Town of Nolensville

Board of Mayor and Alderman Meeting

Date: December 7, 2006, Time 7:00 p.m.

Nolensville Elementary School

Mayor Tommy Dugger opened the meeting at 7:08 p.m.  Members present were Mayor Dugger, Aldermen Jimmy Alexander, Joe Curtsinger, Larry Felts and Beth Weaver-Lothers.  Staff present: Counsel Robert Notestine, Town Planner Henry Laird, Town Engineer Rich Woodroof and Recorder Cindy Lancaster.  There were 36 citizens present.

Mr. Willis Wells led the prayer and pledge.

Citizens Input:

Mr. Harold Shaffer, Williams Road, asked when the newly elected officials take office.  He stated that he had asked several people and received several different answers.  He stated that he had an ordinance from Ann Beard with the Election Commission that states office is taken upon certification of results.  He distributed the document.

Counsel Notestine stated there are two or three ordinances that have been adopted by the Town of Nolensville in regards to the election.  The town has an ordinance that states the newly elected officials will take office at the first meeting in January after the election.  Counsel stated that he had discussed this with MTAS and due to the charter not addressing dates, the town is in compliance and the newly elected officials will take office in January.

Mr. Alfred Bennett, Nolensville Road, stated that he would like to commend Mr. Jay Nelson’s building appearance and the new antique shop in the Feed Mill.  He further stated that only relationships of honor will last.

Alderman Felts made a motion to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of November 7, 2006, Alderman Weaver-Lothers seconded.  Alderman Weaver-Lothers made a motion to amend page four, fourth paragraph to state, “Alderman Weaver-Lothers stated that looking at that area she would like to see creek and trails accessibility in the future that can contribute to the community.”  Mayor Dugger seconded this and this was approved unanimously.

Alderman Alexander made a motion to amend the eighth paragraph on page four to read as follows, “Alderman Alexander asked Mr. Kelley if he was granted this zoning, would he build a driveway south to connect property to the south.”  Alderman Felts seconded and this amendment was approved unanimously.  The vote was taken to approve the minutes as amended.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Mayor Dugger made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, Alderman Weaver-Lothers seconded.  He noted that a written report was submitted to the board and Mayor Dugger went over the percentages that were reflected within the budget.  He noted that the expenditures were over 4%, although the revenues were over by 6%.

Committee reports:

Mr. Willis Wells reported for the Planning Commission.

· Ballenger Farms, Phase IV Preliminary Plat was approved

· Burkitt Place, Phase II was approved with conditions

· McFarlin Woods Preliminary Plat was approved

· Monthly Bond report was approved

Ms. Betty Friedlander reported for the Historic Commission.

· Jay Nelson Building was approved

· Green property on Rocky Fork Road –restoring a historical structure was approved

· There will not be a meeting in December

Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.

· Due to Chief Presley Hughes absence there was no report

Rich Woodroof reported for the Code's Department

· Noted Planner Laird has returned

· Attended MS4 Meeting

· Met with Catalina Developers (Nichols property)

Nolensville Police Department

· Due to Chief Rigsby absence there was no verbal report

· A written report was submitted prior to the meeting

Mayor Dugger reported for the Public Works Department noting a written report was submitted to the board.

Alderman Weaver-Lothers commended the Public Works Department for their hard work on the installation of the reflective material.

Mayor's report:

Mayor Dugger introduced Alderman Elect Ken Thomas and Mayor Elect Beth Lothers.  Mayor Dugger thanked Alderman Larry Felts for his hard work.

Counsel Notestine updated the Board in regards to the Ethics complaint.  He noted that he was instructed to hire an attorney to investigate a complaint that was addressed last month.  Mr. Robert Rutherford is with Rutherford, DeMarco and Simons law firm. Counsel Notestine noted the difficulty in locating a lawyer that did not have a conflict of interest.  Mr. Rutherford felt that he could have this investigation completed within 30 days.

Public hearing of ordinance #06-25, an ordinance to amend Zoning Ordinance #04-09, in regards to permitted conditions in the Village (V) and general terms to add photographic studio opened at 7:30 p.m.  Counsel Notestine noted this is a public hearing where public comment is allowed.  Town Planner Laird explained this ordinance.

Mr. Bob Haines, Norfolk Lane, noted the reason this is being brought forth is due to this type of activity being appropriate for this area.  This would be an establishment that would be allowed to take family photographs.  He stated that the only way a use is allowed in a particular zoning is to specifically state the use.  Mr. Haines stated that he was for the passage of this ordinance.

The public hearing closed at 7:35.

Mayor Dugger noted that he had omitted the Boy Scouts Troop 298 to lead the pledge.  He stated that they would close the meeting with the pledge.

Second reading of Ordinance #06-24, an ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance #04-09, in regards to Design Review.  Alderman Weaver-Lothers made a motion to approve this ordinance, Alderman Alexander seconded.  Alderman Weaver-Lothers noted that this is the second reading of this ordinance.  She stated that there is a clerical error on page 12.  Alderman Weaver-Lothers made a motion to amend the third paragraph in the section of Applicability to reflect the word “shall”, Alderman Felts seconded, and this amendment passed unanimously.  The vote was then taken on the second reading of ordinance #06-24, as amended.  This passed unanimously.

Second reading of ordinance #06-26, an ordinance to adopt a Best Management Practice (BMP) Manual, in regards to Storm Water Management.  Engineer Woodroof explained this ordinance and noted that Williamson County has adopted this manual.  Mayor Dugger made a motion to pass this ordinance on second reading, Alderman Felts seconded and this passed unanimously.

Reading of resolution #06-23, a resolution to name two roads within the Town of Nolensville.  Counsel Notestine explained the process of a resolution.  The roads were displayed on the power point screen to show the audience.

Mr. Larry Gardner stated that he would like to see Old Clovercroft remain and Sam Donald start at the “T” and go west.  He stated that he did not think it should change.

Mayor Dugger stated that he agreed.  He noted that if the board decides to make the road one-way, it can be changed at that time.  Mayor Dugger made a motion to amend Section 2.  The road running from its southern terminus on Clovercroft Road to its northern terminus Old Clovercroft Road will be designated as Old Clovercroft Road.  Alderman Alexander seconded.

Alderman Alexander stated that he agreed.  He stated that he has a problem with splitting that road to change the name.

Alderman Curtsinger asked where did Sam Donald Road end.  Counsel Notestine stated that title searches were performed several years ago and it could not be determined.  He stated that the searches went back to 1860 and it was not clarified.

The area from King Street to Nolensville Road was discussed extensively.  Alderman Alexander noted that it was strange to him to name this Sam Donald Court when it does not come off of Sam Donald Road.  The vote was taken on the resolution as amended and passed unanimously.

Reading of resolution #06-24, a resolution to adopt the Williamson County Multi Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Mayor Dugger noted that Mike Thompson with Emergency Management was in attendance.  He inquired to when this document was updated.  Mr. Thompson stated that it must be updated every two years.  Alderman Weaver-Lothers asked if Homeland Security was a separate plan.  Mr. Thompson stated that the county had many plans and the Homeland Security was a separate document.  Mayor Dugger made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Weaver-Lothers seconded and this passed unanimously.


Mayor Dugger thanked everyone for the past ten years.  He thanked his wife and family for their support.

Mayor-elect Lothers stated that she would be making new appointments to Commissions and Committees.  She told the audience that if anyone would like to serve in a capacity and had not contacted her, to please feel free to let her know.  She noted that there is a place for everyone.

Mayor-elect Lothers noted that due to Williamson County and the Town of Nolensville Planning Commission meetings being held on the same evening, it makes it difficult for the town to participate in the County’s Planning Commission process.  She stated that she is reviewing changing the Planning Commission meetings to the third Monday of the month, with the Nolensville Planning Commission members being required to attend one Williamson County Planning Commission meeting.

Mayor Dugger introduced Boy Scout Troop 298.  This group led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,                                                          Approved,

Cindy Lancaster                                                                      Beth Lothers

Town Recorder                                                                                                Mayor