Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting at Old Elementary School Building

June 10, 2008 - 7:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:    Jimmy Alexander, Andy Grosson, Bob Haines, Matt Happel, Rick Owens, Douglas Radley, Willis Wells, and Frank Wilson

Board Members Absent:     Mayor Beth Lothers

Staff Present:                   Tom Allen, Henry Laird, Cathi Little and Bob Notestine

Citizens Present:               27


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Chairman Rick Owens. 


The pledge of allegiance was led by Commissioner Frank Wilson.


Commissioner Bob Haines made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 13, 2008, meeting; Commissioner Wilson seconded the motion.  Commissioner Wilson noted that on page 2, item 1, paragraph 5, “Matt” should be changed to “Commissioner Happel”.  The motion was passed unanimously, with the correction of the typographical error.


Chairman Owens announced that Mayor Lothers asked to schedule a workshop with the Planning Commission, Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Design Review Committee and Economic Development Committee.  The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the potential Town Center Redevelopment Project.  The workshop was scheduled for June 26th at 7:00 p.m.


Alfred Bennett, 7286 Nolensville Road, Homeplace Bed and Breakfast.  Mr. Bennett spoke on his thoughts of the Town’s image. 

Linda Moses, 2230 Rocky Springs Road.  Ms. Moses spoke on her thoughts of the Town’s code restrictions and the Rocky Fork Road issue.


Site Plan Review:

  1. Advance Auto Parts Site Plan
    Proposed new business location at 7211 Nolensville Rd.

This is a proposed new business to be located between Martin’s BBQ and the old Glazy Days.  The owner/developer is AA Nolensville, LLC, Charles Overton; the project manager is Jones, Blair, Waldrup and Tucker, Inc., represented by Mark Stephens.  This project was submitted for the May meeting but was deferred by the applicant after the Town had substantial comments dated April 22, 2008, including Tom Allen’s comments on storm water related issues.  The applicant resubmitted on May 21, 2008, with revisions indicated in the site plans and architectural renderings. The applicant has made significant changes to the design elements, parking areas and landscaping based on the Town’s comments.

Staff recommends that the site plan be approved with the following conditions:

  1. That the applicant abides by the letter from Mark Stephens, Project Manager, dated May 29, 2008, assuring that all requirements in the Town’s responses of May 28, 2008, and Tom Allen’s comments of May 29, 2008, will be met.
  2. That revised sets of site plans and architectural renderings be submitted that reflect all of the changes mentioned in item 1 above.
  3. The lighting posts and luminaries must meet the Town’s suggested list.
  4. That applicant must post performance bonding in the amount of 110% of the estimated costs of landscaping materials and installation of the improvements prior to obtaining building permits with the project landscape architect providing a detailed estimate of the value of the improvements to Town Staff. (ref. App. B 1.2.2 F).

Tom Allen stated that all his comments had been satisfactorily addressed.

Commissioner Willis Wells made a motion to approve the Advance Auto Parts Site Plan with the staff recommended conditions; Commissioner Jimmy Alexander seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Zoning Amendment:

  1. Proposed amendment to Appendix B Landscaping, Buffering to add buffering for developments in the CR zoning district and revise the recommended tree list (Attachment A).

Commissioner Matt Happel made a motion to approve the proposed amendment to Appendix B of the Nolensville Zoning Ordinance; Commissioner Haines seconded.  Chairman Owens noted there was a typographical error under section 1.6.10 landscape buffer yard requirements table, 2nd sentence the word “meet” should be changed to “met”.  The motion passed unanimously with the correction of the typographical error. 

Subdivision Regulation Amendment:

  1. Proposed amendment to Sections 5.3.k and 5.3.l to allow buffering at end of temporary dead-end road and extension of right-of-way for future connection (Attachment B).

Commissioner Haines made a motion to approve the amendment to Sections 5.3.k and 5.3.l of the Nolensville Subdivision Regulations; Commissioner Andrew Grosson seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


  1. Report from last BOMA meeting, Henry Laird

Proposed amendment #08-06 regarding the storm water ordinance.  The amendment would grant variance authority on storm water, erosion control and floodplain regulations to the storm water appeals board.  The Amendment passed on first reading.

Proposed amendment #08-07 regarding amending the zoning ordinance to transfer the power to grant variances on storm water, erosion control and floodplain regulations from the Board of Zoning Appeals to the Storm Water Appeals Board.  That amendment was tabled for further study to check into all the legalities as to whether or not this can or should be done.

Commissioner Alexander noted that the BOMA passed the budget with one vote against it.  He further stated that the budget was passed without any layoffs and without a property tax increase.


  1. Developer Bonds

a.   Bonds that were Extended and/or Reduced:            

1)  Bent Creek - The Reserve - LOC L067798
Reduced to $138,000 – Extended to June 8, 2009

2)  Bennington – Phase 4 – LOC 6113472
Extended to June 16, 2010

3)  Bent Creek – Phase 3 – LOC 6102581
Reduced to $81,000 – Extended to June 16, 2010


b.   Bonds Due to Expire - notices sent:

1)  Catalina, Phase 1
LOC L074249 - $97,000.00
Expires on 8/1/2008

2)  Bent Creek, Phase 2, Section 3
LOC 6104106 - $120,000.00
Expires on 8/10/2008     

c.   Summary Bond Report

Chairman Owens made a motion to approve the Bond Report; Commissioner Happel seconded.  The Motion passed unanimously.


Henry Laird stated that staff is working with several people, including Commissioner Happel, discussing the Town’s sign ordinance and window sign regulations.  They are trying to simplify it, as it is currently confusing with too many rules for different types of window signs.


Chairman Owens adjourned the meeting at 7:44 p.m.


Matt Happel                                      

Planning Commission Secretary


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