JANUARY 14, 1999



Larry Felts called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. The following staff members were present: Mayor Knapper, Jim Finley, Yvonne McCurley, Mike Wood, and Alderman Dugger. The following Planning Commissioners were present: Orville Norton, Joe Rositano, Lester Hitt, Frank Wilson, and Larry Felts. Tom Marsh from Local Planning was in attendance as well as applicant Bob Phillips.


Prayer and pledge were led by Frank Wilson.


December minutes were adopted by a unanimous vote when a motion was made by Mayor Charles Knapper and seconded by Joe Rositano.


Item #5: Application for Reduction of bonds for Stonebrook Sections 12C, 13A and 13B. Staff recommends that 12C remain at $20,000; Section 13A be reduced to $40,000; Section 13B be reduced to $40,000. Frank Wilson made a motion that the Planning Commission approve the staff’s recommendation on all three sections. Orville Norton seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Item #6: Zoning for newly annexed property. In the Plan of Service per Resolution 98-10 the Board recommends Office/Industrial (O/I) zoning for this property. Orville Norton asked for a deferral on this item until next month’s meeting. Mayor Knapper explained that the owner of this land has intentions of beginning development of this property before the 90 day period of waiting for contesting of the annexation and will go through the county if he has to which means Nolensville would have no control over what was built. Orville Norton believes the Planning Commission is being held hostage by the developer in this situation and is loosing control. A motion was made by Frank Wilson to favorably recommend to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen O/I zoning for the land on Nolensville Road as stated in the Plan of Service per Resolution 98-10. Lester Hitt seconded and the motion passed with all in favor except Orville Norton who opposed.


The Board recommends the zoning for newly annexed property per Resolution 98-09 to be Suburban Residential (SR). Mayor Knapper made a motion that the Planning Commission favorably recommend the property on Baronswood to be zoned Suburban Residential (SR). Frank Wilson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


The term of the current officers had expired therefore Mike Wood took the role as moderator for the election of officers. Mayor Charles Knapper made a motion to nominate and elect by acclimation the same officers as last year. That being: Rob Pease as chairman, Larry Felts as vice-chairman and Frank Wilson as secretary. Joe Rositano seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


A motion was made by Mayor Knapper to re-convene this meeting on January 28th to discuss the Sub Regs when Chairman Rob Pease could attend. Second was made by Joe Rositano and the motion passed unanimously.


Jim Hindman entered the meeting at 7:45 p.m. and gave a briefing on where the Growth Planning Committee stands in regards to progress being made. The committee has a draft copy of the survey they intend to mail to all Nolensville residents. Public meetings are being arranged to help inform citizens of the committees intentions regarding the 20 year plan mandated by Chapter 1101.


Frank Wilson moved for adjournment and Orville Norton seconded. The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.


These minutes were submitted by Yvonne McCurley.


Approved on ______________, 1999. Signed ___________________________

Franklin D. Wilson, Secretary