Mayor Charles Knapper opened the meeting at 7:00. In attendance were Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips and Joe Rositano. Counsel Robert Notestine, Chief Jeff Goforth, Officer George Poss, Recorder Cindy Lancaster, and nineteen citizens.

Mayor Knapper led the prayer and pledge.

Citizens Input:

Mayor Knapper asked the crowd if there were any comments. No one addressed the Board. Mayor Knapper then requested that the Board meet in his office with the Town Attorney after the Board meeting. He noted that this was a legal matter and was a client privilege meeting.

Alderman Rositano made a motion to pass the minutes for the November 1, 2001 meeting. Alderman Felts seconded this motion. These minutes were passed unanimously.

Recorder Lancaster submitted the Treasurer’s Report noting that $469,465.44 was the total cash on hand in the General Fund, with $37,000 being the disbursements. The State Street Aid has cash on hand of $100,717.14. Alderman Rositano made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Alderman Dugger seconded and this motion passed unanimously.

Mayor’s Comments:

Mayor Knapper notified the Board that he had received information from Metro Water and Sewer that the easement acquisition has been slower than expected. Due to the delay approximately six months will be added to the previous deadline.

The Mayor met with the Metropolitan Planning Organization regarding small town representation. The town will be providing this organization with various important documents.

Mayor Knapper stated that the Homes Grant is underway with some issues being investigated in regards to the environmental department. The first home should be complete by December 19, 2001.

Mayor Knapper made a motion to appoint the following individuals to serve on the following commissions: (Number beside name indicates term expiration)

Planning Historic Board Zoning Appeals

Pat Aldred 2 Pat Aldred 4 Wanda Barker 2

Rick Fisher 1 Henry Coles 2 Tommy Dugger 1

Larry Gardner 3 Lou Laratta 2 Larry Felts 1

Bob Haines 3 Joe Rositano 3 Larry Gardner 2

Rob Pease 2 Frank Wilson 5 Bob Gentry 3

Joe Rositano 1

Willis Wells 2

Frank Wilson 3

Mayor (term of office)

Alderman Phillips second and these nominations were approved unanimously. It was noted that Alderman Rositano will serve on the Planning Commission for one year and will rotate with Alderman Larry Felts. Alderman Rositano will then serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Mayor Knapper stated that the Mayor and Aldermen walk scheduled for December has been cancelled until January. The date will be announced at a later time.

Mayor Knapper stated that the paving on Sunset Road, throughout the subdivision and on Rocky Fork should be completed by the end of December, if weather permits.

Mayor Knapper stated that a privilege tax has been investigated. Several plans have been reviewed including a graduated plan. Issues have been discussed such as smaller companies paying less than a large organization. The Privilege Tax Sub-Committee is reviewing several options for this tax and will bring back March or April.

State Senator Marsha Blackburn and Representative Charles Sargent met with Mayor Knapper and he shared his disapproval of the state budget crisis.

The Planning Commission met jointly with the Trails and Trees Committee to identify some property in Nolensville for a possible park location. Recommendations that came from this meeting were taken to Mr. Doug Hood with Williamson County Park and Recreation. Mr. Hood seemed very interested in two properties. He noted that the new Recreation Center should be completed in 2004.

Commission/Committee Reports

Chairman Rob Pease reported for the Planning Commission noting that this commission had made a recommendation to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen that the Mayor will be discussing in this meeting. He noted that they will be working on a Greenway Plan and Major Thoroughfare Plan.

Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department. He noted that several firefighters were attending data terminal training. The Fire Department is doing hose test this month. The Chief stated that calls were down this year. He felt that it was due to the recent annexation by Brentwood.

Rick Fisher reported for the Chamber of Commerce, noting that the surveys have gone out and hope to get the results back in on January 8, 2001 at 6:30 at the Stone Cottage. This group will begin quarterly meetings, with Charles Sargent being the guest at the next meeting.

Mayor Knapper reported for the Codes Department. He stated that currently this department is proceeding with some citations in regards to codes issues.

Chief Goforth reported for the Police Department. He stated that they have been working on legal issues with the court.

Mayor Knapper reported for the Public Works Department. He stated that this department recently completed inventory and will match this list against the actual items that the town has in its possession.

First Reading of Ordinance #01-07, an ordinance to administer court cost amending ordinance #99-15. Counsel Notestine stated that this is an amendment to set court cost and fees. Currently the court cost is $40. After passage of this ordinance, an increase will be imposed raising this cost to $75. Alderman Rositano made a motion to pass this as read, Alderman Felts seconded and this passed unanimously.

Second reading of Ordinance #01-06, an ordinance to amend zoning ordinance #98-22. Ms. Colette Meehan, Nolensville Town Planner addressed the Board stating that some issues have been raised after the public hearing was conducted. She recommended to the board to hold the second reading until January. She noted that the changes are very minor, but would like to give the town attorney ample time to review this document. The Board unanimously agreed to defer the second reading until the January meeting.

Other Business

Mayor Knapper noted that reviewing of the mutual aid agreement with other agencies and emergencies is anticipated being brought to the board in January.

The Mayor stated that he had received word from Homeland Security asking everyone to be on alert and to be vigilant.

Alderman Felts noted that he hated to see a flagpole go unused; therefore he recently approached Mayor Knapper to place a flag at the entrance of Piggly Wiggly Shopping Center. He stated a flag would be going up on this pole in the near future.

Alderman Rositano asked everyone to keep the troops in their prayers.

Mrs. Pat Aldred complimented the Police Department for a job well done recently when she was in need of their services.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor