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2016-07 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 

Nolensville Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
July 12, 2016, 7:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Jimmy Alexander, Larry Gardner, Andy Grosson, Robert Haines, Jason Patrick, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reaves, Ashlee Walden

Commissioners Absent: Rick Owens

Staff Present: Kenneth McLawhon, Don Swartz, Attorney Bob Notestine, Kali Mogul, Michah Wood (planning consultant), Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:  63
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chairman Douglas Radley.
Chairman Radley led the pledge of allegiance. 
Commissioner Ashlee Walden moved to approve the minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting on June 14, 2016, seconded by Commissioner Jimmy Reaves.  Commissioner Radley abstained.  The motion passed 7 – 0, with one abstention. 
Dr. James Clark of 921 Oldham Drive stated he was very concerned about the marketplace project on the agenda.  He also said there was no connection from the Town Hall to the Library because the Town didn’t want it and asked if a connection would now be allowed.  He also felts the drainage would be a big problem.  Mayor Alexander clarified that it was the desire of the Town to connect the parking lot for Town Hall to the Library parking area but the Library decided they did not want the connection.

Ms. Gail Graham of 7131 Nolen Park Circle asked for more information on the Bypass.

Ms. Jennifer Thompson Trace of 9712 spoke on behalf of her mother.  She expressed concern over the congestion and the infrastructure of Nolensville as a small town.

Ms. Amber Mohr of 2125 Sugar Mill Drive favors the idea of the Market Square but was concerned about whether Nolensville will become like Antioch or Nashville.

Mr. Terry Adams of 1214 Creekside Drive felt too many variances would be needed for the Market Square to be approved.

Laurie Bostelman of 5954 Fishing Creek Road said she would like her retail dollars to go to businesses in Nolensville but was also concerned about the height and the encroachment on green space.

Ms. Anna Hill of 1239 Creekside Drive expressed her excitement over the development and appreciates the controlled nature of the plan for the Market Square.  She said residents leaving Nolensville to eat, shop and work creates traffic, but this development would offer space to do all three.
Chairman Radley noted one typographical change to the date on the Consent Agenda item 6. A. 4. Commissioner Larry Gardner made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Commissioner Robert Haines.  Upon a vote, the approval passed unanimously.
A.  First Tennessee Bank Plat Revision
Chairman Radley mentioned that this agenda item was withdrawn by the applicant.
B.  TBT Construction Sketch Plan at Sunset Road at Waller Road 
Mr. Philip Jones represented the applicant.  The proposed subdivision would be single-level homes priced between $700,000 and $900,000, with driveways on Waller Road.  When asked, Town Engineer Don Swartz answered Mayor Alexander’s question regarding buffering, saying the Subdivision Regulations require a subdivision on a primary artery such as Sunset Road to have a 100-foot buffer between the Right-Of-Way and the building.  The applicant has only provided a 25-foot buffer, so Mayor Alexander asked Mr. Jones to bring in revised plans that conform to the Subdivision Regulations.  The applicant agreed.  No action was required.
 C.  Vickery Concept P.U.D. Revision (formerly Scales Farmstead P.U.D.)
Mr. Wes Harris of Ragan Smith represented the applicant.  Some of the lots have been reconfigured, and the net change was one lot.  The amenity area was also relocated.  Mayor Alexander pointed out he felt this would need a P.U.D. Plan amendment.  There was some discussion about the collector road, on-street parking, the planned community garden, and the “future ROW dedication” on the collector road.  A prior agreement with a developer of the adjacent property required paving from the ROW to Sam Donald Road, but that developer has since pulled out.  Addressing this issue, Commissioner Jason Patrick mentioned that the Town would not ask someone to pave a portion of road that is not on their property.
Mr. Harris respectfully asked the Planning Commission to defer the project for one month to find a solution to the collector road issue.  The Commissioners agreed, and no action was taken.
 D.   Vickery Final P.U.D. Plan and Preliminary Plat
Because the prior agenda item was deferred, no action could be taken on the Vickery Final P.U.D. Plan and Preliminary Plat. 
 E.  Nolen Meade P.U.D. Final Plat (formerly Lynch P.U.D.)
Mr. Jeff Heinze of Littlejohn Engineering Associates represented the applicant.   He stated that the plan matches what was presented in the Final P.U.D. and Preliminary Plat.  When asked, Mr. Heinze pointed out the buffering that is required per the Final P.U.D.  He also confirmed there are no critical lots and no extreme slopes.  Commissioner Haines made a motion to approve the Nolen Meade P.U.D. Final Plat with performance bonding amount set at $294,634.00, seconded by Commissioner Walden.  Upon a vote, the motion was approved unanimously.
 F.  Master Concept P.U.D. Plan/P.C.D. Plan for Nolensville Market Square
Mr. Michael Hindman of H. Michael Hindman Architecture represented the Market Square development.  Mr. Hindman provided a detailed explanation of the project, and there was a lengthy discussion on the connection to Town Hall property, public vs. private roads/private drives, diagonal parking, and variance requests.  The underground detention and retaining walls were addressed.  There was an extended discussion of the set-backs and the proposed four-story buildings on the site plan.  Mayor Alexander and Commissioner Patrick opposed a driveway connection to Town Hall. There were also concerns about whether all the condo units could be sold—the Zoning Ordinance does not allow for rental apartments.
Planning Consultant Micah Wood clarified that since this project is a P.U.D., no variances required.
 Town Administrator McLawhon clarified that the Staff doesn’t make policy. Items like density have been discussed thoroughly with staff; however, two or three items, like the connection to Town Hall property, building height, and private roads have remained points of concern throughout the planning process.  The Town staff can guide the applicant, but the Planning Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen ultimately make the decisions.
After many comments from commissioners and the applicant, Mr. Hindman requested a deferral of the project for 30 days, which was granted.
 A. Report from last BOMA meeting
Mayor Alexander gave a short summary of the items from the July Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.
 A.  Bond Report
Commissioner Walden moved to approve the Bond Report as amended, seconded by Commissioner Andy Grosson, and the motion passed unanimously.
10.  OTHER
Ms. Yogi Milsap asked the commission how many lots make up a subdivision.  Mayor Alexander answered two lots.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

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