MARCH 3, 1998




The meeting was called to order by Chairman of the Planning Commission, Rob Pease at 7:06 PM.


Those present at the time the meeting was called to order were as follows:

Staff: Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Mayor Charles Knapper.

Planning Commission: Orville Norton, Larry Felts, Frank Wilson, Tommy Dugger, Paula Auerback, Joe Rositano.

Alderman Henry was present.

Phil Jones was present.


It was advertised in the paper that there would be discussion on the Sign Ordinance 89-07 but there was a miscommunication between staff members and the copies of the ordinance were not ready to be distributed. Orville Norton moved to defer discussion. Joe Rositano seconded. All were in favor but Frank Wilson who opposed saying that this did not need to be put off any longer. A copy of the sign ordinance will be distributed before the March 12th Planning Commission meeting.


Public comment by Phil Jones was made stating that the fee of $100 was too much to pay for a copy of the Zoning Ordinance/Sub Regs. Especially since it is not available for checkout and must be viewed in the Town Hall only. The Planning Commission and BZA obtained free copies but the public did not. Rob Pease agreed that it was too high. Orville suggested having a copy placed at the Public Library to be checked out by citizens. Mike Wood suggested reducing the fee. Mayor Knapper stated that he was embarrassed by the excessive fee and said it would be changed to $35-40 per copy by a new ordinance.


Mike Delvizis, Evelyn Bennett and Rick Owens arrived at 7:21.


Changes were discussed on sections I-III. The agreed upon changes were marked in each person’s individual copy of the Sub. Regs. The copies marked by Mike Wood and Yvonne McCurley will be compared and deemed as the official copy from which to input data for the revised copy of Sub/Regs.


At 8:47, Mayor Knapper requested a break in the action regarding Sub. Regs. Discussion due to the lateness of the hour and mentioned that copies of the Sign Ordinance 98-07 were now ready to be given out if discussion on it was desired at this time rather than waiting until next meeting. Joe Rositano made a motion to go ahead and do the Sign Ordinance now. Tommy Dugger seconded. Passed unanimously and a 10 minute break was given to assure that everyone had time to look over the Ordinance.


9:00 Discussion on the Sign Ordinance was opened by Orville Norton.


9:08 Mike Delvizis left the meeting saying that he would give his comments and recommendations to Yvonne McCurley and Mike Wood.


Alderman Parman Henry read Sign Ordinance 98-07 and expressed his comments that a 10 ft. height limit be imposed to all signs in Nolensville and that internally lit signs be allowed in the Commercial and Industrial Districts of Nolensville. Much discussion was made and many opinions were voiced but Rick Owens moved that Sign Ordinance 98-07 presented by the Mayor and Alderman was an unfavorable motion. Larry Felts seconded. All ayes but Frank Wilson who voted no.


Joe Rositano moved that a recommendation be made to change the Zoning Ordinance to limit sign height to 6 ft in the Commercial/Industrial District. Orville Norton seconded. The motion passed 6-3 with Paula Auerbach, Frank Wilson and Rick Owens opposing.

Mike Wood said that their needed to be a separate amendment to Board of Mayor and Alderman.


Frank Wilson made a motion to adjourn and Joe Rositano seconded. The meeting ended at 9:50 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Franklin D. Wilson