Town of Nolensville Board of Mayor and Aldermen

Meeting Date: October 1, 2009, Time 7:00 p.m.

Nolensville Elementary School

Mayor Beth Lothers opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Members present were Mayor Beth Lothers, Aldermen Jimmy Alexander, Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, and Brian Snyder. Staff present: Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Planner Henry Laird, Engineer Don Swartz, and Recorder Cindy Lancaster. There were 49 citizens present.

The Prayer was led by Sarah Cole, with Girl Scout Troop 1987. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Girl Scout Troop 1987. Troop Leader Elizabeth Redman distributed Cadet Awards to the Girl Scouts in Troop 1987 who had earned this classification.

Citizens Input:

There was no citizen comment.

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve the minutes from the Regular Meeting on September 3, 2009, Alderman Snyder seconded. With no corrections, the minutes were approved unanimously.

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report for August 2009, Alderman Alexander seconded the motion. The report was approved unanimously.


Town Planner Henry Laird reported for the Planning Commission
• Proposed rezoning of property at York Road was approved
• Proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment addressing adult bookstores was approved
• Bond report was approved

Chair Wanda Barker reported for the Historic Commission
• Certificate of Appropriateness was given to “The Roost” for signage

Fire Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department
• Fire Prevention month is this month (October)
• Sunset Elementary was visited, with Nolensville Elementary scheduled
• Presented a written quarterly report to the Board

Town Engineer Don Swartz reported for the Engineering Department
• Safe Route to School grant is moving forward with construction plans being received
• Staff is recommending American Constructors to provide managing service for Town Hall

Police Chief Paul Rigsby reported for the Police Department
• Written statistics were distributed to the Board
• Chief has attended local Chief’s meetings
• Officer Lee is scheduled to be deployed for active duty in mid-November
• Continuing to work on taser feasibility issue

Betty Friedlander reported for the Economic Development Committee
• Moving forward on web-site

Suzie Lindsey reported for the Town Events Committee
• 122 Veterans scheduled to participate
• Breakfast, donated by Southern Hills Hospital, will be at 8:30
• Continuing to seek Parade participants

Mayor’s Report:

a. Appointments

Betty Friedlander and Steve Bosch have resigned from the Design Review Committee. Mayor Lothers nominated Mr. Josh Hughes for Design Review and Ms. Cindy McKinney for Trees and Trails Committee. The nominations were approved by the Board unanimously.

b. Broken Wheel Festival
Mayor Lothers thanked everyone for their hard work.

c. Williamson County Economic Development Council Meeting
Mayor Lothers thanked Alderman Alexander for coordinating the County Meeting and Mr. Steve Prince for hosting this event at his business, Card Marketing Services.

d. H1N1 Report
Mayor Lothers attended a meeting on September 10th and encouraged immunization.

e. Keep Fall “Clean and Green”, Keep Williamson Beautiful
Mayor Lothers stated that Mrs. Linda Rowland is no longer representing Nolensville in this organization. She distributed a map to the Board of the Town limits. She asked that each Board Member be responsible for litter within the outlined quadrant. Every Alderman was in agreement of this plan.

f. Homeland Security Seminar
Mayor Lothers attended a seminar on September 11, which had a “first observer” presentation.

g. Public Safety Task Force
Mayor Lothers and Chief Hughes have been attending these various meetings. She handed out a written summary on topics that were discussed at these meetings.

h. Mayor’s Caucus
Mayor Karl Dean, Metro Nashville, hosted a Mayors Caucus on September 30th , transportation and Smart Growth topics were discussed.

i. Trees and Trails
Nolensville was notified that the Walking Trails grant was declined and discussed the need for a pedestrian bridge location in the Historic District. Mayor Lothers stated that March 6th, will be Tree Planting Day and about 60 trees will be planted at the ball park on Arbor Day.

j. Community Block Grant Meeting
Alderman Alexander and Planner Laird attended this meeting for the Mayor.

k. Other
Feed Mill has new burlap bags advertising Nolensville. Mr. Darin Scheff, with the Feed Mill, has been successful in obtaining a sign through TDOT on Interstate 840 directing travelers to Nolensville.

There will be another signage field trip on Sunday afternoon from 1:30 until 4:00. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen, Planning Commission and Design Review Committee are invited and encouraged to attend.

Mayor Lothers requested any photos or other information on Joe Rossitano would be appreciated. This information is needed for a framed piece in Town Hall that will represent Former Alderman Rositano.

Public hearing on ordinance #09-14, an ordinance to amend Zoning Ordinance #04-09, as it pertains to Parking Lot design opened at 7:49.

Mr. Larry Gardner, 2536 York Road, asked for clarification on the parking? Alderman Alexander addressed his question, in addition to Planner Laird showing Brittain Plaza as an example on the Power Point presentation. The public hearing closed at 7:51 p.m.

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve ordinance #09-11, an ordinance to amend Zoning Ordinance #04-09 as it pertains to Temporary Signs for new and/or relocated businesses in Appendix A on second reading, Alderman Dugger seconded. The vote was taken and this was approved unanimously.

Alderman Dugger made a motion approve of ordinance #09-12, an ordinance to amend the Nolensville Municipal Code, Title 19, and add Chapter 2, in regards to Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement, Alderman Alexander seconded. After Mayor Lothers updated the board on the Access Channel the Board voted and unanimously approved this ordinance.

Second reading of ordinance #09-15, an ordinance to amend Municipal Code, Title 18, Chapter 3, Section 301, to implement requirements for system customers to connect to metro sewer within certain sections within the Town of Nolensville. Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve this ordinance, Alderman Alexander seconded. The ordinance passed unanimously on second reading.

First reading of ordinance #09-16, an ordinance to amend Zoning Map of the Town of Nolensville to rezone property currently Estate Residential (ER) to Suburban Residential (SR).

Mr. Dwight Kiser, landscape architect, with Land Design, addressed the board asking for this property to be rezoned. Mr. Kiser had a presentation for the Board noting there had been two meetings with the neighbors in the proposed rezoned area that was well attended. It was noted that adjacent property owners Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marcum, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gardner, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barker requested to be included in the rezoning. Mr. Kiser noted that some neighbors were concerned with the traffic areas and the plan was revised.

Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve this ordinance, Alderman Felts seconded. Mayor Lothers said that she was torn with her decision therefore she would be abstaining from the vote until after the public hearing of this ordinance. The vote was taken and passed by majority with Aldermen Alexander, Dugger, Felts, and Snyder for, and Mayor Lothers abstaining.

First reading of ordinance #09-17, an ordinance to amend Zoning Ordinance #04-09 of the Town of Nolensville in regards to definitions of adult bookstore/adult use and adult entertainment uses, Mayor Lothers made a motion to approve this ordinance, Alderman Snyder seconded and this was approved unanimously.

Reading of resolution #09-22, a resolution to enter into a license agreement with artist Mr. John Strasser and the Town of Nolensville. Counsel Notestine described this resolution for the board noting it was not to make money, although to serve as a promotional tool. Counsel Notestine further recommended adding to I. Content of licensed materials; grant of license – at the last sentence: “Copies of which are attached as Exhibit A to this agreement.” At XI change to “Williamson County” instead of (jurisdiction convenient to all parties). Under mediation where it says “time period” change to “30 days” in two locations. In # 18 change “time period” to say “30 days”.

It was clarified that Mr. Strasser would receive 100% profit above cost and the town would have the permission to reproduce the artwork for a promotional post card for the Historic Village.

Counsel clarified that when an artist signs their work and places the copyright symbol (circled c) this ensures it is copyrighted.

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution with Counsels recommended changes, Alderman Snyder seconded.

Mayor Lothers made a motion to amend the resolution by stating “30 days”, where ever it states “time period”, Alderman Dugger seconded. This amendment was approved unanimously. The vote was then taken on the passage of the resolution with the recommended changes. This was approved unanimously.

Reading of resolution #09-23, a resolution to enter into a change order with Civil Constructors for the widening of Nolensville Road. Engineer Swartz explained the change order. Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution and add an Exhibit A, Alderman Dugger seconded. This was approved unanimously.


The meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m. by acclamation.

Respectfully submitted, Approved,

Cindy Lancaster               Beth Lothers

Town Recorder                 Mayor