Nolensville Planning Commission

Regular Meeting

November 9, 2006

7:00 p.m.



Members in attendance were as follows: Larry Gardner, Debbie Riddle, Jimmy Alexander, Matt Happel, Frank Wilson, Willis Wells, Tommy Dugger, Rick Owens, and Bob Haines

Staff present was Rich Woodroof, Bob Notestine, Tonia Smith and Gina Lawrence


Agenda Item I-                       Meeting called to order by Willis Wells


Agenda Item II-                      Pledge of Allegiance



Agenda Item III-                    Approval of Minutes


Larry Gardner asked for clarification on the meaning of the term front façade on page 3 where it states that the front porch has to be within the setback….front wall is the front façade.

Rich Woodroof responded that the term front façade is referring to the front weight bearing wall of the building.

Matt Happel requested that the word “not” be deleted from his statement on the bottom of page 3 so that the statement reads…”they do consider decks…”

Larry Gardner requested that the six conditions for approval of Brittan Downs be listed in the minutes.

Matt Happel noted that there was no 2nd recorded for Debbie Riddle’s motion excluding swimming pool from the list of excluded for indoor use within the Historic District at the top of page six.

Jimmy Alexander asked that Planning Committee be corrected to read Planning Commission at the top of page five.


Matt Happel made a motion to approve the minutes from the October 12, 2006 meeting of the Planning Commission, Frank Wilson seconded.

The motion passes unanimously.


Agenda Item IV-        Citizen Comments


No comments.


Agenda Item V-          New Business


B.        Subdivision Reviews:


1. Ballenger Farm Phase 4 Preliminary Plat


Rich Woodroof recognized Mike Anderson as present to answer any questions.

Mr. Woodroof stated that this is the final phase and it has 103 lots on an OSD development.  He noted that we want to make sure that on the final plat there is no duplication of lot numbers in other phases.

The plat shows that it is a curb and gutter on cross the section of roads, it shows fire hydrants and they have provided 15 copies of the plat. Staff recommendation is for approval.

Debbie Riddle motions for approval, Frank Wilson seconds.

Jimmy Alexander asks for confirmation that this plat matches the sketch plat that was approved in the past.

Rich Woodroof states that it does match.

Tommy Dugger asks for note on final plat stating that fire sprinklers will be installed.

Rich states that we can make sure that it is on the final plat

Matt Happel asks about tree preservation and landscaping plan.

Mike Anderson states that they will submit a landscape plan.

Bob Haines asked if property will work with adjoining properties to create continuous walking trails between properties.

Mike Anderson states that he is willing to take a look at that possibility.

The motion passes unanimously.


2. Burkitt Place Phase 2A Final Plat


Rich Woodroof notes that Phase 2 A has 8 lots, the smallest lot is 8,295 square feet and the largest is 11,715 square feet.  They have included a note about sprinklers and addresses for each lot are on this plat.

Rob Pease is present for questions.

Staff recommends approval with the condition that we are allowed to set bond amount.

Frank Wilson motions to approve with condition that Rich Woodroof will be allowed to set bond, Bob Haines seconds.

Mayor asks for clarification on how it was determined whether lots that fall on the Williamson / Davidson County line would fall in Williamson County

Rob Pease stated that whichever county a lot falls more fully into would the county of jurisdiction.

Motion passes unanimously.




3. McFarlin Woods Preliminary Plat, Sec. 5 & 6


Rich Woodroof notes that Andrew Wolthers and Mr. Cowan are present as engineers for the project. This subdivision had preliminary plat and construction drawings approval about 4-5 years ago.  They put water lines, sewer line and storm structure in and then it sat for 4-5 years.  Now the project is back for preliminary plat approval again.

One of the problems is that where they have their catch basins set does not match our current standard road cross sections.  There are other problems such as street lights, street trees were not required back then, sidewalks are not in any other sections and they have overhead electric.

This is a standard subdivision.  Section 5 has 18 lots, the smallest lot is 21,670 square feet and the largest is 23296 square feet.  Section 6 has 12 lots, the smallest is 20,000 square feet and the largest is 28,183 square feet.

Austin Pennington will answer any questions.

Matt Happel makes a motion to approve, Bob Haines seconds motion.

Bob Haines asks if the difference in the catch basin capacity between our current standard and the standard used in the past will pose any problems.  Rich states that it would not create a problem.

Larry Gardner would like to see us approve this.

Board of Zoning would have to grant variance for underground electric.

Bob Haines asked if the retention pond is included in the open space area.  Also, would like to see the asphalt pile removed.

Austin Pennington states that the pile is already slated for removal the next day.

Matt Happel what kind of landscape variance are you asking for.

Austin Pennington states that they would like to keep the landscaping the same throughout the subdivision and will submit a landscape plan with the final plat.

Willis Wells asks for citizen comments.

Carla Ediger-309 Walpole Court-as a resident of Walpole Court we would like to encourage you to keep as many trees there as possible.  Most of us moved there because they are treed lots.

And also the suggestion that Bob made about somehow connecting with the walking trails up in Ballenger Farms seems like a great idea and especially if there were some sidewalks where the kids could make it up to the trails and possibly even walk on to school.

Austin Pennington responded that every attempt will be made to preserve every tree that will not have a house on it.  We believe that the trees provide a feeling of home as well as providing privacy.

Mayor Dugger asked why the development is opposing the new landscaping ordinance which would provide trees.

Austin Pennington responded that they are simply trying to maintain the consistency of the first four phases of the development.

Rick Owens asked if section 6 is the final phase of the development.

Austin Pennington stated that it was.

Mayor Dugger asked for a review of the variances that we are voting on tonight.

Rich Woodroof stated that we are voting to allow a variance for the street lighting, road cross sections to the original road cross sections of McFarland which would take care of the sidewalks, the widths of the roads and street tree requirements.

Also, they have agreed to 3 inches of binder and 2 inches of topping for the roadways and to upgrade the water tap for fire prevention from ¾ inch to a 1 inch line.

A variance from the underground electrical will need to go to the BZA.

Larry Gardner made a motion to amend the motion to approve the McFarland Woods Phase 4 & 5 subdivision with the aforementioned variances listed by Rich Woodroof, Matt Happel seconds and it passes unanimously.

The original motion also passes unanimously.


Agenda Item VI.        Old Business


Agenda Item VII.       Other Business



Monthly Bond Report


Rich Woodroof stated that he and Bob Notestine had discussed that if the Commission moves to approve the current bond report they could also approve last months bond report at the same time because they contain the same information.

Also, as discussed last month, Bent Creek is requesting that Phase I Sections 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b be allowed to carry a maintenance bond going forward.  Staff recommends that we allow it.

Larry Gardner asked if any of the bonds would affect New Clovercroft Road.

Rich stated that New Clovercroft Road had its own bonds.

Willis Wells made a motion to accept this months and last months bond report with staff’s recommendation to allow Bent Creek to carry maintenance bonds.  Larry Gardner seconded the motion.

Larry Gardner notes that there are several bonds that will expire before our next meeting.

Mayor Dugger makes a motion to amend the original motion to add approval for a 30% maintenance bond for McFarland Woods Section 3 & 4, Larry Gardner seconds.  The motion passes unanimously.

The motion to approve the monthly bond report passes unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,





Gina Lawrence                                                                                    Date

Recording Secretary








Larry Gardner                                                                                     Date

Secretary to the Planning Commission