Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

Nolensville Elementary School

March 13, 2007, 7:00 pm



Commissioners in attendance were Mayor Beth Lothers, Rick Owens, Willis Wells, Matt Happel, Frank Wilson, Debbie Riddle, Jimmy Alexander, Bob Haines and Andrew Grosson.  Staff present were Robert J. Notestine, Henry Laird and Gina Lawrence.


Agenda Item I-Call Meeting to Order


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p. m. by Chairperson Rick Owens.


Agenda Item II-Pledge of Allegiance


Rick Owens led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Item III-Approval of Minutes from February 13, 2007 Meeting


Mayor Lothers moved to approve the minutes. Debbie Riddle seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Agenda Item IV-Announcements


Mayor Lothers passed around a list of Williamson County Planning Commission meeting times for any members who are available to attend.



Agenda Item V-Citizen Comments


There were no citizen comments.


Agenda Item VI-New Business


1. Site Plan Reviews


a. McCord–Nolen Center Sketch Plan for Retail-Office-Residential Development, McCord Property on Nolensville Road


Henry Laird stated that the sketch plan proposes six residential and office retail buildings. There are two properties involved which are owned by Newt McCord and the Bennetts.  The properties are also located in a flood plain.

Mr. Laird noted that item 5.5.1.Q.1 of the Zoning Ordinance requires that a buffer area the width of the floodway plus 50 feet perpendicular on either side of the floodway be maintained.  Mr. Laird stated that the Storm Water Regulations also require a buffer area.

Mr. Laird noted that this property would also have to be rezoned because the rear of the property is zoned Estate Residential (ER) while the front portion is zoned Village (V).  Mr. Laird stated that Mr. McCanless had already applied to the Planning Commission to have the property rezoned Village.

Mr. Laird noted a problem with the way that the Zoning Ordinance reads.  Village standards limit building size to 8,000 square feet of the first floor area but say nothing about the size of the property. Mr. Laird stated that he had included in the Commissioner’s memo the table from the Zoning Ordinance as it reads now.  The Area and Lot Requirements and the Density Requirements seem to refer to residential structures.  The table in the Zoning Ordinance has no floor area ratio or impervious surface area ratio indicated.

Mr. Laird pointed out that if the property is rezoned as Village it will have to go through the Planning Commission, Board of Mayor and Aldermen and Historic Zoning Commission where the design criteria in Appendix E and the site plan standards in our Zoning Ordinance must be met.  Another issue is that the McCord home is located on the property.  The McCord home is on the agenda for Historic Zoning Commission this month to either demolish or move the home. Mr. Laird stated that the main issues to be considered at this time were the flood way, flood plain and building space issues.

Mr. Laird stated that he thought we should come up with a floor area ratio and an impervious surface ratio so that we do not end up with too much surface area on the property.

Harold Schaffer of 2030 Williams Road, stated that the Bennetts were unable to attend the meeting and he was asked by Mrs. Bennett to state that they were not involved in the proposed project.  Mr. McCanless said that he and Mr. McCord had spoken to Mr. Bennett informally and that at that time he indicated that they might be interested so Mr. McCanless had the sketch plan made to include the property.  After the sketch plan was completed Mr. Bennett stated that he was not interested in selling his property.  Mayor Lothers asked for clarification as to when Mr. Bennett stated he was not interested in participating in the project.  Mr. McCanless stated that Mr. Bennett told him that he was not interested in selling his property after he had already submitted the sketch plan to the Town.

Matt Happel asked if Mr. Turner knew about the 50 foot buffer around the flood way when he prepared the sketch plan.  Mr. Turner stated that he did not.  He also explained that the sketch plan was only intended to be an instrument to get the processes started.  Mr. Turner stated that the intention was to find out what would be allowed by the Town. He also noted that no flood studies had been performed.

Mr. McCanless stated that Sec 5.5 of the Regulations state that when the application of the buffer area would result in extreme loss of buildable area as defined as 50% or greater loss on a lot or parcel.  Modifications to the width of the buffer may be allowed through the current appeals process through the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Rick Owens stated that he and Henry Laird had gone over the sketch plan and laid out the buffer area around the flood way.  He stated that the flood way and buffer do take up a great deal of the property but not all.  Mr. McCanless pointed out that the regulations only require 50% of the property be taken up.  Mr. McCanless pointed out that 22,000 square feet of impervious surface already exists on the property.  He stated that their intention was to take this 22,000 square foot impervious footprint and reorient it on the property.

Rick Owens acknowledged that the meeting was more of an informational meeting and there were numerous issues to be dealt with on the project.  He stated that he expected that Mr. Turner would perform his study and based on input from the Commission he would then be able to come up with a more complete sketch plan.  He noted that there are still zoning, flood plain and building size issues to deal with.

Frank Wilson noted that page 2-25 under Village 2.2.4 area and lot requirements and max gross density were included.  It was written for the Village District and was to include any of the buildings listed as Permitted Uses or Permitted with Conditions.  There are six buildings per acre allowed whether they are residential or commercial. He said that this was put in here to cover this particular zone.  Matt Happel pointed out that the square footage of a commercial unit and the square footage of residential unit are vastly different.  He also stated that he thought that April would be too soon to address the rezoning of the property.

Mayor Lothers asked for clarification on floor area ratio. Henry Laird explained that floor area ratio indicates the amount of square footage you can build in relation to the total area of your property.  Both the impervious surface ratio and the floor area ratio are listed in our ordinance but are left blank.  Mr. Laird said that it didn’t seem reasonable that 8,000 square feet would be the maximum first floor area allowed for both one acre of land and 10 acres of land.

Jimmy Alexander suggested having a workshop to work out some of these issues so that the Commission didn’t end up going over the same issues next month.  Rick Owens suggested that questions and comments be forwarded to Henry Laird via email prior to the workshop.

Tommy Dugger-2260 Rolling Hills Drive- Alderman Dugger explained that the 6 units per acre were intended to be residential, for example senior housing.  The 8,000 square foot floor plan was created by estimating the size of the existing buildings in the Village area.

Keith McCord stated that his father was in assisted living and his only asset was the land that he is trying to develop.  He stated that he would like to have all of the guidance and assistance available to him in this project.


2. Subdivision Reviews


a. Bennington Revised Preliminary Plat, Phase 4


Rick Owens read from the Staff notes on the project.  He then opened the topic for discussion.  There was no discussion.  Rick Owens motioned to approve.  Matt Happel seconded the motion.  The motion was approved unanimously.


b. Bent Creek, Final Plat Phase 5, Section 2


Henry Laird stated that the area had 26 lots.  They appear to have met our requirements except for a few items.  The final plat will need to include street lights, street addresses and a performance bond will need to be issued.  Rick Owens motioned to approve with the conditions that the street addresses be designated, street light locations are designated and the performance bond be established by the Town Engineer.  Bob Haines seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Agenda Item VII-Old Business


1.   Land Use Policy Plan Amendment Process

Revision of Proposed Amendment Process


Henry Laird stated that he had made the changes recommended since the last meeting.  He noted that the document would be added as an appendix to the Land Use Policy Plan.  Jimmy Alexander moved to approve the plan.  Rick Owens seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.  Mayor Lothers stated that her recommendation would be to discuss a topic prior to a motion being made but also after a motion is made and seconded to open it up for discussion prior to a vote.  Rick Owens opened the motion for discussion.  Mayor Lothers asked if the verbiage change addressed Alderman Alexander’s concerns regarding Staff’s role in the process.  Alderman Alexander stated that he was absolutely satisfied with the current wording.  Rick Owens called for the vote.  The motion passed unanimously.


2.   Final By-Laws Revisions


Henry Laird stated that he was submitting the final version of the By-Laws for the Commissions use.  No action was necessary.


Agenda Item VIII-Other Business


1. Monthly Bond Report


Henry Laird stated that the total bond amount was $5,006,769.40 and all items were up to date.  Bob Notestine noted that Ballenger Farms Section 1 is due to expire April 30, 2007.

Rick Owens moved to approve the bond report.  Mayor Lothers seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Matt Happel reported that Design Review had met with Mr. Moody, of The Peoples State Bank of Commerce, and he is proceeding with his construction drawings.  He stated that the building was going to look really nice.


Bob Haines reported that he had attended the last Williamson County Planning Commission meeting and that on a procedural basis they tend to combine previously discussed items into a listing and do a mass approval of the listing.  He stated that this saved a good amount of time.  Mr. Haines said that they had approved some items for Tap Root Farms, which entertains guests from outside the community, which would streamline the process of permitting for the business.


Rick Owens reported that Mayor Lothers, Bob Haines, Henry Laird and himself had attended the Tennessee Growth Readiness Workshop.  The workshop dealt with information that will immediately impact our Town.  Mayor Lothers stated that she was very proud of the Nolensville delegation and what the Town already has in place.


Mayor Lothers also asked if it would be possible to set a time for the workshop on Monday.  It was determined that 7pm on Monday March 26, 2007 would be the date and time of the workshop.


Agenda Item IX-Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p. m.



Respectfully submitted,



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Recording Secretary








Matt Happel                                                                            Date

Planning Commission Secretary