Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen Public Hearing

Bent Creek Planned Unit Development

Nolensville Elementary School, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Board members present were Mayor Charles Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips, and Frank Wilson. Staff included Recorder Cindy Lancaster, and Attorney’s Dana and Dave Ausbrooks. Twenty-eight citizens were present.

The public hearing began with Mr. Dave Ausbrooks addressing the audience with rules and regulations of the hearing.

Mr. Bill Kottas made a presentation to the audience noting the types of homes that would be built. He referred to the McKay’s Mill subdivision currently in Franklin.

Mr. Kottas noted that his company had met with current Nolensville residents to have a “focus” group session. The attendees at that meeting requested to keep open space. He stated that they plan to have walking trails created along the creek and throughout the subdivision, also utilizing the pocket areas.

Mr. Kottas discussed the commercial section stating that it would not be built immediately, although is being planned in order to be upfront and honest with any residents that may purchase a home adjacent to the commercial area.

Mr. Kottas noted that he had heard a concern in regards to lot size. He stated that this is not a lower cost home, but a lifestyle choice.

Mr. Steve Cates then addressed the audience in regards to traffic. Mr. Cates noted several studies had been performed and the Town had performed an independent study. He referred to the map that had previously been discussed and approved by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. He further stated that he would be enhancing the roads to address current traffic problems in addition to looking towards the future.

Mr. Dave Ausbrooks once again directed the audience on the procedures of a public hearing. Mr. Ausbrooks then called on the first individual who had signed in to address the board.

Mr. Ed Liden – Are you changing the entrance into Bent Creek? Is the town subject to any state or county approval in regards to the roads? The way it is shown, if your going to have commercial – doesn’t it make it difficult for shoppers to get to the commercial area? Mr. Liden stated that since he is a commercial business he is concerned. He further stated that he would like to see Option 5 be used from the Fischbach study.

Mr. Al Thomas noted he was an architect and his concern is the location of the homes on Clovercroft Road. He stated that it did not look like there was a buffer between the homes and the road. He also stated that it would be a negative appearance if garage doors were on front of the homes. It is a much nicer look if garages are on the side or rear. He further noted that the commercial is a good idea.

Mr. Randy Taylor noted that he has known Mr. Kottas and Mr. Cates for many years and these guys are here to be “community” men. We could not ask for a better group to come into Nolensville.

Mr. Tim Tidwell stated that he would like to reiterate what Mr. Taylor had previously said. He noted that he had known Mr. Cates and Mr. Kottas for some time and also felt this was a good plan.

Mr. Brian Jones said the map shows that portions of the homes pour over into Mr. Jenkins property; therefore this map is showing the possible future growth onto that land. He stated that he would like to see erosion addressed. He further noted that he feels that Sam Donald is an east/west corridor and would like to see this not shut off.

Ms. Beth Loathers said that she is concerned about the density and the east/west corridor. She would like to see the board limit developers to lot size. She asked what ordinances were in place to attract or turn developers away in regards to lot size.

Dr. Joe Curtsinger noted that he had met with TDOT earlier this week and there is no guarantee that the right of way can be purchased with regards to Clovercroft extension. He asks the developers and board to please look at this acquisition. He noted that the developer previously this evening had discussed installing traffic lights. This needs to be addressed to make sure that this can be performed.

Mr. Eric Jensen stated that he had a concern in regards to traffic. He asked the anticipation of widening Nolensville Road. He stated that he liked the idea of a road going over to Nolensville Road.

Mr. Bob Batts stated that the comments this evening had been excellent. He noted that he was for the development in Nolensville, although he does have a concern in regards to the density. He noted that this is the first PUD to come before Nolensville and this will set precedence. He noted from his calculations there was a total of 343 acres, 118 to be green space, 15 commercial, this leaves 210 acres to have 810 homes built.

Ms. Katie Jones stated that she had a concern of a road going through people’s property. She stated that the board is doing the best it can.

Mr. Brian Jones said that he supported the developers although he would like to see the aforementioned addressed.

Mr. Al Thomas addressed the curb appeal of the subdivision. He is not sure of the requirements for the building material, but would like to see more brick. He also stated that he would like to see the traffic light go to Rocky Fork Road.

Mr. Ed Liden stated that we have a downtown and commercial area and now there will be another commercial area. He was told there was going to be another development down Sam Donald. He is in favor of the development, although he is a business owner.

Mr. Brian Jones pointed to the map and noted the new residents would have access.

Ms. Loathers said that everyone is busy and they respect the board’s leadership, although she would like to ask the board to place the next meeting notice in the Dispatch. She asked if any surveys had been performed recently? She said that she had heard one was done approximately six years ago.

Mr. Ausbrooks asked the crowd if there were any further comments. No one had any comments and the public hearing was officially closed.

Alderman Wilson stated that discussion of Bent Creek had been going on for a long time and he wished that all of the audience could have attended the previous meetings. Most of the issues brought up this evening have been addressed and worked out. Please get involved with your community. The Planning Commission meets the second Thursday of each month and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meet the first Thursday.

Mayor Knapper said that the meetings are advertised in the Williamson AM due to deadlines. The Dispatch only comes out every other week. He further noted that there were 16 conditions that were imposed on the developers by the Planning Commission and an additional condition was imposed by the board. Mayor Knapper noted that he had copies of these conditions if anyone in the audience would like to review.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

____________________ _____________________

Cindy Lancaster, Charles F. Knapper,

Town Recorder Mayor