JULY 9, 1998



The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Rob Pease at 7:13. The following people from the Planning Commission were present: Rob Pease, Orville Norton, Larry Felts, Evelyn Bennett, Joe Rositano. According to the by-laws this represents a quorum. Others in attendance were Mayor-Charles Knapper, Counsel Notestine, Codes Enforcement-Jim Finley, Staff Secretary-Yvonne McCurley, State Planner-Mike Wood, Town Engineer-Mike Delvizis and his associate. Applicants present were Bob Phillips, Joe Petrosky, Tom King and Steve Clifton.


The prayer and pledge were led by Chairman Rob Pease.


Agenda item number 3-Minutes from June 11, 1998 Planning Commission meeting were presented and a motion was made by Evelyn Bennett to approve. Second was made by Joe Rositano. Motion passed unanimously.


Item # 3-Minutes from June 23, 1998 Zoning Revision meeting were presented and a motion was made by Orville Norton to approve with the following changes: “greenways” should be replaced with “required greenway easement”. Add: “Mike Wood mentioned that a master greenway plan needed to be adopted.” A second to the motion was made by Joe Rositano. The motion passed unanimously. Later in the evening after a recess had been given, another motion and second were made to further revise these minutes. The additional changes are: “9.7.2 should be 9.7.5.”


Agenda Item #4 was discussed. Motion was made by Joe Rositano to approve the Preliminary application with the condition that Castle Development provide a satisfactory storm water review. Larry Felts seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


There was no item #5 on the agenda due to a typographical error.


Item #6 was deferred until after Item #8 was reviewed.


Item # 7-Application for Final Plat by McFarlin Woods was discussed. A motion was made by Joe Rositano for the application to be approved with the following conditions: all references are to be noted as “Town”, not county or otherwise, and that the water service be noted as Nolensville/College Grove Utility, and sewer service be noted as Metro Sewer. Second was made by Larry Felts and the motion passed unanimously.


Item #8 was discussed and a motion was made by Joe Rositano to approve Paul Tune’s application for Grade and Fill with the following conditions: 1.) If any historic rock slave walls are found on the property they will be restored as close to original setting as possible, 2.) Top soil and vegetation be restored, and 3.) a performance bond be posted in an amount to be determined by staff. Orville Norton seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Item #6 was discussed. It was decided that no action would be taken on this until after the Zoning Map is adopted.


Item #9 was discussed. Mike Woods annual Performance Report was approved and a corrected copy will be signed at the next meeting. Motion made by Larry Felts, second by Evelyn Bennett and passed unanimously.


A recess was called at 8:10 p.m.


The meeting was called to order again at 8:20 p.m. with discussion on Item # 10. After Counsel Notestine gave his advice, this item was dismissed by a motion from Joe Rositano and a second by Larry Felts. The motion passed with Orville Norton opposing and Evelyn Bennett voicing abstention.


Item #11 was discussed and the following changes to the Zoning Ordinance are being made:

9.3.1 E should read “Off-premises signs except when authorized in Section 9.7.2 Third sentence should read “Allowed off premises Friday 4 :00 p.m.- Monday 9:00 a.m.”


9.7.2 Add point 6 to read “ Off-premises signs advertising produce grown and sold locally within a 5 mile radius of Nolensville Town Hall.


9.7.4 Add point E to read “ Produce signs per during growing seasons based on normal agricultural practices.


10.1.5 Strike entire section.


10.2.1 Revised draft of Site Plan Review by Mike Wood and Mike Delvizis to conform with Williamson County. Stream line our Zoning Ordinance to have only one site plan.


10.2.10 Guarantee of Improvements. Make sure legal counsel reviews this.


10.2.7 Mike wood will check this to make sure it is 30 days.


10.3.2 Mike Wood will check by-laws to make sure it is 21 days.


10.4.4 Delete B & E due to redundancy


10.5.1 change “site, or structure, or any site…” to read “ site, structure, or sign or any site…”


10.5.3 Delete “feet of the subject property”. Mike Wood and Mike Delvizis will define renovation when they change site plan review. They will check with Brentwood and Franklin to see what they do.


Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m. and a special meeting to finish these revisions was scheduled for July 23, 1998, at 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by, Signed _____________________________

Yvonne McCurley Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary Planning Commission


Date ______________________________