Nolensville Planning Commission Agenda

Regular Meeting at 7250 Nolensville Road

October 13, 2009

Commission Members Present:         Jimmy Alexander, Andy Grosson, Bob Haines, Jeff Hepler, Mayor Beth Lothers, Rick Owens, Douglas Radley, Frank Wilson, and Willis Wells

Staff Present:                                         Henry Laird, Attorney Bob Notestine, Cathi Little, Bob Hayes and John Strasser

Citizens Present:                                   10

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chairman Rick Owens. 


Chairman Owens led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioner Willis Wells made a motion to approve the minutes from the September 8, 2009, Planning Commission meeting; Commissioner Frank Wilson seconded the motion. The minutes were approved with Mayor Lothers recusing herself, as she wasn’t in attendance at that meeting. 


Mayor Lothers thanked the commissioners that have attended the signage field trips.  It was decided that there will be a signage workshop on November 10, 2009, immediately following the next Planning Commission meeting.




  1. Proposed rezoning of a portion of McCord Property (map 056 parcel 59) from ER to Village with Historic District Overlay

Mr. Tim Turner, T-Square Engineering did a presentation of the project, stating they are requesting a zoning change from ER to Village, with Historic District Overlay.  The applicant has submitted a proposed site plan with their application for rezoning, which indicates the development they are considering.  Mr. Turner stated that the applicants realize the Planning Staff has some questions and concerns regarding the proposed site plan, and he stated that they intend to work with staff to prepare a site plan that will be agreeable for both the Town and the developers. However, only the rezoning request is being considered tonight.  Mr. Turner further stated that they have received approval from the Nolensville Storm Water Appeals Board.

Town Planner, Henry Laird, stated that staff recommends approval of the rezoning request, as it is compatible with the land use policy map as far as being contingent to the Village and Historic area.  However, staff has concerns regarding the property lies in the floodplain, the number of buildings proposed, the architectural design of the buildings, etc.  Mr. Laird further stated that staff is very careful and cautious about this area, as it is a sensitive area and important to the future of the town.

Commissioner Doug Radley stated his biggest concern is the fact that this property is located in the floodplain.

Commissioners Wells and Wilson stated they are also concerned with the floodplain, however, the decision tonight is only to rezone the property.

Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the rezoning of a portion of the McCord property (map 056 parcel 59) presently zoned Estate Residential to Village with Historic District Overlay. Commissioner Bob Haines seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  1. Bent Creek Phase 7 Final PUD Plan

Eric McNeely appeared on behalf of CK Development, who is requesting approval of Bent Creek Phase 7, proposed 33 lot subdivision.

Town Planner Laird stated that lots 7208, 7209, 7210 and 7211 were designed based on the Stantec study of 2004.  Since then, the 2006 FEMA study has come out, and shows parts of those lots as being in the floodplain.  Staff recommends the applicant obtain a Letter of Map Revision from FEMA to cover those specific lots before they can be approved.   He further stated there are two other issues that concern staff.  First is the recommendation that a construction entrance from the south be installed, so that construction traffic does not use streets the Town has already accepted for maintenance.  The second issue is that on November 13, 2007, the Town updated its road standards and increased the depth of local roads for base and surface course paving.

Steve Cates, CK Development, stated that it would be difficult to build a separate construction entrance, which would have to go across a creek and would cost approximately $50,000.  Mr. Cates further stated that there have not been issues with any of the roads they have built in the past, and that they will keep the road clean and maintained with sweepers and bobcats.  Mr. Cates stated that he understood that the standards approved on the P.U.D. master plan were the standards that they were to use. 

Bob Notestine stated that when this P.U.D. was approved, it was decided that as each section was developed, it would be evaluated based on what our standards were at that time, and approved on a phase by phase basis.

Mr. Cates stated he believes that condition was put in so they could change the size of lots and location of lots could be moved around.  He stated there had been no discussion that the construction standards would be changed.

It was decided that the Developer will prepare the application for the Letter of Map Revision, and will be submitted by the Town.

Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the final P.U.D. plan for Bent Creek Phase 7, with the conditions that:

        -    A revised Master Plan will be submitted prior to final P.U.D. approval

        -    The road standards that are currently in effect will be adhered to, as recommended by staff

        -    Lots 7208, 7209, 7210 and 7211 will be designated as critical lots, prior to resolution of the stormwater issues for each lot.

        -    An approved Letter of Map Revision must be received concerning lots 7208, 7209, 7210 and 7211.

Commissioner Radley seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  1. Request for Sign Design Deviation from Kevin Wilson

Mr. Kevin Wilson asked that the Commission to approve a deviation from current sign regulations to allow him to install 2 signs that are red, white and blue, which currently match his building.  Chairman Owens stated that the Town has been reviewing the current sign regulations and will be holding a workshop in the near future.   It was determined that these signs should meet the Town’s current sign regulations, and therefore would not be approved.  The applicant withdrew his request.

  1. Amendment Concerning Certificate of Appropriateness Notification

Planner Laird stated that the Town is currently required to publish notice in a local newspaper when there will be a hearing for a Certificate of Appropriateness.  This is an added cost to the Town, as there is no charge to the applicant for a Certificate of Appropriateness.  Commissioner Wilson made a motion to amend the zoning ordinance to remove the requirement to publish notice in a local newspaper, but to add that the notice shall be posted at the property, on the Town Website and Town Bulletin Board, and to continue to give notice to adjacent property owners.  Commissioner Wells seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


  1. Report from last BOMA meeting

        -    Rezoning in York Road area passed 1st reading.

        -    Zoning text amendment relating to adult businesses passed 1st reading.

        -    Held public hearing on amending CCO front parking requirements.

        -    Temporary sign section amendment passed 2nd/final reading.


  1. Bond Actions –

        a.   Winterset Woods Sections 4A & 4B, convert to maintenance, remain at $111,000 each.

        b.   Nolen Park Phase 1, Landscaping, extend performance at $40,000.

        c.   Nolen Park Phase 1, Infrastructure, extend performance at $90,000.

        d.   Nolen Park Phase 1, Infrastructure, extend performance at $3,000.

        e.   Nolen Park Phase 2, Infrastructure, extend performance at $310,000.

Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the above-referenced bond actions; Commissioner Radley seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Bond Report

Commissioner Wilson made a motion to approve the bond report as amended; Chairman Owens seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Mayor Lothers announced that it was John Strasser’s birthday.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.



Bob Haines                                                      

Planning Commission Secretary