Mayor Charles Knapper opened the Public Hearing at 6:07 with Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips and Joe Rositano being present. In addition to Recorder Cindy Lancaster and Police Supervisor George Poss.


Mayor Knapper discussed the budget extensively beginning with revenues. Alderman Dugger noted that it was a negative balance when comparing revenues and expenses. Mayor Knapper stated that the town would have to dip into the reserve fund to cover this shortage.


Alderman Dugger noted that the Cable/Gas Franchise was off approximately $10,000 in comparison to this years revenue. It was agreed to adjust this figure to increase local taxes $10,000.


Alderman Dugger asked how many homes were built in this fiscal year to date. Mayor Knapper stated that he would check with Cindy Noel to confirm a figure.


Mayor Knapper then addressed the expenses extensively.


The discussion led to the Professional line item with engineering services being addressed. Mayor Knapper noted that three engineering firms had been reviewed. Mayor Knapper felt that due to the past knowledge of Mike Delvizis in regards to the town, and the newly anticipated growth with the sewer, Stantec would be the most beneficial to the town for the money. This was agreed with by the Board.


Mayor Knapper stated that he would like to discontinue the storage building to reduce this line item. Lonnie Bowden will take the truck home and the Police cars will be located at the Mayor or Recorders home. Alderman Dugger asked how the IRS viewed this. He thought that a “take home” automobile was viewed as a benefit and was taxable. This question will be forwarded to the auditor.


State Street Aid revenues and expenses were addressed. Alderman Dugger asked if the $27,000 consultant line was engineering and in addition to the General Fund. Mayor Knapper said that it was in addition to the General Fund figure of $36,000.


It was noted that the bridges, Mill Creek, and turn lanes, were not included in this budget.


The Public Hearing closed at 6:57.


Respectfully submitted, Approved,




Cindy Lancaster Charles F. Knapper Town Recorder Mayor