JUNE 23, 1998 6:30



The meeting began at 6:45 with a quorum of Rob Peace, Orville Norton, Frank Wilson, Tommy Dugger, and Paula Auerbach. State Planner Mike Wood and Town Engineer Mike Delvizis were present. Staff members attending were Yvonne McCurley and Jim Finley. No other citizens were present.


These are the changes PC is offering:


Page 72 Article 7.5.1 Change required greenway easement from 12 ft. to minimum of 25 ft. Mike Wood suggested adopting a Master Greenway Plan.


Page 74 Article 8.2.3 Discussion concluded with the need to have a proposed lighting plan drawn up before any changes would be made to this article.


Article 8.2.4 Mike Wood will research height for light poles


Page 75 Article 8.2.5 A should read: No flashing or neon lights including fiber optics or other lighting source giving the same effect, shall be permitted.


8.2.5 B Reads: All fluorescent lighting shall be recessed.


Original 8.2.5 B should now be titled 8.2.5 C


Add D that reads: Flood lights attached to a building for the purpose of illuminating parking lot or pedestrian area shall not be permitted. A flood light attached to a building to illuminate service areas is permitted provided the source of illumination is not vision from a public Right Of Way. This does not apply to residential areas.


Article 9 will be revised to conform to the changes passed by the Board of Mayor and Alderman by Ordinance 98-07. The Planning Commission will make a separate recommendation stating their disapproval of the changes that were passed. These are the changes made by Ordinance 98-07.


9.5.2 shall read, “Height. The maximum height of any freestanding sign for a commercial use shall not exceed ten (10) feet above ground level. The ground shall not have been artificially raised for the purpose of increasing the sign’s height”.

9.3.1 M shall read, “Internally lit signs, except in the CS and OI Zone.”


The following are additional changes:


9.2.1 M change (2) two to (3) three

9.2.2 Q Add “non-governmental”


9.3.1 Second sentence should be changed to read: Any signs(s) unlawfully erected off-premises or in the Public Right-Of-Way may be removed immediately by the Town and may be claimed at Town Hall during normal business hours after payment of a sign removal fee of $10.00 per sign. Any signs not claimed within three (3) days may be disposed of by the Town.


9.3.1 E Strike “billboard”. Add “except where authorized in article

9.3.1 Add “ N. Billboards”

9.7.1 Change Section to Article every time it applies throughout the Zoning Ordiance. Also check for use of the word “chapter”.

9.7.2 Eliminate “D” Add “Allowed only on Friday 4 p.m. through Monday 9 a.m.”


The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by, Adopted ________________1998

Yvonne McCurley Signed_______________________

Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary