Board of Mayor and Aldermen Workshop

Monday, March 26, 2001, 5:30 p.m.

Town Hall


Mayor Knapper opened the workshop at 5:40 p.m. In attendance were Mayor Charles Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips, Joe Rositano and Recorder Cindy Lancaster. There were no citizens present.


In regards to the $50.00 fine in the constitution, Mayor Knapper stated that it is his plan to proceed with the assistance from the Tennessee Municipal League with a resolution to go before the State Legislation for second reading. He stated that a letter, signed by the Board, would be forthcoming. The Board agreed to proceed with this effort.


Mayor Knapper noted that he had spoken with Nolensville Volunteer Fire Chief Presley Hughes extensively. Chief Hughes has requested assistance as a “partner” in a grant. With this grant, various items could be purchased such as breathing apparatus’s, large hoses, foam distributors, possibly a truck and other items. The Chief has said that the Fire Department would like to build additional bays and has asked if the Town would be willing to “buy into” this project. Mayor Knapper asked the board what type of commitment is the town willing to make to the fire department? Alderman Rositano stated he would like to see their request and figures for each request. Mayor Knapper stated that the Fire Department has submitted a five-year “wish list” to the town some time ago. Alderman Rositano also stated that in regards to the building of the bays he would like to obtain a legal perspective in what this project would entail. Mayor Knapper asked if the Board was in agreement to seek partnership in a grant writing. Alderman Felts stated that he was in agreement with helping the Fire Department, but would like to review figures. The Board was in agreement with assisting in grant writing.


Mayor Knapper also would like to request in the next budget the installation of two to three fire hydrants. The approximate cost is $1,500 per hydrant. He would like to propose approximately 15 hydrants installed over the next five years. The Aldermen did not object to this plan.


Mayor Knapper discussed the COPS grant. He distributed a letter from Mr. Rex Barton, MTAS Police Consultant. The Board reviewed a letter, which consisted of various recommendations for the Department that would be initiated through the grant. The suggested salary was low “30’s”. Alderman Rositano stated that he was in support of this although was concerned about the Sheriff’s attitude in beginning a new department. Mayor Knapper stated that he feels the Sheriff will work with the town in its endeavor. He also noted that he would get in contact with the Sheriff to determine his level of commitment. Salary was discussed and there was overall concern that the suggestion by Mr. Barton seemed to be low. Alderman Felts asked if the Town would have to pay jail fees if an arrest was made in Nolensville. Mayor Knapper stated that he would talk to the Sheriff about this.


Mayor Knapper noted that the Board received a packet from Engineer Mike Delvizis in regards to the storm water issue on Johnson Industrial Boulevard. The Mayor noted that the town might be faced with borrowing money to remedy the road issues at hand. Several matters need immediate attention. These are 1. Castle Development – Road bond issue 2. Johnson Industrial storm water issue 3. State required bridge repair issue 4. Core of Engineer Mill Creek study issue. Alderman Dugger asked if the roads in the development were legally the towns. It was noted that these roads do not currently belong to the town. Alderman Rositano stated that the town should hold out on the bond issue until the bank steps forward and takes responsibility. Due to the numerous inquiries on the roads (i.e. Alec Court, Dortch to Rolling Hills) Mayor Knapper stated that he would like to see Council Notestine write a letter to the residents explaining the town’s position. This may alleviate some of the questions these residents are currently asking. This was agreed upon by the Board. Alderman Rositano said that he would like to see the town take a hard-nose approach to this issue.


Mayor Knapper then asked the board for its opinion on the four projects that were previously discussed. Alderman Rositano said that it was his feelings that the bridges be completed first. Alderman Phillips stated that she felt the bridges were a priority. Mayor Knapper asked the board to set out a time frame for the completion of the bridges. He gave the breakdown as follows:

Rocky Fork $ 435

Sam Donald $ 6,200 (1/2 of $12,000 split with county)

Sunset Road $23,500 (1/2 of $47,000 split with county)


The board agreed to approach the county to repair the bridges that were currently ½ ownership. Municipal bonds were discussed extensively in regards to completing all of these projects. It was also discussed to repair the Rocky Fork bridge in this year’s budget due to the low cost and the budget being able to absorb this cost. It was agreed that the ranking of the projects would be as follows:

1. Bridges

2. Mill Creek – Core of Engineers

3. Johnson Industrial Boulevard

4. Phillips Road – Bond Issue


It was further discussed that the #4 Bonding of the Road issue may need to supercede #3 at some point. The circumstances should to be reviewed frequently.


Mike Delvizis is currently putting a list together in order to rank roads that need to be addressed over a period of time. Mayor Knapper stated that his concern was on Rocky Fork Road. He noted that there are several dips on this road beginning at the east side of the town limits proceeding west to approximately the park. The Mayor requested permission from the board to review and begin repair. This was agreed upon by the board.


Mayor Knapper stated that a survey should be forthcoming on the Arrant’s property in regards to the turn lane at Sunset and Nolensville Road. He noted that this project was being completed by grant money.


Mayor Knapper also noted that the Sam Donald Road extension was ongoing. Council Notestine has stated that if Ebenezer Church deems the property as theirs, then this group should proceed with legal remedy to obtain their property. He further noted that this was not the town’s responsibility to perform this research. There was extensive discussion on the Sam Donald Road extension, in addition to a light at the intersection of Rocky Fork, Clovercroft and Nolensville Road. Alderman Felts asked if the town should get back with the state in regards to the possibility of a light at this intersection. Mayor Knapper asked the board how they wanted to proceed in regards to this light. The board agreed to go before the state and request their assistance. It was also agreed that the Sam Donald extension was not feasible.


Mayor Knapper asked the Boards opinion on code violations. The most prevalent violations are on Nolensville Road. It was agreed that a tough stance be taken on all violators.


The Board agreed to review other consultants for engineering services. Alderman Phillips stated that cooping should be reviewed through area colleges. It was unanimously agreed to review other engineering firms.


Mayor Knapper asked for the board’s opinion on the Tenneseasons Building on Nolensville Road for a possible City Hall location. It was agreed to obtain and review information on this building.


Alderman Felts stated the first weekend in May, the Heritage Foundation will be touring Nolensville and the Historic District Commission would like red geraniums planted in the various planters throughout the town. Mayor Knapper stated that Mr. Stearns has not approached the town with this request. The Mayor stated this cost has been researched and Tant’s would sell the geraniums for $4 per 6” pot. Two pots would be needed per each planter.


Alderman Rositano stated he would be putting something in writing to address social issues such as PTO, etc, and this would be forthcoming. He added that he is concerned about our tax structure and our dependency upon the state for revenue.


The workshop adjourned at 7:43.


Respectfully submitted,




Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor