SEPTEMBER 15, 1998



Chairman, Rob Pease called the meeting to order at 6:52 p.m. with the following people present: Joe Rositano, Orivlle norton, Frank Wilson, Evelyn Bennett, Larry Felts, Yvonne McCurley, Jim Finley, Mike Delvizis and Mayor Knapper


A review was made of the handout from Jim Finley. The decision was made to strike out the first line (#1) and add in it’s place: “Home Occupation shall not be identified by the display of goods or signs on the lot on which it is located.”


The following changes were made to the Zoning Ordinance:


6.1.1 A change title to read: Location of “existing trees”


6.1.1 A.1 will be move to the Sub Regs later


6.1.3.B correct spacing to adjust to format style

6.1.3C.3 At the end of the first sentence add “within tow (2) years of issuance of Certificate of Occupancy”


6.2.1. A Add “completely” between shall be and screened from in the first sentence. Strike “unless the service opening is oriented away from public streets or adjacent residential properties.


6.4.2 A Add “or approved equal” at the end of the last sentence.


6.4.2 C After last sentence add: “loading and unloading for pedestrians, and servicing shall be exempt from this requirement.


6.4.2 B Add “all landscape strips shall be back-filled with topsoil to a minimum depth of six (6) inches.” as a last sentence.


6.4.3 D remove the red line strikeout “canopy” in last sentence. Add “or approved equal” at the end of the last sentence.


6.4.3 F should read the same as 6.4.2.D


6.5.2.A At the end of the last sentence add “Where significant existing trees and shrubs are to remain, buffer yard requirements may be reduced at the discretion of the Planning Commission if the intent of this article is met.”


6.5.5 Change B to A on chart where ER and SR meet.


In all of Article 7, check for duplication of definitions to make sure they are consistent with article 1.


7.5.1.M.1 Adjust tab to be consistent with #2.

8.3.3.A Strike “at higher volumes”

8.3.3.C At the end of first sentence add “or other methodologies approved by the Town.”


Re-number entire Article 8.


8.3.3.E Strike section and input to read: “It is the responsibility of the developer to maintain all improvements until such time as maintenance is assumed by the Home Owners Association Covenants, through a maintenance agreement, or other document acceptable to Town.


8.3.4 A Add sentence at the end: “The developer shall have as-build survey drawings provided of all detention facilities.”


9.3.1.E Change reference to 9.7.2


Strike number one of 9.4.3.C


9.4.3.E In the second sentence, strike “are” and put in “shall be”.


9.5.2 Strike “large” in first sentence. Height should be: “not exceed ten (10) feet above ground level”.


9.7.2. Number 4 should join sentence two and three with “and”. Add “to” between 4 p.m. and Monday.


9.7.5.D Strike all of Deposit Required of this article.


9.7.4.F should read: “Produce signs. Such signs are allowed in Article, may be erected during the growing season for produce items and shall be removed immediately after the growing season based on normal agricultural practices.”


10.2.1 and 10.2.3. We need a lighting plan for the Town as soon as possible.


10.2.4.A Change to read: “No flashing or neon lights, including fiber optics and other light sources giving a similar effect, shall be permitted. This does not apply to seasonally holiday lighting and that which is used for temporary festivals.”


In table of contents for article 11, strike 11.1.5 and 11.2.2 then re-number the rest of the article. There will be no Major Site Plan. Change this to Site Plan.


11.1.5 Strike this article.


11.2.2 Strike this article. Re-number the rest to comply.


11.2.3, 11.2.4, and 11.2.5 should not refer to a major site plan. Site Plan shall suffice.


11.2.3 reference should be 11.2.1 instead of 10.2.1. Reference to 10.2.2 should be deleted. After the last sentence add “Any building improvement requiring a building permit except those classified as Single Family Site Plan shall file a Site Plan with the Planning Commission.


In article One under definitions, the reference to Site Plan should be 11.2


11.2.10 Bob Notestine is looking over this and 11.2.11 overall and in general.


11.2.5 number 31 strike “having a trunk diameter of ____ inches or more,” and add “as identified in 6.1.1”


11.2.7 A the reference should be 11.2.5 instead of 10.2.5


12.4.2 Change HDC commission members to 7.


12.4.3 Four (4) member shall constitute a quorum. Fourth sentence should read: “A majority vote of the quorum shall be necessary to decide any item of business.”


12.4.5.B Change reference to 8.3.3


Meeting adjourned at 9:51 p.m.


These minutes were submitted by Yvonne McCurley.


Approved ________________,1998. Signed________________________

Franklin D. Wilson