Mayor Charles Knapper opened the meeting at 6:59. In attendance were Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips and Joe Rositano. Counsel Robert Notestine, Recorder Cindy Lancaster, Officer George Poss, Engineer Mike Delvizis and 6 citizens.


Alderman Phillips led the prayer and pledge.


Mayor Knapper asked for a suspension of the rules to realign the agenda. He ask that “Citizens Input” be moved forward on the agenda due to a guest being in the audience. He also recommended that “Citizens Input” be placed after the Pledge from this point forward. Alderman Rositano made a motion to alter the agenda from this point forward. Alderman Felts seconded. The Mayor also stated that a “Mayors Report” would be incorporated into the agenda following the “Citizens Input”.


With “Citizen’s” Input moved, Alderman Rositano introduced Mr. Mike Teeter with DAV. He stated that he was with MIA/POW, Rolling Thunder. Mr. Teeter said that this group is donating flags to anyone who annually flies an American Flag. Mayor Knapper asked Fire Chief Presley Hughes if the Fire Department would be interested in obtaining these flags. Chief Hughes stated he would present it to his Board. Alderman Rositano stated that he would check with various other individuals to see if there was an interest. Mayor Knapper instructed Mr. Teeter to get information to the Town in order to present a proclamation to this organization for their donation of flags.


Alderman Felts made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of January 4, 2001, Alderman Phillips seconded and this passed unanimously.


Recorder Lancaster submitted the Treasurer’s Report noting that $378,263.20 was the total cash on hand in the General Fund, with $26,500 being the disbursements. The State Street Aid has cash on hand of $78,479.51. Alderman Rositano made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Alderman Dugger seconded and the treasurer’s report passed unanimously.


Mayor Knapper noted that he had spoken to three individuals in regards to an appointment on the Board of Zoning Appeals Board. These individuals were not interested. He asked if the Aldermen had any suggestions or recommendations for this appointment. Alderman Phillips suggested Mr. Bobby Gentry, who is an engineer. She stated that she would see if he would be interested in this position. Mayor Knapper noted that an orientation would be held on February 13, 2001 and everyone is invited to attend.


Mayor Knapper requested Commission reports. Rick Fisher reported for the Planning Commission. This group would have a workshop on Tuesday, February 6, at 6:30 p.m. He noted that Thursday, February 8, County Executive Clint Callicott, Franklin Mayor Jerry Sharber, Smyrna Mayor Robert Mullins will attend to discuss Route 266.


Ms. Patsy Henry reported for the Historic District Commission. She stated that she had spoken with Gary Osburne with Middle Tennessee Electric. He advised that the lights have arrived, although the State is currently reviewing for approval.


Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department. He stated that they had 34 people in attendance for the introductory CPR class. He also noted that there are 27 volunteer firemen. They are researching the possibility to expand the current facility.


Rick Fisher reported for the Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Knapper noted that he had met with Williamson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Nancy Conway. She will be assisting the Nolensville Chamber. Mr. Fisher said they are working hard to obtain new members. He announced to the group if anyone was interested in membership to contact him.


Mr. Mike Delvizis, Town Engineer stated he had met with the Core of Engineers, Metro Water and Williamson County in regards to the Mill Creek study. Brentwood was unable to attend the meeting. He noted that Metro works alone with the Core of Engineers. Therefore, Metro has entered into an agreement with the Core. Williamson County, Brentwood and Nolensville would also have to enter into an agreement with the Core of Engineers. The Core is in hopes to have the paperwork completed by July 1, 2001. The timeline is as follows: March - cost estimate completed. April – bring estimate to each legislative body. June – agreements signed. Alderman Rositano asked for approximate cost. Engineer Delvizis stated that total would be approximately 1.5 million. The breakdown would bring a total for Nolensville to $80,000 over a three-year period.


Engineer Delvizis updated the Board on the bridge issue. He stated that the following bridges were determined to be “split bridges”. This means that ½ of the bridge is Nolensville responsibility and ½ is Williamson County responsibility. The split bridges are Sunset and Sam Donald Roads. Brittain Lane bridge is completely in Williamson County and the Rocky Fork Road bridge is entirely in Nolensville city limits. Mayor Knapper noted that with this change in responsibility the cost would be approximately $30,000. Once these issues have been discussed with the County, TDOT will be notified.


Engineer Delvizis also updated the Board on the study that was performed on the water pooling on Johnson Industrial Boulevard. He noted there are two alternatives that could be reviewed. Each one would cost approximately $35,000 - $55,000.


Mayor Knapper noted that the Williamson County Recreation Center has been discussed in regards to erecting a Town Hall. After extensive investigation, this site has several potential problems in regards to cut and fill issues, in addition to being in the 100-year flood plain. Therefore, this location would not be feasible.


Officer George Poss reported for the Nolensville Police Department. He noted that this department had been notified of a drug problem within the Nolensville area. This has been discussed with Rick King who is with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department Narcotic Unit. Officer Poss noted that 19 warnings, and 15 citations were issued last month. Officer Lovell has accepted a job at Metro and will be leaving Nolensville. Interviews will begin in the near future for this position.


Mayor Knapper reported for the Public Works Department. He noted that Lonnie Bowden has been doing inventory on every piece of equipment that the Town owns. Several bridges were stopped up and have been cleaned out. Alderman Rositano asked if there were any ordinances forbidding littering? Counsel Notestine stated that the Town could impose a penalty under State law. Alderman Rositano requested review of placing signs throughout Nolensville enforcing the litter penalty.

Mayor Knapper noted that the city was awarded a COPS grant. Notification was sent this week by Congressman Bart Gordon’s office.


Mayor Knapper stated a Policy on the Water Way and Drainage would be forthcoming.


Mayor Knapper stated that he had been working with Ross Loader, with TML, in regards to increasing the civil penalty of $50.00 that is currently set by state law. Counsel Notestine noted that the Town had recently won its case Town of Nolensville versus King. He added there are three municipalities, including Nolensville, that have had this issue in court. The Supreme Court will decide on these cases all at once.


Mayor Knapper also mentioned that his goal was to bring representation to the MPO. Municipalities that have a population of less than 5,000 currently do not have representation on this Board. He is in hopes of changing this with Mr. Loader’s assistance.


Mayor Knapper noted that the PTO requested a donation at last months meeting. He then requested the interpretation of the law by Counsel Notestine. Counsel Notestine stated that this law reads “to benefit the general welfare of the residents which provides year-round services.” Alderman Rositano stated that he feels this is a gray area. He continued that sometimes you have to make tough decisions and this is one of those times. Alderman Rositano further stated that the Board needs to be conservative. Alderman Felts agreed with Alderman Rositano. Alderman Phillips stated in reading the law, the school does not fall under the definition. Rick Fisher asked how Brentwood can donate to schools and we can not. Mayor Knapper stated that Brentwood would be contacted to see what basis they are making this donation.


Reading of Resolution 01-01, a resolution to enter into an agreement with Mr. John Poole to perform the annual audit. Counsel Notestine briefly described this resolution. Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Felts seconded and this passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Approved,




Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper

Town Recorder Mayor