MARCH 19, 1998

The workshop was called to order by Chairman Robe Pease at 7:03 p.m. with the following Planning Commissioners present:

Frank Wilson, Larry Felts, Evelyn Bennett, Tommy Dugger, Orville Norton, and Joe Rositano. Staff members present were Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, Mike Delvizis.


The public was represented by Rev. Larry Guin, Kenneth Kelley, Bobby Moore Pat Aldred and Alfred Bennett.


The Pledge of Allegiance

Copies of the suggested amendments that Jim Finley had left to be distributed were given to each person present.


The floor was opened to the public and Kenneth Kelley asked if we would be discussing the Sign Ordinance tonight. It was explained to him that this is a workshop to amend the Zoning Ordinance and that while the sign ordinance was a part of the Zoning Ordinance, it was doubtful that the discussion would get that far in tonight’s meeting.


Pat Aldred also believed that the sign ordinance would be discussed tonight. She left when she found out that it would not be.


Rev. Larry Guin asked if we would be working from a copy of the current Ordinance or the Red line copy submitted by Phil Walker. We will be using the Red line copy in these meetings. Rev. Guin handed out 3 pages of suggestions that he wished to address in the workshop.


The following amendments were discussed and revised:


Article One Definitions

p.3 Accessory Home Day Care; strike out “and the children of close relatives” in the first sentence. In the second sentence replace “include” with “exclude” and strike out “and children of close relatives cared for in the home.


p.4 Bed and Breakfast; replace five (5) with three (3).






p.5 first sentence on the page shall have the word “be” removed from the text.

Day Care Center: strike words “for more than 15 hours and less than 24 hours per day”

Day Care Home; strike out “and the children of close relatives” in the first sentence and “and children of close relatives cared for in the home.”

Development; add the word “renovation” between reconstruction and conversion.


p.7 Dwelling Unit; Second sentence should start with “Every three units in a facility, or fraction thereof, for…”


p.10 Home Occupation; leave “four” (4) rather than adopt Phil Walker’s suggestion of “five (5)”.


p.13 Road; Make sure our definition is consistent with Sub Regs. definition.


p.16 Start of Construction; add the word “and” between issued and provided in the first sentence.

Structure; add to end of sentence “including signs”


p.22 The chart should permit restaurants as “permitted with conditions” (PC)in the O/I district.


p.24 3.2.3 A. change “inn” to “Bed and Breakfast”, change five (5) to three (3).

B. change “inn” to “Bed and Breakfast”

D. strike out entire sentence.

Change letter “E” to “D”


3.2.4 A. Add “Architectural elevations of all building sites shall be included as part of the submittal.

3.2.5 D. There was some question by Rev. Guin as to needing clarification on this subject.

3.2.6 B. Strike the word “street” and put in “road”.

3.2.8 A. Strike “street” put “road”.


At 8:30 Alfred Bennett shared his comments on how a community feeling is brought about by sidewalks.

At 8:40 we took a 5 minute break.

8:45 meeting recalled to order.


p.26 3.2.14 Adult Entertainment needs to be defined. Changes were to be made to further restrict the distance that Adult Entertainment would be allowed to schools and religious institutions. Mike Wood is going to research to see what the farthest distance that could be legally allowed and come up with wording to that regard.




p.30A 3.5.2 Replace the word “by” with “from”.

3.5.4B 1. Strike out the first “district”. It is a typographical error.


p. 30B There was some discussion on temporary businesses but no changes were decided upon as of yet.


Joe Rositano made a motion to adjourn at 9:20 p.m. Seconded by Larry Felts.



Respectfully Submitted by Yvonne McCurley


Approved and adopted on April 9, 1998


Signed ________________________

Franklin D. Wilson