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2017-02 BOMA Meeting 

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2017, 7:00 P.M.


1. Call to Order
2. Swearing In of Aldermen
3. Prayer and Pledge
4. Citizens Input/General Comments
5. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting December 1st, 2016
6. Approval of Minutes for Beer Board Meeting January 5th, 2017
7. Treasurer’s Report – November, 2016
8. Treasurer’s Report – December, 2016
9. Appointment to Historic Zoning Commission
10. Appointment to Design Review Committee
11. Committee Reports 
a. Planning Department/Planning Commission
b. Engineering Department
c. Fire Department
d. Police Department Report
e. Public Works
f. Historic Commission
g. Town Events Committee
h. Trees and Trails Committee
12. Consent Agenda*
a. Resolution 17-01, a resolution to approve a contract with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Incorporated, as amended—Mayor Alexander
13. First reading of Ordinance 17-01, an ordinance to approve a Master P.U.D. Concept Plan and rezone property at 7399 and 7407 Nolensville Road from estate residential (ER) to suburban residential (SR) with a planned unit development (P.U.D.) overlay —Mayor Alexander
14. Other
15. Adjourn

*Items on the consent agenda are considered to be routine.  Discussion of individual items listed on the consent agenda is not required, but Board members or citizens may request any item(s) be removed for further consideration.

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