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2017-06 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 

Nolensville Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
June 13, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Jimmy Alexander, Larry Gardner, Andy Grosson, Robert Haines, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reeves, Ashlee Walden

Commissioner Absent: Rick Owens

Staff Present: Sarah Sitterle, Kali Mogul, Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:  28

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Douglas Radley.

Mayor Alexander led the pledge of allegiance.

Commissioner Ashlee Walden moved to approve the minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting on May 9, 2017, seconded by Commissioner Andy Grosson.  The motion passed unanimously.


Dr. Ted Behar and Mr. Joe Curtsinger both requested to speak during the agenda items pertaining to them.

Mr. Tom Sebille of 2192 Capistrano Way inquired about striping on Brittain Lane and whether the Town has water capacity for all the houses being built.

Commissioner Robert Haines moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Commissioner Larry Gardner.  Upon a vote, the motion carried unanimously.

 A.  Burkitt Commons Final Plat
Mr. Sean DeCoster of Civil Site Design Group and Ms. Suzanne May of PGM Properties represented the applicant.  There was a discussion about parking and the shared parking study.  There was also some debate about the portion of the project developing in Davidson County.  Mayor Alexander then made a motion to approve the Burkitt Commons final plat with two conditions:  (1) A signature block must be added to the final plat for Metro Nashville’s approval of the portion of project located in Davidson County; and (2) Landscape performance bond was set at $66,003.30. Commissioner Haines seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

 B.  Summerlyn Section 4 Final Plat 
Mr. Wes Harris of Ragan-Smith represented the applicant.  Chairman Radley indicated he would recuse himself from a vote but pointed out there was a change to a drainage structure in the final plat not shown in the preliminary plat.  Mr. Joe Curtsinger of 7380 Nolensville Road showed images from his property looking at lots 134-135 of Summerlyn Phase 4.  He indicated that his property was encroached upon, and his fence was removed.  He was promised a 20-foot buffer, which does not exist. His tree line was also removed. There was a lengthy discussion about the property line, stakes shown in the images, and drainage.
Mr. Kevin Chapman of The Jones Company addressed some of Mr. Curtsinger’s comments, including replacement of the fence.  The discussion continued for some time.  It was agreed that the property should be surveyed to determine the actual property lines.  Mr. Chapman said he would meet personally with Mr. Curtsinger at the site to find a solution to the fence problem.  Mr. Harris requested a deferral of the project so the issues could be resolved.  All members of the Planning Commission were in agreement with the deferral.

 C.  Brooksbank Phase 2 Preliminary Plat
Mr. Wes Harris of Ragan-Smith and Mr. Kevin Chapman of The Jones Company represented the applicant.  Dr. Ted Behar of 9869 Sam Donald Road addressed some issues of drainage, grading, sediment control, deforestation and buffer strips. He indicated the aesthetic value and enjoyment of his property have been reduced. Mr. Harris responded to many of the questions and concerns.  The detention pond was designed to control the volume and peak flow to less than 65% of pre-construction values.  There was discussion about buffering between the two properties; none is required per the Zoning Ordinance.  Mr. Chapman said he had spoken with Dr. Behar and agreed to move the detention pond and provide a 20’ landscape buffer, even though it not required by the Zoning Ordinance.  He also pointed out that the fence referenced by Dr. Behar is on the property of The Jones Company, and the trees removed were on the Jones Company property.  Mr. Chapman said the company is willing to do some reforesting, but the number and size of the trees seems to still be in question.  Following a lengthy discussion, Chairman Radley made a motion to approve the Brooksbank Phase 2 preliminary plat with the following conditions (1) A revised construction plan for the phase must be approved; and (2) Proof of a resolution of a tree planting plan with the adjacent property owner must be provided.  Mayor Alexander seconded the motion.  Upon a vote, the approval passed by a vote of 6 – 1, with Commissioner Jimmy Reaves dissenting.

 D. Scales Farmstead Amenity Center Plan
Mr. Wes Harris of Ragan-Smith represented the developer.  Commissioner Haines moved to approve the plan with landscape bond amount set at $11,044.00.  Commissioner Walden seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

 E. 7319 Nolensville Road Site Plan
Mr. Eric McNeely represented the applicant.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve the site plan at 7319 Nolensville Road, seconded by Commissioner Haines.  The approval carried unanimously.

 F. Nolensville Martin’s Campus Site Plan
Mr. Joe Epps of Anderson, Delk, Epps and Associates represented the applicant.  There was a brief discussion about drainage and flood plain.  Commissioner Gardner made a motion to approve the site plan with bond amount set at $69,948.00.  Commissioner Patrick seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

 G. Valerie Golden Annexation—Map 58, Parcel 03000
Ms. Valerie Golden represented the annexation.  Commissioner Gardner made a motion to approve the annexation and plan of services, seconded by Commissioner Reaves.  Upon a vote, the motion passed unanimously.

 A.  Report from last BOMA meeting
Town Planner Sarah Sitterle gave a brief summary of the agenda items on the last BOMA meeting.

 A.  Bond Report
Commissioner Walden moved to accept the bond report as amended, seconded by Commissioner Grosson.  The motion passed unanimously.

10.  OTHER

The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 p.m.

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