Mayor Charles Knapper opened the meeting at 7:06. In attendance were Mayor Knapper, Aldermen Tommy Dugger, Larry Felts, Gail Phillips and Frank Wilson. Also in attendance were Counsel Bob Notestine, Officer George Poss, Town Engineer Rich Woodroof, Recorder Cindy Lancaster, Public Works Director Lonnie Bowden and 32 public citizens.

Mayor Knapper nominated Mr. Frank Wilson to fill the vacant seat of Mr. Joe Rositano. The board agreed by acclamation. Mr. Frank Wilson was sworn in to office immediately following the vote.

Alderman Phillips then led the prayer and pledge.

Citizens Input:

Mayor Knapper asked for citizen’s input. There was no comment from the audience.

Alderman Phillips made a motion to approve the minutes for the regular meeting of December 4, 2003, Alderman Felts seconded this motion. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Alderman Dugger made a motion to accept the Treasurers report, Alderman Phillips seconded. Recorder Lancaster reported the general fund cash on hand as being $564,055.85, with cash disbursements being $67,500. State Street Aid cash on hand is $124,700.79. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Commission/Committee Reports Mr. Willis Wells Planning Commission member reported the following:

Betty Friedlander reported for the Historic Commission:

Chief Presley Hughes reported for the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.

Mayor Knapper reported for the Chamber of Commerce.

Rich Woodroof, Town Engineer/Codes Official reported for the Codes Department.

Officer George Poss reported for the Police Department.

Public Works Director Lonnie Bowden reported for the Public Works Department

Mayor’s Comments: The Comprehensive Plan is continuing to be revised by the Town Planner. He noted that a plan was currently in place, although it is being modified.

The Mayor stated that the MS4 Storm Water Committee is being formed. He explained that this group would become active in the near future. He noted that members were listed in the newspaper although due to pending litigation these appointments have been placed on hold.

Mayor Knapper updated the citizens and board on sewer installation by Metro Water. He noted that the plant on Industrial Boulevard is 40% demolished. There is no flow at the current plant, although there is flow in the pipes that his being taken to metro. Hook-on will begin next week and the cost to hook-on will be $550.00. Anyone whose property was crossed during sewer installation will be exempt from this hook-up fee.

Mayor Knapper stated that the attorney is reviewing the negotiations with Williamson Medical in regards to purchasing the Doctors office. There is nothing to report at this time.

Mayor Knapper opened the public hearing for Ordinance #03-08. There were not comments from the audience or board. The public hearing was then closed.

Second Reading of Ordinance #03-08, an ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance #98-22, of the town of Nolensville, Tennessee. Counsel Notestine stated that due to litigation this would need to be postponed. This was unanimously agreed. Second Reading of Ordinance #03-09, an ordinance to amend the zoning ordinance #98-22, of the town of Nolensville, Tennessee. Counsel noted that this should be changed from 98-22 to 01-06. Alderman Dugger asked for the definition of Suburban Residential. Counsel Notestine read this definition to the Aldermen. Alderman Wilson made a motion to pass this ordinance, Alderman Felts seconded and this passed unanimously.

First Reading or ordinance #04-01, an ordinance to amend zoning ordinance #01-06. Counsel noted that this is an ordinance to amend the current zoning ordinance due to “cleaning-up” the existing document. Rich Woodroof went over various changes in addition to the changes previously discussed by Mr. Willis Wells. It was noted that the Planning Commission and Planner Bill Terry has made its recommendation for these changes to this board. It was further noted that the Planning Commission would hold a workshop for pending and current members of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. Alderman Dugger made a motion to approve this ordinance, Mayor Knapper seconded and this passed unanimously.

Mayor Knapper then made a request to move agenda item #14 to be discussed next. The board unanimously agreed.

Reading of Resolution #03-15, a resolution to enter into an agreement with Williamson County for Road Maintenance. Counsel noted that this is an agreement with the county to maintain the roads within the city limits. He further stated that this would go before the commission on Monday evening. Counsel noted two changes made in regards to clarifying reimbursement for services. Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this resolution, Alderman Dugger seconded and this resolution was approved unanimously.

Second reading of Ordinance #03-01, an ordinance requiring the installation of automation fire sprinkler systems within the corporate limits and the urban growth boundary of the Town Of Nolensville. Counsel Notestine stated that once this ordinance was reviewed it was noted that significant changes were made to this ordinance therefore this double a first reading with the ordinance number being 04-02. Alderman Felts made a motion to approve this ordinance on first reading, Mayor Knapper seconded. Mayor Knapper then read an e-mail received from Mr. Ray Crouch, a consultant with MTAS, commending the town on this ordinance. Fire Chief Presley Hughes then introduced Mr. Bob Trotter and Mr. Wayne Waggoner. He noted that Mr. Waggoner was an advocate of the sprinkler systems.

Mr. Jason Jones noted that “H” and “I” in Section 3 should be reversed. Alderman Felts noted that Section 3 “G”- should read 15 feet. Alderman Phillips asked where the 3,000 square feet in Section 3 H was derived? Mr. Jones stated that the Mayor, Chief and he had met and this figure was proposed. The average square foot home in Nolensville was 2,200. The concern was that if you put 2,500 minimum the builders would come in and build homes at 2,499 square feet. Mayor Knapper stated that in speaking with Mr. Crouch a Fire Department compatible to Nolensville’s size should be able to fight a fire in homes ranging form 2,500 – 2,500 square feet. After speaking with attorneys and others the 3,000 square footage had been discussed. The question arose if the monitoring system stopped. The Mayor had asked Mr. Crouch this question and his response was, “you cannot legislate for every idiot.” If they are discovered to be disconnected they can be cited to court.

Alderman Dugger asked the average distance between fire hydrants in the subdivision? Chief stated 500 feet in the subdivision, although in the outer areas there is not a standard.

Alderman Dugger asked if there were a childcare under 3,000 square foot would there be a sprinkler? Mayor Knapper stated yes.

Alderman Dugger made a motion to amend to remove Section #6

Section 6: AUTOMATIC FIRE DETECTION. Automatic fire detection in all new dwellings and dwelling units shall be installed in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 Standard Building Code and shall be electrically supervised through a central station monitoring service. It shall be a violation of this ordinance and of the building codes of the Town of Nolensville in the event a building owner or owners discontinue the monitoring service.

and to add Subsection F in Section 7 to read as follows:

(F) The passage of this ordinance will not effect any development in which the owner has obtained an approved preliminary plat as of the date of the enactment of this ordinance.

Alderman Wilson seconded this, and the motion to amend was approved unanimously. First reading of Ordinance #04-02 was unanimously approved.

Alderman Phillips then made a motion to adjourn and Mayor Knapper seconded this motion. This passed unanimously and meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Approved, Cindy Lancaster

Charles F. Knapper Town Recorder Mayor