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2018-05 Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting 

THURSDAY, MAY 3RD, 2018, 7:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order
2. Prayer and Pledge
3. Citizens Input/General Comments
4. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting of April 5th, 2018
5. Treasurer’s Report – March, 2018
6. Committee Reports
a. Planning Department/Planning Commission
b. Engineering Department
c. Fire Department
d. Police Department
e. Public Works Department
f. Historic Commission
g. Town Events Committee
h. Trees and Trails Committee
7. Consent Agenda*
a. Resolution 18-07, a resolution to release Turnberry Homes, LLC from maintenance bonding for roads and public improvements within Catalina Phase 4—Mayor Alexander
b. Resolution 18-08, a resolution to release CK Development from maintenance bonding for roads and public improvements within Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1C—Mayor Alexander
c. Resolution 18-09, a resolution by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to hold a municipal election in the Town of Nolensville in conjunction with the State of Tennessee General Election on November 6, 2018—Mayor Alexander
d. Resolution 18-10, a resolution of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to authorize negotiation of a contract on a road improvement project bid—Mayor Alexander
8. Public hearing of Ordinance 18-05, an ordinance of the Town of Nolensville, Tennessee adopting a budget for fiscal year July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019—Mayor Alexander (click here for detail)
9. Second reading of Ordinance 18-04, an ordinance amending Title 18,  Chapter 1 of the Nolensville Municipal Code updating storm water management regulations—Mayor Alexander
10. First reading of Ordinance 18-06, an ordinance to rezone a portion of 7150 Nolensville Road from commercial services with a commercial corridor overlay (CS/CCO) to office industrial (OI)—Mayor Alexander
11. First reading of Ordinance 18-07, an ordinance to amend budget ordinance 17-06 for fiscal year July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018—Mayor Alexander
12. First reading of Ordinance 18-08, an ordinance to approve a master concept P.U.D. plan and rezone the Parman Henry property between Rocky Fork Road and York Road from estate residential (ER) to suburban residential with a planned unit development (SR/P.U.D.) overlay—Mayor Alexander
13. First reading of Ordinance 18-09, an ordinance to amend Title 15 Chapter 6 of the Nolensville Municipal Code pertaining to parking—Mayor Alexander
14. Other
15. Adjourn

*Items on the consent agenda are considered to be routine.  Discussion of individual items listed on the consent agenda is not required, but Board members or citizens may request any item(s) be removed for further consideration.

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