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2018-03 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 

Nolensville Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
March 13, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Jimmy Alexander, Larry Gardner, Andy Grosson, Robert Haines, Rick Owens, Jason Patrick, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reaves, Ashlee Walden

Commissioner Absent: None

Staff Present: Sarah Sitterle, Kali Mogul, Counsel Robert Notestine, Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:  21

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairman Douglas Radley.

Chairman Radley led the pledge of allegiance.

Commissioner Ashlee Walden moved to approve the minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting on February 13, 2018, seconded by Commissioner Rick Owens.  The motion passed unanimously.



Commissioner Owens moved to approve the consent agenda as shown, seconded by Mayor Jimmy Alexander.  The motion passed unanimously.

 A.  Catalina Phase 6 Final Plat
Attorney Mark Morrison represented the developer, D.R. Horton.  Mr. Morrison explained that the exhibits submitted include the original final plat with a second page of graphics and notes indicating the building envelopes and that there is to be no building in the critical areas. The third page shows the critical lots with topography lines.  Mr. Morrison recommended that only sheets #1 and #2 be recorded since topo lines would likely be confusing to the general public.  There was extensive discussion about whether potential homeowners would be aware prior to purchase about buildable area limitations.  Commissioner Patrick pointed out that the notes added to the final plat do not satisfy the prior condition placed by the Planning Commission when the preliminary plat was approved in 2015.  That condition stated that “language must be written into the restrictive covenants indicating non-buildable area so residents will know the precise building envelopes.” Other questions from the commission included the size of the houses that could fit on small building envelopes and street lights.

After a lengthy debate, Commissioner Owens moved to approve Catalina Phase 6 Final Plat with the following conditions: (1) The notes as proposed on the final plat for the critical lots (26-28) and the natural waterway areas (lots 152 and 29-33) must be included for notification about the encumbrances and reduced buildable area; (2) Performance bond amount is set at $497,945.80; and (3) Landscape performance bond amount is set at $25,080.00.  Commissioner Larry Gardner seconded.  Upon a vote, the motion passed by vote of 7 – 2, with Commissioners Jason Patrick and Jimmy Reaves opposed.

 B. 7153 Nolensville Road Site Plan
Mr. Eric McNeely and Dr. Jonathon Elson represented the project.  There was some discussion about the gravel parking lot, the length of the driveway ramp, and the rear parking.  Commissioner Patrick moved to approve the site plan for 7153 Nolensville Road with the conditions that the parking calculation be updated to reflect a medical use of 1 stall per 200 square feet and that the concrete parking ramp be at least 22 feet in length.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Owens and passed unanimously.

 C.  Telfair Phase 3 Final P.U.D. Plan and Preliminary Plat

Mr. Wes Harris of Ragan-Smith represented the developer, Oldsmith Group.  Mr. Harris noted that all the lots would be 85 feet in width and all houses would have side entry garages. There was some discussion about right-of-way and a crossing from the subdivision entrance to the school.  Developer Christopher Smith confirmed that a crosswalk with striping and signage was required by the Board for the initial P.U.D. approval.  Mr. Harris agreed to check the drainage, and Mr. Smith confirmed landscape buffering retained between Phase 1 and Phase 3.  Commissioner Patrick made a motion to approve the Telfair Phase 3 Final P.U.D. Plan and Preliminary Plat with the condition that storm water comments from Neel-Schaffer must be resolved.  Commissioner Andy Grosson seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote.

 A.  Report from last BOMA meeting
Town Planner Sarah Sitterle gave a report of items heard at the previous Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting.

 A.  Bond Report
Commissioner Owens moved to accept the bond report as amended, seconded by Commissioner Walden.  The motion passed unanimously.

11.  OTHER
Planning Commission and Staff Process Workshop – Thursday, March 22 at 6:30 PM in the Town Hall Auditorium. 

Mayor Alexander mentioned the State Senate Commerce Committee deferred their short-term rental bill and will be considered next week.


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