Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

January 9, 2007

7:00 p.m.



Members in attendance were as follows: Matt Happel, Frank Wilson, Debbie Riddle, Larry Gardner, Jimmy Alexander, Bob Haines, and Rick Owens, Andrew Grosson

Staff present were Henry Laird, Town Planner; Rich Woodroof, Town Engineer and Gina Lawrence.


Agenda Item I-                       The meeting was called to order by Frank Wilson at 7:00 pm


Agenda Item II-                      Pledge of Allegiance


Agenda Item III-                    Election of 2007 Planning Commission Officers

Mayor Lothers motioned to nominate Rick Owens as the Planning Commission Chairman, Bob Haines seconds the nomination.

Being no further nominations Rick Owens is elected by acclamation.

Mayor Lothers motioned to elect Willis Wells as Vice Chairman, Rick Owens seconded the motion.

Willis Wells is elected by acclamation.

Mayor Lothers nominated Matt Happel as Secretary to the Planning Commission, Rick Owens seconded the motion.

Matt Happel is elected by acclamation.

Agenda Item IV- Approval of Minutes

Frank Wilson motioned to approve minutes, Matt Happel seconds the motion.  There was no discussion on the minutes.  The motion passed unanimously.

Agenda Item V-                      Announcements

Mayor Lothers observed that the decision to change the date of the Nolensville Planning Commission meeting was made in order that the town could have more of a presence at the Williamson County Planning Commission meetings.  She requested volunteers to attend the Williamson County Planning Commission meetings throughout the year and passed around a sign up sheet.

Henry Laird announced that Zoning Ordinance updates and Land Use maps had been distributed to each Planning Commission member.  Each member should replace each new section and discard their old section.


Bob Haines welcomed all citizen input.


Agenda Item VI-                    Citizen Comments


Tommy Dugger asked if the format for future Planning Commission meetings would be that citizen comments will be welcome prior to each agenda item.  Bob Haines responded that he understood the process was to be citizen comments prior to each topic.


Agenda Item VII-                   New Business


  1. Site Plan Reviews:


Jay Nelson Realty, 7292 Nolensville Road

Change of Use of Property, site improvements


Mr. Nelson stated that he owns a Remax franchise and is in the process of opening an office in the historic district at the former Glazy Days location.  Mr. Nelson noted that the building was very run down when he took over occupancy.  He stated that he has found that there is a very large sewage disposal problem.  He stated that while he is working hard to get sewer service to the historic district, and expects sewer service to be established within the next twelve months, he is seeking a temporary sewer solution for his business.

Mr. Nelson then read a letter from Larry Robinson with Williamson County stating that the only acceptable temporary option is to cut off and disconnect the water supply, cut off and disconnect all sewage pipelines, that he must provide a contract with a licensed portable toilet company and that the portable toilet company must provide a contract with a licensed treatment facility.

Jimmy Alexander asked if the pump and haul method which has been used in our town before has been explored.  Mr. Nelson commented that the method had not yet been explored.

Rich Woodroof stated if the water supply were shut off, the location would be in violation of the town building codes which state that a business must have water and a lavatory.  Mr. Woodroof stated that it would not be possible to grant a variance on this code because it is the minimum requirement for public safety.  Mr. Woodroof advised that the only possible way to circumvent this code would be to challenge that his interpretation of the International Building Code is incorrect.

Frank Wilson stated that he believed that the pump and haul system had indeed been used in this community in the past and is a viable option for Mr. Nelson’s situation.  Mr. Woodroof agreed that Williamson County would probably accept that system as functional.  Mr. Nelson stated that as a result of his dealings with Mr. Robinson in the past he did not feel that the pump and haul method would be acceptable to him.

Mr. Alfred Bennett offered to allow Mr. Nelson to run a line over to his sewage disposal system.

Mr. Nelson stated that he is also working diligently to improve the appearance of the historic district and toward that end; he would like to turn the front parking area into a stamped courtyard patio surrounded by a wrought iron fence.  He would further like to move the parking area to the back of the property.  The Town is asking that in order to locate the parking area for the business in the rear of the property we must establish 24 hour lighting to the area which will be right outside of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bennett’s bedroom.

Henry Laird noted that if we reduce the number of parking spaces to below 10 the rear lighting requirement would not be unnecessary.

Mayor Lothers made a motion for site plan approval with a reduction to 9 parking spaces and a variance to allow gravel parking.  Matt Happel seconded.  Motion passes unanimously.


  1. Zoning Amendment Considerations:

Consider options for amending Appendix A, Sign Regulations, pertaining to flag requirements


After heavy discussion Bob Haines recapped the options before the commission.

Option 1, leave existing ordinance as it is or adopt one of the three options presented by Henry Laird which include keeping same ordinance with minor changes only (allow without permit), revise ordinance to allow additional flags during holidays and special occasions with minimum spacing requirements and permit or change the ordinance to set specific limits on Governmental Flags and allow a specific number per site based on commercial frontage.

Bob Haines made a motion to table the issue, Jimmy Alexander seconds the motion.  The motion was defeated.

Debbie Riddle made a motion to leave the ordinance as is, Bob Haines seconded the motion.

The motion passes five to three.


  1. Subdivision Regulation Changes

Recommendation by Town Engineer


Mr. Woodroof stated that he had about eight pages of changes to the Subdivision Regulations.  He stated that rather that go through the process of amending the old Subdivision Regulations he would prefer to adopt an entirely new Subdivision Regulation document.  Mr. Woodroof asked for feedback from the commission on the recommended changes and would ask to be allowed to present them back to the Planning Commission in an organized form at next months meeting.

Frank Wilson asked about 3.2.5, recording of the final plat seems to have a conflict that will need to be clarified.  Bob Notestine asked who records the final plat.  Rich Woodroof answered that presently the developer records the plat because he is going to the same building anyway. Mr. Wilson, Mr. Alexander, Mr. Notestine and Mr. Woodroof discuss the necessity of the town being responsible for recording the plat in the future.

Mayor Lothers commented on section 5.14 regarding tree preservation.

General Discussion followed.

It is reintegrated that all changes are to be submitted to Rich Woodroof who will organize and present to Planning Commission at next month’s meeting.


  1. Planning Commission By-Law Revisions

Changes regarding meeting dates, times, application deadlines, and general procedures are proposed.


Alderman Dugger commented on Section 15 of the By-Law revision stated that the chairperson under the new by-laws would be appointed by the Mayor and he believes that the process should stay the same and the chairperson should be elected by the commission.

Mayor Lothers noted that Frank Wilson had pointed that out to her earlier and that state code requires an election rather than an appointment.

Mr. Laird recommended a number of changes including a good deal of clean up.  He has added the function of a Recording Secretary, made changes to the Agenda, Deadlines, modified procedures in Section 14 regarding Robert’s Rules of Order where in the event of a conflict between Robert’s Rules and the By-Laws the By-Laws shall control.

Mr. Laird stated that he would prefer to rework the discussed revisions and bring the entire By-Law revision back to the Planning Commission next month.  Mr. Laird requested that any changes be submitted to him via email.


  1. Consider Land Use Policy Plan Amendment Process

Recommendations from Town Planner proposed to set procedures for amending plans.


This process deals with how we amend the Land Use Policy.  If someone wants to create a development which is in conflict with the town’s Land Use Policy this process will allow them to have the opportunity present their idea to the community and discuss the impact on the surrounding area.  A fee for applying to amend the Land Use Policy is discussed.  Heavy discussion regarding the how the document would be presented to the public.

Bob Haines stated that any suggestions should be presented to Henry Laird via email who will organize and present to Planning Commission at next month’s meeting.


VIII. Old Business

a. Other Business

Bob Notestine discussed litigation with Mr. Moon’s construction project on York Road.  Mr. Notestine stated that their may be some renewed activity on rezoning York Road.   It was discussed that BOMA deadlocked on the issue of rezoning York Road area not the Planning Commission.


No other business presented.


 IX. Monthly Bond Report

Rich Woodruff stated that all bonds were current.


 X. Adjournment

Being no further business to come before the Planning Commission the meeting is adjourned at 9:40 pm



Respectfully Submitted,



Gina Lawrence                                                                                    Date

Recording Secretary







Matt Happell                                                                                       Date

Secretary to the Planning Commission