Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

September 8, 2009, 7:00 p.m. 

Board Members Present:        Jimmy Alexander, Andy Grosson, Bob Haines, Jeff Hepler, Rick Owens, Douglas Radley, Frank Wilson, and Willis Wells

Board Members Absent:         Mayor Beth Lothers

Staff Present:                             Henry Laird, Attorney Bob Notestine, Cathi Little, Bob Hayes and John Strasser

Citizens Present:                       14

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Chairman Rick Owens. 


Chairman Owens led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Commissioner Frank Wilson made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 11, 2009, meeting; Commissioner Willis Wells seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously. 


Chairman Owens stated that the Planning Commission attended a wonderful seminar and feels they all gained quite a bit from it.


Charles Lawson, 2531 York Rd.  Mr. Lawson stated that he lives across the street from the property that is applying for rezoning to Suburban Residential (SR).  Mr. Lawson further stated that he has two (2) pieces of property, 2521 and 2531 York Road, that are not joined in front, but joined in back.  Mr. Lawson asked that those two (2) pieces of property be included in the rezoning of the land tonight. 

Attorney Notestine stated that the property owner will need to submit to the Town, in writing, that they consent to, and want to be included in the rezoning.

Rene Bissell, 2578 York Rd.  Ms. Bissell stated that she was able to attend both meetings that were held by Mr. Moon and to review the plans that they laid out.  Ms. Bissell further stated that she respectfully requests that Mr. Moon go on the record to state that he will not use this rezoning as a stepping stone to get a PUD passed on this property in the future, nor would he significantly increase the number of homes or significantly decrease the amount of green space currently shown in the plans.

Chairman Owens stated that he wanted Ms. Bissell to be aware that the development, as it is presented, is definitely not a PUD.

Joe Curtsinger, 7380 Nolensville Rd.  Mr. Curtsinger suggested that the Board review why this rezoning did not pass before.  He further suggested to consider the parcels that could be commercial that would be adjacent to some of those proposed to be rezoned SR.


1.     Proposed rezoning of approximately 257 acres along York Road and parts of Nolensville Road by Creekside at Nolensville, York Road LLC., applicant, from Estate Residential to Suburban Residential. 

Dwight Kiser, landscape architect for the project stated this is a request to rezone 1 large and 4 smaller parcels, totaling approximately 257 acres; from estate residential to suburban residential.  Even though a site plan submittal is not required for a rezoning request, they are showing it anyway.  The submitted concept site plan meets the Town of Nolensville’s suburban residential zoning requirements of a minimum 20,000 sq. ft. lot size, the maximum gross density allowed is 1.8 units per acre, the proposed plan is actually 1.2 units per acre; resulting in approximately 295 units as opposed to the maximum allowed of 464 units; the minimum open space requirement is 10%, whereas the proposed plan actually has 25% or 64 acres of open space.

Chairman Owens, asked if the road impact fees would need to be increased if this is rezoned.  Mr. Laird stated that if the southern area is going to be kept at the lower density ER zoning, the current road impact fees would have to be reduced.  He further stated that the fees are based partly on the land use map, which shows this area eventually being rezoned from ER to SR.

Commissioner Jimmy Alexander made a motion to approve the request to rezone the properties from Estate Residential (ER) to Suburban Residential (SR), based on the Town’s land use policy; Commissioner Wilson seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

2.     Proposed zoning text amendment to revise the definitions for adult book stores and adult entertainment businesses.

Staff recommends “beefing up” the definitions to make them more specific.

After some discussion, Commissioner Bob Haines made a motion to approve the amendment to the Zoning Ordinance as proposed by staff.  Commissioner Alexander seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


  1. Report from last BOMA meeting.

Henry Laird reported that Ordinance 09-14 pertaining to text amendment on parking lot design in the Commercial Corridor Overlay passed 1st reading.  There was a public hearing on Ordinance 09-11 pertaining to temporary signs for new or relocated businesses.  The Town also accepted Ballenger Farms Phases 1 and 2 for maintenance.


4.     Bond Actions –

        a.     Ballenger Farms, Phase 4, Section 1, release of walking trail from performance bond
(Deferred from August meeting).

Chairman Owens made a motion to release the walking trail from performance bond; Commissioner Andrew Grosson seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

        b.     Authorize extension of Winterset Woods Section 4A $111,000 performance bond.

        c.     Authorize extension of Winterset Woods Section 4B $111,000 performance bond.

Commissioner Wilson made a motion to approve items b and c above, to extend the $111,000 performance bonds on Winterset Woods Sections 4A and 4B.  Commissioner Wells seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

        d.     Bond Report.

Commissioner Wilson made a motion to approve the bond report, as amended.  Commissioner Haines seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Commissioner Wilson stated that he has received many complaints regarding the height of the grass and weeds along the Mill Creek mitigation.  There was some discussion that the mitigation plan, approved by the Planning Commission, was to bring that area back to its natural state, which it now is.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.



Bob Haines                                                      

Planning Commission Secretary