Mayor Charles Knapper opened the meeting at 7:02. In attendance were Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips and Joe Rositano. Counsel Bob Notestine, Officer George Poss, Recorder Cindy Lancaster, and 16 citizens.

Alderman Phillips led the prayer and pledge.

Citizens Input:

Mayor Knapper introduced Mr. Bob Adgent, a guest in the audience. Mr. Adgent addressed the crowd by introducing himself. He noted that he was attending this meeting to introduce Mr. Jim Bryson who was running for office of Senator in November. Mr. Bryson was unable to attend due to a sick child. Mr. Adgent encouraged everyone to vote for Mr. Bryson that would do a great job for the citizens of Nolensville.

Mayor Knapper asked for concerns or comments from the citizens. Mrs. Pat Aldred stated that she has received several phone calls from individuals in the Historic District regarding a map that has been distributed indicating Route 266 coming down Rocky Fork Road and through the middle of town. Mayor Knapper stated that he had this on his list of items to discuss and was unaware of this map until recently. He has made several phone calls this week and this is extremely misleading. This is an old map that is projected for year 2025. He has called the MPO, Williamson County Executive and Rutherford County Executive. This map was based on the shortest distance and is merely a projection. The individual who distributed this map failed to tell the citizens this information. It has only incited people and has no relevance. Mayor Knapper was assured by TDOT that this was not projected to occur.

Alderman Rositano made a motion to pass the minutes for the regular meeting of September 5, 2002 and the Public Forum on September 5, 2002. Alderman Dugger seconded this motion. These minutes were passed unanimously.

Alderman Felts made a motion to accept the Treasurers report, Alderman Dugger seconded. Recorder Lancaster reported the general fund cash on hand as being $512,249.76, with cash disbursements being $35,000. State Street Aid cash on hand is $149,275.56. Recorder Lancaster noted the town has received the final bill for the turn lane. Session Paving Company was paid approximately $10,000 today. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Mayor’s Comments:

Mayor Knapper noted that TML, in addition to cities, are encouraging voters to vote yes for the $50.00 fine rule. He noted that the Town Of Nolensville has incurred approximately $8,500 in legal fees to litigate a $50.00 fine. He urged everyone to vote yes to question #2 in the November election.

Mayor Knapper noted that there are three homes that are being approved for the HOME grant. Work continues on this project.

Mayor Knapper noted that the town has received a letter from Mr. Phillips with the Department of Justice stating that the town has been denied the COPS grant. This application will be placed into a pending file for possible future allocations.

Mayor Knapper noted that at last month’s forum on the sprinkler ordinance several questions were raised on various issues. Counsel and staff are reviewing these questions and will be addressed next month with an ordinance that will be presented to the Board.

Mayor Knapper told the board that second reading of Ordinance #02-06 would be next month due to proper notification given to adjacent property owners.

A resolution will be presented next month in regards to the interlocal agreement with the City of Brentwood.

The town auditor will be attending next months meeting.

Commission/Committee Reports

In Planning Commission Chairman Rob Pease’s absence, Willis Wells reported for this group.

Chairwoman Pat Aldred reported for the Historic District Commission.

Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.

In Mr. Rick Fisher’s absence Mayor Knapper reported for the Chamber of Commerce.


§ The Chamber will hold a “Meet the Candidate” forum on October 8, at 6:30 at the Nolensville United Methodist Church.


Mayor Knapper reported for the Codes Department and Public Works Department. Mr. Don Swartz and Lonnie Bowden had submitted a written report and these were disbursed to the Board. He asked if there were any questions. The Aldermen did not have any questions.

Mayor Knapper stated that Chief Goforth had submitted a written report and asked Officer Poss if he had anything to add. Officer Poss said to be sure to keep your car doors locked if you have valuables left in the vehicle. There have been a couple of thefts. Mayor Knapper noted that 1,000 more miles were driven in September 2002 versus September 2001.

First Reading of Ordinance #02-07, an ordinance to amend Ordinance #97-09, an ordinance to provide the maintenance, preservation, and protection of public records. Counsel Notestine noted that there are three ordinances on the agenda this evening. Each of these are housekeeping ordinances. MTMAS is performing a codification of the town’s ordinances and have recommended these changes to comply with state law. This particular ordinance deals with copies of public records. The town cannot charge for time involved in making copies for the public. Mr. Notestine recommended that the ordinance read “Section 2 (a)” for clarification purposes. Alderman Rositano made a motion to approve this ordinance and Alderman Phillips seconded this motion and this passed unanimously.


First Reading of Ordinance #02-08, an ordinance to amend Ordinance #96-10, an ordinance regulating the sale of beer within the Town Of Nolensville. Counsel noted that this ordinance had omitted the order of the meeting and had addressed gambling. The state constitution addresses gambling and the local level should not. Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this ordinance and Alderman Rositano seconded this motion and this passed unanimously.


First Reading of Ordinance #02-09, an ordinance to amend Ordinance #98-23, an ordinance regulating the use and operation of motor vehicles. Counsel Notestine stated that a recent state law was passed changing this ordinance. This ordinance will bring the town in compliance with state law. Alderman Phillips stated that the subsection should read 1-109, with this change she made a motion to approve this ordinance and Alderman Felts seconded this motion and this passed unanimously.


Mayor Knapper stated that the Dispatch Newspaper has been sold to Mr. Mark Springer. The Mayor and he had recently met. Mr. Springer intends on doing several new things.


Mayor Knapper informed the crowd that the sinkhole on Cowan Court issue is ongoing. He stated that the developer has signed a contract to repair this road.


Mayor Knapper made a motion to adjourn, Alderman Rositano seconded and the meeting adjourned at 7:42 p.m.



Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor