NOVEMBER 13, 1998




The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Rob Pease at 7:03 p.m.


The pledge and prayer was led by Rob Pease.


Those in attendance were: Rob Pease, Joe Rositano, Charles Knapper, Lester Hitt, Frank Wilson, Larry Felts, Orville Norton, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Mike Delvizis.


The minutes from the October 13, 1998 meeting were passed unanimously after a motion was made by Larry Felts followed with a second by Frank Wilson.


The minutes from October 29, 1998 were approved by unanimous vote. Motion was made by Charles Knapper and seconded by Larry Felts.


It was decided to defer Jim Hindman’s speech until later in the meeting. He was expected to arrive soon.


The next item on the agenda was to approve a Major Road Plan. However, Mike Wood noted that a public hearing must be held before it could be adopted. Charles Knapper made a motion that recommended putting this item on the next agenda after publicizing it in the paper. This motion passed unanimously after being seconded by Joe Rositano.


There was a handout from Aldermen Henry distributed to the Planning Commission regarding suggested changes to the newly adopted Zoning Ordinance. This item was not on the agenda but Chairman Rob Pease made mention of it by posing a question to Jim Finley, “Do you have any comments about the handout from Alderman Henry?” Jim Finley answered, “No, I do not.” The handout was not looked over.


Item number 8: The zoning map was already adopted and didn’t need to be on agenda.


Item number 9: Changes to the Sub Regs are noted in each person’s copy and will be voted on at one time when all the changes are completed. Rob Pease gave a handout with the changes he is suggesting.


7:46 Jim Hindman arrived with Rick Fisher. Frank Wilson suggested that the planning commission hear Mr. Hindman at this time. Jim Hindman explained the purpose and challenges presented to the Nolensville Growth Planning Committee and assured the Planning Commission that the Town’s best interest was being evaluated by the committee. At this point NGPC is collecting data in order to educate themselves in being able to responsibly project the impact of external growth and the effects it may have on Nolensville. He stated that in no way would NGPC go against the Planning Commission in any endeavor but that they would work together in cooperation with one another. Discussion was brought forward about re-visiting the Town’s Comprehensive Plan now that we have a Growth Planning Committee doing such extensive studies in gathering such valuable data. Mayor Knapper says that Planning Commission will have input at public hearing before NGPC makes their recommendation to Mayor and Board of Aldermen or to the county. Planning Commission members commended the NGPC for their gracious efforts so far. Planning Commission agreed that they need to look at expanding Nolensville for our own protection. Jim Hindman answered questions and there was more discussion about Growth Planning.


A break was taken from 8:45-8:55 p.m.


Revision to the Sub Regs resumed again.


Charles Knapper moved for adjournment at 9:30 p.m. Joe Rositano seconded and the meeting adjourned with a unanimous vote at that time.



Submitted by Yvonne McCurley Approved on ____________1998



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Franklin D. Wilson, secretary