respectfully submitted by Yvonne McCurley.


Approved and Adopted on ____________________1998.


Signed _____________________________________

 Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary