NOVEMBER 18, 2003, 6:30 P.M.


The public hearing began with Mr. Dave Ausbrooks conducting the meeting. He noted that there was a clipboard being passed through the audience for request to speak. He noted the procedure that would be taken and then introduced Mr. Bill Terry the Nolensville Town Planner.

Mr. Bill Terry addressed the crowd and noted that he had been a planning consultant for the past 30 years. He stated that he had been hired by the Town Of Nolensville for short and long range planning. Mr. Terry briefly explained Chapter 1101 noting this is state law with all cities and counties working together to achieve an Urban Growth Boundary.

Mr. Terry stated that the Plan of Service had been recommended by the Nolensville Planning Commission to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. He described the services that would be offered by the town upon annexation.

Mr. Terry turned the meeting over to Mr. Ausbrooks after his presentation. Mr. Ausbrooks outlined the guidelines for the Public Hearing and then began with public comments.

Mr. Don Gary, noted he was opposed to annexation. He stated that he has 18 acres and asked if he would be able to keep his farm animals. He further asked what else would he be getting other than higher taxes. He questioned the buffer zone and noted that he would rather be in Nolensville than Brentwood, although preferred being in no-mans land in Williamson County.

Mr. Porter Freeman, stated that we need to stop this meeting right now because the town has broken the law. He noted that the town cannot give you one thing, because you already have it. All the town wants is power and greed. The town gets most of their money irresponsibly.

Mr. Bob Batts, noted that Nolensville is a growing community. He stated that the citizens should get behind it and assist in controlling the growth. He noted that his property had been condemned and his complaint was towards the developers.

Mr. Harold Moore, stated that he was concerned that he would not receive anything from Nolensville. He preferred it staying as is and left alone.

Ms. Debra Maxwell, noted that she had full time Police and Fire half mile down her road. She did not need the Nolensville services. She requested a show of hands if people wanted to go back to Brentwood or stay as they are.

Mr. Ronnie Woodlee, stated that the county is all he needs and Nolensville cannot give him anything.

Mr. Ted Behar, stated that development will come. He noted that he loves this community and you cannot stop development. He further noted that the people have to decide if Nolensville will care more about Nolensville or if Williamson County will care more about Nolensville. He noted that his concern was zoning and the board allowing greater density and commercial development.

Mr. Forrest Maxwell, wanted to know how many years it would take Nolensville to provide services as good as Williamson County.

Ms. Katy Jones, stated that she hadn’t sold and is not going to sell.

Ms. Vivian Reed, stated that a large concern was that in 1980 (when she built in Nolensville) an acreage minimum was required. She noted that a middle school was being planned and land on Sunset was being sold. She would like to stay in the county and wants to see the buffer zone remain.

Mr. Alan Alawhab, noted that Brentwood had installed lights up to their city limit line. He asked the board to address lighting and services. He also noted that he did not understand the piece of property that was not in Brentwood at the end of Mauphin Road.

Ms. Sheryl Ferguson noted that she had moved here 21 years ago. She had fought when the road was widened and when street lights were erected. She stated that she hears numerous comments on the new subdivisions and developments. She further asked the board when are the citizens who have been here and made their home here going to be shown gratitude.

Mr. Sam Jones stated that a woman made a deal in the backroom of city hall with Metro Water and Sewer. He stated that he had notified the television stations and other media. He then read a letter to the crowd.

Mr. Brian Jones, noted that he had been keeping up with the annexation. He was very derogative of the Board and stated that the Mayor had given two different stories on the annexation issue. Mr. Jones further noted that he had contacted Mr. Cates (Dobson Property Developer) in letter form and has not received a response.

Mr. Sam Jones, stated that if the crowd bans together they would be able to get an attorney.

Ms. Maxwell, noted an elementary school would be behind her property and had heard there would homes built there also. She asked for the sizes of these homes.

Ms. Sandra Nichols, noted that most of the citizens seem to be against annexation with most being against the density that has been proposed. She noted that Dr. Bush has done a wonderful job of making his place gorgeous. She further noted that it is not consistent with the “rinky-dink” homes in the subdivision. She begged the board to review the density.

Mr. Porter Freeman, noted that most of the people appear to be opposed to the annexation. Not just one person needs to go to court, although everyone. We don’t need this city government.

Mr. Harlee Russell, stated that it appeared that the town was not notifying the community in a timely manner. What is the real reason for annexation? Is there a way to stop the development? Can you put a minimum per acre? Do we get a fully staffed Fire Department?

Mr. J. Don Gary, asked how these issues are going to addressed. If people want to develop their land go ahead. I don’t want to bother anyone and I don’t want anyone to bother me. He would like to see an avenue for these questions to be answered.

Mr. Bill Post stated that he has lived here for 39 years and his address has changed three times. He said he would like to be left alone.

Ms. Susan Loft stated she should be given an option. She is concerned about the density. She is a county person and that is where she would like to stay.

After no further comment Mr. Dave Ausbrooks closed the Public Hearing at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster Charles Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor