Special Meeting, Board of Mayor and Aldermen

January 22, 2007, 6:30 p.m. Town Hall

The special meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Mayor Beth Lothers. Mayor Lothers, Aldermen Jimmy Alexander, Joe Curtsinger, Tommy Dugger, and Ken Thomas were in attendance. Staff present was Engineer Rich Woodroof, Counsel Robert Notestine and Town Recorder Cindy Lancaster.

Mayor Lothers noted that Florence and Hutchinson was in attendance to present a proposal for the realignment of Rocky Fork Road at Nolensville Road.

Engineer Woodroof noted that he had distributed the proposal to the Board. He stated they would be doing the plans, bid document preparation, permits (state), and other duties that would be described by Florence and Hutchinson tonight.

Florence and Hutcheson went over the proposal beginning with the scope of services. It was noted that the scope was written as if crayfish would exist. They stated that within the scope the attempt was made to give ample information with services. It was stated that this firm will assist in the bid opening and will evaluate the bids. This would be approached as doing a bid for the Tennessee Department Of Transportation. He noted that the right of ways must be evaluated.

Section three of the proposal was addressed by this firm. It was noted that this section addressed the necessary permits needed from the State and TDEC. It was noted that the Core of Engineers requires permits whenever a stream is crossed. They went over the process of the permits and focused on the crayfish. It was noted there were four permits that were needed.

Alderman Thomas inquired as to the cost if crayfish were found. It was noted that a line item of $16,400 had been created for this possibility.

Inspections were then addressed. Florence and Hutcheson stated that there would not be an individual in the field 100% of the time, although periodic inspections would be made during this process. It was noted that an inspector would monitor the project approximately one day a week. He noted that once the bridge construction was initiated inspections would be more intense. There are allocations for these inspections. He noted the breakdown of the cost.

Counsel Notestine asked about the right of way negotiations. Engineer Woodroof noted that the right of ways have been acquired through the developer Mr. Moon.

Florence and Hutcheson noted that the Town had requested that this project be completed prior to the new school opening. They stated that this schedule is “doable”, although it is dependent upon the permits that are required through the state.

It was noted that due to crayfish spawning, work can only be performed May 15 – September 30.

Mayor Lothers inquired if after a “clean” crayfish sweep was completed and one was discovered what would happen. It was noted that a sweep is performed every 24 hours after construction begins. It this is maintained the town is covered in regards to following procedure.

This proposal review ended at 6:46 p.m.

Engineer Woodroof noted that the town is looking at the relocation not the intersection at Nolensville Road. He stated that the State must approve signalization. This process has been initiated with the state.

Engineer Woodroof noted that Clifton King was an Engineering Firm that worked for Mr. Moon on the Rocky Fork project and he would now be presenting his proposal. Alderman Thomas noted that there is a significant cost difference. Florence Hutcheson was approximately $56,000 without the crayfish. Clifton King had a bid proposal of $22,000. It was noted that Mr. Kings bid wording was open ended and would require the possibility of the town coming out of pocket for some expenses.

Clifton King Engineering did not attend the meeting.

Counsel Notestine stated that if there are contracts he would like to review prior to any confirmation or signatures.

Mayor Lothers asked that due to the timeframe, would the board feel comfortable making a decision this evening.

Alderman Thomas stated that due to the significant variance he would like to find out why there is a large difference.

Alderman Alexander noted that he was comfortable accepting Florence and Hutcheson. This group is a reputable firm and is known to perform good work.

Alderman Alexander made a motion to accept this contract upon attorney approval, Mayor Lothers seconded. Alderman Dugger noted that this is a $56,000 bid with a possible $70,000 if there are crayfish. Alderman Curtsinger stated that it is apparent Florence and Hutcheson have done their homework and have done a professional job.

The vote was then taken with a unanimous vote.

The meeting adjourned 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster, Beth Lothers,

Town Recorder Mayor