Mayor Charles Knapper opened the meeting at 7:00. In attendance were Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Gail Phillips and Joe Rositano. Counsel Robert Notestine, Officer George Poss, Recorder Cindy Lancaster, and twelve citizens. Alderman Larry Felts was absent.

Mayor Knapper led the prayer and pledge.

Citizens Input:

Ms. Pat Aldred introduced Mr. J.L. Ozment and noted that he was concerned about the lighting in front of his house.

Mr. Florida with Middle Tennessee Electric had relayed to Mr. Ozment that the only way to solve this is to remove the light. Mayor Knapper stated that he has worked with this for three months. The wattage cannot be reduced. The state will not allow MTE to move the light up or down the pole or face it another way. A letter was sent to Mr. Ozment stating that the town has done everything it can to rectify this problem. Ms. Aldred asked if it was really necessary to have lights pass Clovercroft? Mayor Knapper stated that he would have to review the contract. Ms. Aldred said we would have to look into removing four lights. Mayor Knapper stated that we are researching the documentation in regards to the chain of events that occurred in obtaining the lights.

Alderman Rositano asked if the lighting is removed would it contribute to any safety issues? Mayor Knapper stated that it is not a safety issue. Mayor Knapper will investigate the contract and see what can be done.

Mr. Aubrey Short, a Stonebrook resident, stated that he periodically walks through the subdivision and has noticed the following problems:

1. Storm drainages are 6” below pavement.

2. Branches are low and hit your head when you are walking.

3. Rocks are coming out of the driveways of homes.

4. There is dog feces in the road.

5. When residents mow, grass is blown in the street.

6. Drains on Cowan Court are covered with dirt.

7. 15 loads of dirt a day are coming down Stonebrook. There are no performance bonds on Stonebrook and you would be looking at $80,000 to repave these streets.

8. There has been a tremendous amount of hauling dirt from McFarlin Woods where the new construction is going on. If it is reviewed it may be determined that this is mining.

Mr. Short suggested to the board that they should begin walking the streets in the subdivision.

Mayor Knapper noted that the town is in intense negotiations with Southtrust Bank and have allowed some building permits to be issued and paving is forthcoming. We have informed all of these contractors to enter through the back way. Lonnie Bowden removes the grass by blowing the debris back into the resident’s yards. The town has issued several letters in regards to residents leaving grass clippings in the street. Mike Delvizis and the staff have reviewed various roads in the subdivision and a plan has been set in place in regards to repairs. Mr. Short noted that there was a large hole on Quarterhorse. Mr. Short asked if they were mining in McFarlin Woods? Mayor Knapper stated that they had been hauling dirt from this area to various areas on Dortch. Mr. Short insisted that he felt this was mining and mining requires a state permit. Alderman Rositano stated that we attempt to stay on top of these issues the best we can, although some of the items Mr. Short mentioned boils down to community pride.

Alderman Phillips made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of August 2, 2001, Alderman Rositano seconded. Alderman Dugger noted that the tally in the minutes was 11 votes for commission appointments, there should have only been 10 votes. After this discussion, approval of the minutes for August passed unanimously.

Recorder Lancaster submitted the Treasurer’s Report noting that $452,668.26 was the total cash on hand in the General Fund, with $37,000 being the disbursements. The State Street Aid has cash on hand of $94,671.24. Alderman Rositano made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Alderman Dugger seconded and this motion passed unanimously.

Auditor John Poole presented the Annual Audit figures for year-end 2000-2001. He noted the books were in good order. He distributed to the Board a graph describing the revenues and expenses. Mr. Poole stressed to the board if they had any questions to feel free to contact him.

Mayors Comments:

MPO – Mayor Knapper noted that efforts had continued on allowing cities of less than 5,000 to be represented on the MPO Board. The main issue seems to be that federal money is given to each city. This would reduce funding that other cities obtained and this concerned these municipalities. Therefore, Mayor Knapper asked that the cities with population of 5,000 or less have representation, although, not receive funding or have the funding be phased into these local governments. This request is at sub-committee level and should be discussed in September.

Regional Planning Authority – Mayor Knapper stated that Planner Colette Meehan is working on this with Williamson County and this process is ongoing.

Central Basin Resource Conservation and Development – Mayor Knapper noted that Mr. Parman Henry was a member of this group and asked him to explain this organization to the Board. Mr. Henry stated that he attended a meeting and the purpose of this organization was to help cities and counties with securing funding. He further noted that this endeavor would consist of identifying problems a government may have such as quality control and sewage. Mayor Knapper stated that he had met with Mr. Bowers with Williamson County Soil & Conservation and he had submitted a brochure to describe this organization. The Mayor gave the Board a copy of this to review and to ask questions. Mr. Bowers requested that the Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approve a resolution to support an application for a grant.

Mayor Knapper noted that the first interview process had been completed for the Police Chief. The next interview will be on Monday. The Aldermen and a panel of citizens will assist in the interviewing process.

Mayor Knapper stated that the Homes Grant process is underway. $250,000 has been spent with $250,000 remaining.

Alderman Rositano noted that he had attended a public hearing in regards to the Concord Road proposal. He stated that it was very interesting.

Mr. Willis Wells reported for the Planning Commission noting that the Design Guidelines are the focus at this time. The Mayor said it should come before the Board in October. Once it is approved the document will be implemented. He noted that Metro is running behind on securing easements for the sewer. The main line must be completed to the plant before feeder lines can be taken from this main line.

There was no report for the Historic District Commission.

Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department. He stated that the first responder class will take an exam on September 20. He reminded everyone that Fire Prevention Week is October 7 – 13. He stated that he had not heard from the grant and this process ends on September 30, 2001. A committee is looking into staffing the fire hall and will report back to the board on their findings.

Ms. Betty Friedlander reported for the Chamber of Commerce, noting that they have an office in town hall with a phone and answering machine. Williamson County Chamber of Commerce gave a stand to display brochures. Representative Charles Sargent will be the guest speaker at the next meeting. In October Williamson County Chamber of Commerce will have a business expo. The Nolensville Chamber will begin with quarterly meetings.

Mayor Knapper reported for the Codes Department. He stated that nine progress inspections had been made, one permit for a swimming pool, 13 unlawful signs removed, and 2 high grass letters sent.

Officer George Poss reported for the Police Department. He stated that 979 miles had been driven, with 39 traffic stops and 42 citations written. He noted that this department is out to enforce the laws for safety and not out to make money. George thanked the board for the opportunity to hold the supervisory position for this department.

Mayor Knapper reported for the Public Works Department. He stated that this department has been busy keeping up with the grass mowing.

Reading of Resolution #01-08, a resolution to enter into an inter-local agreement with Williamson County for bridge repair. Council Notestine briefly described this resolution in addition to the agreement that will be signed. Alderman Dugger inquired about Section 5 on Page 4, he noted that this “states no warranties”. Council Notestine stated that this is consistent with Tennessee State Law. Mayor Knapper noted that the Town Engineer would be monitoring these repairs. Alderman Rositano made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Phillips seconded and this passed unanimously.

Reading of Resolution #01-09, a resolution to amend the Personnel Policy. Counsel Notestine stated that this resolution addresses vacation time and insurance. Mayor Knapper made a motion to amend this resolution by adding, “Effective September 6, 2001 part-time employees who are Department Heads may receive certain benefits at sole discretion of Mayor”, and “Effective September 6, 2001 any employee already receiving benefits as previously agreed on will continue to receive benefits as previously outlined.” Alderman Rositano Seconded.

Alderman Phillips stated that she does not agree with offering benefits to Department Heads, although agrees with leaving the benefits in place with individuals already here. Alderman Rositano stated that this gives the Chief Executive lead way to negotiate in some situations. Alderman Dugger stated that he did not like the first sentence of the amendment. Mayor Knapper stated that the Town Of Nolensville is unique and we are not Brentwood. Due to the uniqueness I would like to offer them something. Mayor Knapper withdrew his amendment. Mayor Knapper then made a motion to amend the resolution to “Effective September 6, 2001 any employee already receiving benefits as previously agreed on will continue to receive benefits as previously outlined.” Alderman Phillips seconded and this passed unanimously.

Mayor Knapper noted that Pat Aldred and Larry Felts had the most votes last month for nominations on the Planning Commission. Alderman Felts withdrew his nomination due to three board members being on this Commission. Larry Gardner was asked to join the Planning Commission. Pat Aldred and Larry Gardner have accepted these positions once the new zoning ordinance is officially adopted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor