2016-05 BZA Meeting Minutes

Nolensville Board of Zoning Appeals
Nolensville Town Hall
May 12, 2016 7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Mayor Jimmy Alexander, Mike Donoho, Tommy Dugger, Wade Wakefield and Joan Lawler

Staff Present: Attorney Bob Notestine, Building Official Bennie McCoy,
 Suzanne Brown

Meeting Called to Order: Chairperson Joan Lawler at 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance:    Chairperson Joan Lawler

Approval of Minutes: Tommy Dugger moved to approve minutes as amended to reflect correct members in attendance for the 4/14/2016 BZA meeting.  It was seconded by Mayor Alexander.  Passed unanimously.

New Business:

1. Request for a rear yard setback variance of 5 feet to 10 feet to allow for the construction of a covered deck located at 3116 Ballenger Drive.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve.  Tommy Dugger 2nd the motion.

Chairperson Lawler asked for discussion.

Patrick Michael Losso, applicant, addressed the board.  He stated he had a small yard and open space behind his lot.  He had approval of neighbors and HOA.  He indicated no harm to public welfare.

After some discussion, Chairperson Lawler stated motion made to approve the expansion of covering the existing deck 5 feet into the setback. Motion passed unanimously.

2. A. Request for a five foot reduction in the required landscape buffer on the West side of property to allow for the construction of two office buildings located at 7209 Haley Industrial Dr.

Alderman Dugger stated that the property behind 7209 a.k. Mr. Wells, is zoned commercial but may not necessarily be used for commercial purposes.  Mr. Wells resides and lives there.  McNeeley, engineer for applicant, David Becker, Nolensville Business Center, LLC., replied that the property is currently zoned OI but may be rezoned to commercial. 

McNeeley addressed the board regarding the request for a variance.  The final plat shows 20 ft minimum building setback line.  When OI abuts commercial the buffer is 30 ft.  However, we have a recorded plat with shows a 20 ft setback.  In a pre application meeting there was discussion to rezone this property to commercial in which case there would be no buffer zone.  However, at the meeting it was decided not to rezone but to keep it as OI and seek a variance for a 15 ft buffer zone.

Mayor Alexander stated he was ok with a land buffer of 15 ft  as opposed to looking at the rear of  a building. He stated he is concerned with the landscaping.  He would like to beef up the landscape plan with Evergreens and a variety of trees to shore it up a little.  McNeeley agreed to respectfully request that a condition or comment be made before the planning commission for the landscaping requirements.

2.  B. To waive the buffer requirements on the South side of the project.

It was determined that both properties are currently zoned OI so therefore there is no buffer required.

Chairperson Lawler asked for comments:

Mr. Hyun, Owner of the BP gas station, which abuts 7209 Haley Industrial addressed the board.  He stated he is concerned about the water flow onto his property.

McNeeley stated they are required to provide an onsite detention pond which is designed to drain to existing storm drain on Haley Industrial.

There was some discussion regarding the retaining walls.

Mayor Alexander made a motion to approve this plan granting a buffer of 15.37 ft as opposed to the 30 ft buffer with the condition that an acceptable landscaping plan be presented.

Committee Member Wakefield seconded the motion.  It passed unanimously.

Dugger made motion for meeting to be adjourned.
Wakefield  2nd the motion.

Chairperson Lawler adjourned the meeting at 7:21.

Posted by Kali Mogul Thursday, May 12, 2016 3:28:00 PM