AUGUST 6, 1998




The meeting was opened with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Knapper at 7:00 p.m. Those in attendance were Alderman Parman Henry, Alderman Tommy Dugger, Patsy Henry, Larry Felts, Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Kathy Chalvez, Jimmy Spruill, Rick Fisher, Todd Seguin.


Mayor Knapper announced the next meeting of the Nolensville Business Association to be held on Monday, August 10, 1998 at 7 p.m. at Nolensville United Methodist Church.


Those wishing to be on the 2010 Committee needed to make sure their name is on the list. The nominations will be closed on Friday, August 15, 1998.


Minutes of June 4th and 24th were approved unanimously as a motion came from Alderman Dugger and was seconded by Alderman Henry.


Treasurer’s Report was explained by Mayor Knapper. The total funds in the bank at this time is $144,828.39. Motion was made by Alderman Henry. Seconded by Alderman Dugger.


Alfred and Evelyn Bennett, Rob Pease, Mark Lee and daughter entered at 7:10 p.m.


Mark Lee gave a report on Public Safety.


Rob Pease gave a report on Planning and Zoning Commission.


Rick Fisher gave a report on Historical District Commission.


Mayor Knapper made comment about Interlocal Agreement to assist Town in enforcing our ordinances.


At 7:23 p.m. Joe Rositano and Mary Frances Parrish entered.


Larry Garner and Todd Seguin gave opinion about speed limit.


Alderman Henry made a motion to adjourn. Alderman Dugger seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:40.


Respectfully Submitted, Approved on ____________,1998



Yvonne McCurley Charles F. Knapper, Mayor