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2017-02 Planning Commission Meeting 

Nolensville Planning Commission
Regular Meeting
February 14, 2017, 7:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Jimmy Alexander, Larry Gardner, Andy Grosson, Robert Haines, Jason Patrick, Douglas Radley, Jimmy Reeves, Ashlee Walden

Commissioners Absent: Rick Owens

Staff Present: Sarah Sitterle, Attorney Bob Notestine, Kali Mogul, Rick Fisher

Citizens Present:  31

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Chairman Douglas Radley.

Chairman Radley led the pledge of allegiance.

Commissioner Ashlee Walden moved to approve the minutes from the Planning Commission Meeting on January 10, 2017, seconded by Commissioner Andy Grosson.  The motion passed unanimously. 



Mayor Alexander moved to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Commissioner Walden.  Upon a vote, the motion carried unanimously.

 A.  Brooksbank Estates Subdivision Entrance Sign
Mr. Troy Gardner of Ragan Smith Associates the applicant, The Jones Company.  Ms. Daria Dunn of The Jones Company also mentioned “up lighting” would be added.  Commissioner Patrick made a motion to approve the Brooksbank Estates Subdivision Entrance Sign.  Commissioner Robert Haines seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  B.  Rezoning of portion of Nolensville Road Property—Map 33, Parcel 108.01 
Mr. Joe Epps of Anderson, Delk, Epps represented the applicant.  After a brief discussion, Commissioner Haines moved to approve the rezoning, seconded by Commissioner Patrick.  When a vote was taken, the approval passed unanimously.

  C.  Dylan Woods Preliminary Plat
Mr. Joe Epps represented the applicant.  After some discussion about ingress/egress, the use of Maxwell Lane, the length of the cul-de-sac, and a monument sign.  A bond was discussed for Maxwell Lane, but Counsel Notestine and Engineer Don Swartz concurred that the subdivision regulations do not allow for a bond on a public road if no off-site improvement is required.  Mayor Alexander moved to approve the Dylan Woods Preliminary Plat, seconded by Commissioner Patrick.  The motion carried unanimously.

 D.  Alton Maxwell Property Sketch Plan
Mr. Joe Epps represented the applicant.  He indicated that the density calculation should be 1.078.   Mayor Alexander questioned the auxiliary building on lot 4.  Epps mentioned it is a garage, which is permitted.  The home on that particular lot is going to remain.  Commissioner Patrick suggested buffering landscape could be added behind the garage.  No action was required for the sketch plan.

 E.  Haley Industrial Park Lot 21 Site Plan
Mr. Michael Dewey of Dewey Engineering represented the applicant, Allied Overhead Door.  Mr. Dewey gave the commissioners an exhibit showing the dumpsters are hidden.  There was some discussion about the number of trips the location would generate in and out of the facility.  Mr. Ken Earnest with Allied Overhead Doors answered questions about deliveries. Commissioner Gardner then made a motion to approve the Haley Industrial Park Lot 21 site plan with bonding amount set at $30,938.00, seconded by Commissioner Haines.  The motion carried unanimously.

 F.  Haley Industrial Park—Indoor Soccer Complex Site Plan
Mr. Travis Todd of Littlejohn Engineering Associates represented the applicant, Ryan Taylor.  There was some discussion about whether a traffic study was necessary.  Mr. Todd explained that there would be a maximum of 115 people at a time on the weekends and in the afternoon.  Following the discussion, Commissioner Walden made a motion to approve the Haley Industrial Park Indoor Soccer Complex site plan with performance bond amount set at $68,414.00.  Mayor Alexander seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  A.  Report from last BOMA meeting
Town Planner Sarah Sitterle gave a brief summary of the agenda items on the last BOMA meeting.

 A.  Bond Action
 1.  Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1B release from maintenance bond—Mr. Glenn McGehee of Southstar spoke regarding the bond.  He gave a description of the plan to resolve the drainage issue off of his property.  He handed out a copy of the letter of understanding between his company and the builder, Joe Defatta, agreeing to fix the problem.  He requested the maintenance bond for Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1B be released.  Commissioner Patrick moved to approve Bent Creek Phase 4 Section 1B request to release from maintenance bond, seconded by Commissioner Haines.  Upon a vote, the approval passed unanimously.

 2.  Catalina Phase 4 request to transition to maintenance bond—Counsel Notestine advised that he is pursuing the developer on a legal matter within the subdivision.  Engineer Swartz also mentioned that there are also broken sidewalks that Turnberry has not repaired within this phase.  The item was deferred to the May, 2017 Planning Commission meeting.

 B.  Bond Report
Commissioner Haines moved to accept the bond report as amended, seconded by Commissioner Walden.  The motion carried unanimously.

10.  OTHER

The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

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